SID: Heidi, there are so many encounters that you had, we don’t have even the time to talk about. Tell me about No Name.


HEIDI: Oh, that’s one of my favorite stories just because of how God changed my heart. On Monday mornings when I’m at home, which has been two-thirds of my life and now it’s moving to a half because of Israel, Monday is a very special day. I used to not like Mondays because we’d have staff meetings where people would complain. Now we have testimony meetings and everything changes. But I had about 12 children sleep over at the house and I’m getting up really early to make them breakfast, and then we have devotions. Then we have two services, this is Monday morning, with thousands of children. And now I get to do what I love doing most, which is go out house to house, my sweet spot, just holding the poor, loving on the people and just walking house to house, and got to dedicate a house to my friend Tina, a little old, old mother who was living under a tree. And so she was really happy.

I led a few people to the Lord next to a latrine. And I was walking down to my truck to get to a discipleship meeting. That sounds important. Some of the leaders are leading over 2000 congregations. I think that’s my important meeting. That’s my assignment. I walk past this hut and I see a woman lying there, sitting there, leaning against the hut in the sun. Now in my country, Mozambique, you don’t do that. It’s super-hot. Nobody needs melanin out there. They’re just not supposed to be in the sun, so I knew something was wrong. And I’m going to tell you my failure, again, before I tell you what he did. My failure was I looked at my watch and I told the God, the Living God who is God, who told me to stop, spoke to my heart, stop. Instead of just being immediately obedient, Sid, I looked at my watch and then I heard the Lord say again, “I told you to stop.” And I felt so convicted. I felt broken by just my lack of sensitivity to Holy Spirit. And I just put my hand behind my back. And I went up to the lady just sitting there with white eyes, and I took a hold of her hands, and I asked her a question in the local dialect. [foreign language] “What is your name?” [foreign language].

She said, “I have no name. I’m blind. I have no name.” I asked her in another language that’s also spoken there? [foreign language] “What’s your name?” Another lady said, “She has no name, she’s blind.” And before the Lord asked me to lead her into salvation, he said, “Give her a name. Give her a name.” “Utaleah,” I said, “Your name is Utaleah, you exist with joy.” I gave her a name and she started laughing, her little teeth dangling. She only had about three teeth left. She’s laughing. I said to the woman down there, nobody talked to this lady. She was so isolated. I said, “Call her by name.” She said, “Utaleah.” This lady burst out laughing and she’s blind. She’s just blind. She’s blind, but she’s full of joy. I hold her in my arms, just holding her in my arms, and Jesus the one who is worthy, Jesus the one who is worthy, he just stopped there. He’s in us, Sid. He lives inside of us and it’s only him. He’s the healer. He’s the healer. Jesus who is Lord took that lady’s white eyes and in front of me turned them brown. He did. He did.


SID: You know Heidi, there are people watching us right now and they’re saying, how come that doesn’t happen with me? How come that doesn’t happen at my congregation? Well I’ve asked Heidi these questions. Heidi has told me what she does that is the joy of her life. And when we come back, I want her tell us because anything she can do, I tell you before God, you can do better. Be right back.

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