SANDRA: Aren’t we? We’re still in the process, aren’t we, of developing and growing with God. But He isn’t going to come back yet if I came out there and said “You don’t look like you have met Jesus. You don’t look like you belong to Him. And I was following you down the street and I just happened to see this place that you went in here and I heard you say this and I heard you to say, say that and I don’t believe that you’re saved at all!” You would be insulted! And you would just tell me “Well, I am bless God!” I can hear you now. You know “I am, bless God!” And I would say “Well, you don’t act like it!” And you would say “But I am! The Bible says it.” And “Jesus forgives me. And the Bible says it.” Why don’t you do the same thing with healing? The Bible says you’re healed.

The Bible says that you’re, that He sent His Word. And then He said, you know in Psalms 103, He said “Don’t forget your benefits.” And then He listed a benefit. You know why He said “don’t forget it?” Because you and I forget. We forget and we forget that not only did He save us, not only did He forgive us of our sins, not only did He do all these wonderful things, but He said that ALL our diseases He healed. ALL of them is what He said. And you know “maybe I’m just not worthy to be healed.” Well none of us are worthy of anything! Jesus is the One who’s worthy. But He’s not healing people today based on whether or not they’re worthy. He has already done this thing. He’s not calling out healing shots. He’s already called them all out.

Hallelujah! And He has made them available to us. He’s waiting on somebody who can get… well sort of like let’s go back to just accepting Him as Lord and Savior and walking in victory. Whether or not you’re going to walk in abundant life. You know He provides abundant living for us and yet most of the Church walk around like a bunch of wimps. Most of the Church walk around and just, you know “Poor, pitiful me.” Matter of fact I tell the Church, when I, I go and speak in lots of places, and the Christians are so busy running to the altar we can’t get the unsaved ones to the altar. Hallelujah! They can’t even get down there. We’re so busy rededicating, I don’t know about you, but I wore my “re-dedicator” slap out.


SANDRA: Somewhere we have to grab hold and realize that this has really happened in my life! I really am saved! I really am a new creature! Old things really have passed away! I really am brand new! And once you get that, whoooo honey, you can walk different, talk different and you begin to let that Word and the reality of it. You can even look at yourself in the mirror and feel different about yourself. Because see what you do you have to look past the house. Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! You know the Bible says that this house, you know it may not look so hot as time goes by, but the Bible tells me the man on the inside’s getting better every single day. So when you look in the mirror look real close so you can look through the, you know, you can see through the eyes, you can really look in there and say “I’m getting better on the inside, praise God! I’m better than I used to be. You know my life is changed and transformed by the power of God. This is what God has done for me.” I can give Him glory. I can give Him praise! This is what God has done. I know I’m changing because last year or year before last I had such a temper if you said something to me I’d knock you like that! And now when you say it to me I just think about knocking them out and I don’t do it!

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