Because He’s going to release an impartation to you right now that comes from His presence. You don’t have need for any man to lay a hand on you or anything. I have faith right now because I can feel your desire for God that He will give you the desires of your heart. His glory is going to come upon you now and He will descend in that weight of His presence. And when that comes you are actually going to receive an impartation of empowerment to create with Him. He’s beautiful. So just close your eyes and wait. We’re, so often we want to talk all the time or say something but sometimes God meets us in quietness. So I’m just going to let you be quiet for just a little while. And you’re going to notice that His peace is going to fall on you or His, His love will fall on you. But you’ll notice a weight of His presence. Let Him come now.

Wow, I can feel His presence descending already. Hahaha! Thank you, Jesus. Wow. Thank you, Lord. Now as you’re watching at home or in your workplace, wherever you’re watching from, you know you’re probably acknowledging the presence of God right where you are, right where you are because He loves you and He loves to give you the desires of your heart. But if you’re in the studio right now and you’re actually feeling His presence, actually feeling the, like a weight, you know just the, the air got heavy all of a sudden. Can you put your hand up and let me see how many of you are feeling that weight? A number of you. Keep your hand up high. I’d like to kind of… I would say probably, probably half or maybe just a little bit over half of you. Now here’s a little secret for you. If you want more of the glory, lean into it, in, in other words focus on it more. Just say “O God, thank you for what you’re giving me” and I’m going to go for another round. How many of you would like it to go deeper? How many of you would like that? Okay. So just lean in and believe God for more and more weight, Lord. More of Your presence.

Just wait on Him for a few moments. There, there. He’s coming now. There it is. I see it falling on you. There you go. Some of you with your hands up in the air you’re actually starting to feel weight on your hands. Okay, now how many of you have felt, felt that weight how many? Raise your hand for me. Raise your hand. All right. Now there’s a lot more. Now I guarantee you that if you continue doing that wave after wave after wave that not only would it become a corporate weight of the glory of God for an impartation to create with Him but your own personal self would receive greater and more intense, um, measures of the anointing of God, of that particular anointing.

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