PATRICIA: It worked! At first there was a little wrestling match because that spirit in her son was trying to take him out but she could see through it now because she’d been with God. And God who is our Creator, who is the Ruler of all, who is the All-Wise Eternal God, He gave her the answer and she implemented what she was told to do. And then within time, it didn’t happen overnight, I’ll say that, but in time she never lost faith. She just continued to decree. She continued to work on it and it changed the atmosphere in her home. Instead of the, the darkness and the oppression that was coming into the home though that rebellion, instead of the contention there was now peace. Another woman that I know her daughter was a, a crack addict for 15 years. In and out prison.

And, and, and her daughter was living in a realm of addiction. She had been in addiction for so long it was a realm around her life. Her whole life was about that addiction. Her mother heard about the tool of creating with God through the power of decree and praise. And she took hold of the Word and starting making decrees, daily decrees, for her daughter. She did that for a whole year and started to notice shifts and changes. But every day she said I’m not giving up. For a while things actually looked like they were getting worse. But she said, “Nope, the Word’s going to work. I’m creating a realm of glory for my daughter.” In the second year her daughter came to her and said I’ve got to do something about this. She had tried to get clean many times and it didn’t happen. But now she said I’ve got to do something about that. She received some prayer and immediately a miracle took place and it was because in the spirit realm her mother had created a realm of victory for her daughter. Her daughter couldn’t create her own realm so her mother created that for her. And overnight in an instant in time her daughter was totally delivered from a 15 year crack addiction.


PATRICIA: She has never ever to this day has craved again and she’s been clean now for over 6 years. She went through a, uh, program after that where she drew really close to the Lord. The Lord gives her a download about a book. She writes a book. She, uh, is working full time in a Christian ministry now. She’s going into prisons sharing her testimony. Getting her book out everywhere, on radio programs, in pulpits, preaching the Word because she lives in a different realm now. She lives in a realm of freedom from her oppression. She lives in a realm of love. She lives in a realm of fulfilled destiny. And all that was created by a decree from a mother, by the praise of a mother who believed in the power of Jesus and partnering with Jesus to bring heaven to earth.

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