CHRIS:  We thought why are they doing that? There’s hardly any cars that ever come by anyway and there hardly is. I just went back there a year ago. I was like, I went down Main Street and thought why is this light even here? I was so, I was so afraid, the fear that I had to stand and speak in front of people it moved over into other areas of my life. I finally, I finally had to deal with this, this thing with fear of being in front. Because I’d start to write songs. And people would go I heard you wrote a song. Where’d you hear that? Your sister told me. Oh, darn it! Your brother says you’re writing beautiful songs. I go no, no, that means people will have to hear them and then I’m going to have to sing them to the people who are hearing them. And so what I would do… I’m serious. Do you live in the same world I live in? Okay. This is what… I would go into the bathroom. I’d shut the door and say are you guys out there? They’d say yeah. Where are you? I didn’t want them to be in the dining room. I wanted them to be in the living room which was 2 rooms away. And then I would sing the song in the bathroom. (laughs) Am I the only one that does stupid things?




CHRIS:  Do you know why we do them? It’s a Spirit of fear. And I didn’t recognize it. And someone said by the way you’ve got a spirit of fear. I said what? They said yeah, this fear it’s crippling you. We need to get rid of this thing. And so some friends gathered around me. They began to pray. A couple of them fasted for me. Let me tell you something. We talk about love and having to initiate and go after it with love. We need to do that but the things that hinder us, the chains that bind us we have to go after those things and get serious because when they bind us they bind the voice in us and the God’s, God’s uniqueness through us. No two people are the same. Why is that? Because God, He uniquely made you so that He can be unique through you. Okay? That’s why you might have the… I sing and so and so sings. Well you don’t sing the same. You have unique ways of bringing this out. And that’s where harmony is birthed. The problem is if this singer is intimidated by this singer, this singer shuts down. It’s a spirit now of comparison. We begin to compare ourselves one with another. Well the scripture says that’s unwise. We shouldn’t do that. So I was like okay, after he told me to write this book I moved from Kansas City to where I live now. I live in Franklin, Tennessee which is a suburb of Nashville. And I’m there and now it’s been a couple of years and somebody comes up to me and I’m now away from this person that told me to write the book and I haven’t written it. Yes, I was disobedient. You can be an adult and be disobedient. (laughs) I was like a kid and I get to Franklin and a prophetic gal comes up to me and she says you didn’t do it. And I said I didn’t do what? She goes you didn’t write the book yet, did you? I went, “get behind me”…

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