BOB:  All right. Who else, who else had an animal come to your mind, you’re like oh, that’s really weird I don’t know if that could even be God. All right sir. What was it? What was it that you had? Yeah. An ostrich! I love that. Because they’re very lean meat. I like ostrich meat. No. (laughs) The Lord says you’re lean and you’re mean. You know. In fact I really do feel like you’ve gone through a season of time where there’s been like almost a leaning down of things in your life. In fact I see like a partnership that was in your life that it was like a three-stranded cord but it went to a two-stranded cord and I feel like the Lord has brought you through a season that’s called pruning and there was a key partnership in your life. I feel like it’s a business partnership that was pruned but you’re leaner and you’re meaner in this season. And I also feel like there were people you could have been mean to and you could have enforced just judgment against them but the Lord says because you didn’t just use an earthly legal system to enforce just judgment against people God’s going to release the judicial system of heaven in your life and God’s making up for some things. In fact I see these scales of justice over your head and I feel like that means that there were some even legal disputes that the enemy wanted to lure you into and to steal and to kill and to destroy. Am I making sense to you? What’s that? Sure. Only if it’s positive. (laughs) If you’re going to say I’m a false prophet, no you can’t. (laughs)




BOB:  Just kidding. Yeah, you can. Just kidding.


MAN:  We lived in Mint Hill North Carolina and we were renting this house to a police officer and one day he just, he had like five children, he just, one day he just left without paying us a cent. And I could have sued this police officer criminally but I went to another lawyer. I just let him settle for much, much less than he owed us. So I didn’t…


BOB:  So you didn’t enforce earthly justice but God’s releasing heavenly justice. Here’s what I hear the promise of the Lord saying to you. That you’re going to be restored much more than if you would have got earthly justice.




BOB:  And here’s what else I hear, sir? Some of those things you did were to provide for your family, like a future for your family, it was kind of like this is going to be a family kind of heritage and history. But I feel like the Lord is saying there’s a blessing, more of a blessing for real estate coming on you in this season and I feel like the Lord’s going to release to you some multi-housing units, multi-unit housing units that you’re going to be able to be one that helps people during their times of need but it’s also going to be something that’s going to be a resource for your family. Here’s the other thing as I feel like the Lord said. You’ve been like a secret giver and you’ve even blessed the church and blessed ministries and sometimes you’ve seen them not be good stewards of the resources that God’s given you but God wants you to know you didn’t give it to a man or a ministry. You gave it to Him and He’s going to reward you for it.




BOB:  Bless you, sir, okay? Bless you, sir. … you can just hand her the microphone that would be great. Can you just bless him? Raise your hand toward him and say “Let there be light.”

AUDIENCE:  Let there be light.


BOB:   Now it’s funny when I said earlier about when I was joking about Jesus had a donkey. Did anyone happen to get a donkey? All right. That’s good, sir. Can you stand up? Not that I’m saying it’s good that you got that. What I’m saying is that the Lord has given you such a persistent faith in your life. And I feel like you’re one who’s had persistence even when other people have given up. And I just hear the Lord say don’t become weary in well doing because if you do not faint you will receive the promise. And one of the things I feel like there’s some family members you’re praying for that seems like they’ve hardened their heart and hardened their head almost like a stubborn donkey you know who have hardened their head against God but God wants you to know that He’s going to take hearts of stone and turn them into hearts of flesh. And there’s like a, there’s like an anointing on sons and daughters to turn their hearts back to the father this year,        that God’s going to turn hearts back. The other thing is I feel like the Lord is saying He’s moving in a new way in the area of persistent prayer in the spiritual community that you’re a part of. There’s a, there’s a, there’s been a concerted prayer effort, there’s been like a season of prayer, almost like a 21 day fast or something that you’ve gone in to that the Lord is saying that the heavens they started out when you were praying they were like hard, like brass, stubborn but that God’s pouring out a blessing that cannot be contained. And I feel like that there’s a grace on your life to win a lot of people into the kingdom of God. People that are hard hearted and hard headed. That their hearts are going to turn toward God. And I asked the Lord where that was and I started to smell like ethnic cooking and I feel like the Lord says He’s going to set a table before you in the presence of your enemies and I saw you like feeding people that didn’t know the Lord and they came to know the Lord through the love of the Father, through the hospitality of the Father’s Table. This is going to be a year for evangelism that’s going to happen through relationships because of prayers that you’ve prayed, the blessings being poured out for the harvest that’s coming to your church and your spiritual community. In Jesus’ name. Amen? Amen. All right.



BOB:  Do you know Jesus said to His disciples “Freely you have received, freely give.” Right? I believe that whenever we sew God’s voice to other people we receive, we reap God’s voice back to us. I was ministering to someone recently, and as we close this is what I’m going to pray is that you not only become receivers of God’s voice but you become givers of God’s voice. A young lady came to me and said I’m in a, I’m just in a difficult time of my life where I need to make decisions and I can’t hear from God. What’s wrong with me? And I said your problem is you’re normal. She said what do I do? And I said you know what I’d when I need to hear from God? I find someone else who needs to hear from God and I said this is what God wants to say to you. And I believe that as you sew God’s words to people you’re going to receive God’s word back to you. Would you stand with me and let me pray for you today? Jesus said in Matthew13 to His disciples: He said blessed are your eyes for they will see things prophets long to see.    Blessed are your ears for they’ll hear things that prophets long to hear. Blessed is your heart for they’ll understand things. And so Father God, I thank You that we were created in Your image and likeness. We were created to see what God sees and to say what God says. Oh God, I thank You for everyone watching, Lord, that their eyes are going to be open, that their ears are going to be open, that their hearts are going to be open and not only will they see themselves the way You see them but they’re going to see others and they’re going to say what You say. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. God bless you guys!


AUDIENCE:    Whooo! Whooo! (CLAPPING)


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