BRIAN:  Daniel, he had insights. Unusual insights that we’re only now walking in to. The days of Daniel are upon us. The fulfillment of the prophetic writings. And Daniel said in the Last Days many will go here and there. Many will go here and there and revelation knowledge will increase and the books will be opened, 66 of them, and the spirit of revelation is going to come upon us and no longer will the word of God be a dead dry manual of doctrines that only load more guilt to the soul but we’re going to understand the sweet breath, the heavenly wind that inspired the writings of scripture to impart life, strength, glory and that every verse of the Bible becomes an on ramp into the heavenly realm as we beat the book. We enroll into the seminary of divine glory. In a true sense you could call a prophet someone who’s met with God because if you’ve not met with God you’re not, you don’t have anything to say. And we have to be, the church has to be fed, taught, led and blessed by men and women that have had amazing encounters. Dreams that set in course our destiny. Visitations that align us with heaven and get us out of our own thoughts and limitations and put us in the stream of revelation, the books of Bliss that we walk in that realm where it’s heaven, not man. Dust and deity kissed and it’s you. Dust and deity have kissed and now you are a human being operating in two realms at once. I’m a bi-locational minister.




BRIAN:  Every night I go to bed I consecrate my pillow. Make it a pillar. Take me. Speak to me. And if I’m too dense speak to my wife.




BRIAN:  Help her. It’s so amazing. When I’m not hearing from God the Lord busts me by giving my wife a word for me.      But I love being married to someone that loves Jesus and wants to hear His voice like I do. Throughout contemporary history men and women have had encounters with God. Life changing that altered the world. Our church fathers wrote, such as Augustine, Luther, Wesley. All of them had tremendous deep encounters with God that changed their lives. The writings of Jonathan Edwards, Count Zinzendorf,       Charles Finney, who is one of my favorite role models.    Maria Woodworth Etter, D.L. Moody and Billy Graham have all been marked with encounters. After, I hope it’s many, many years from now, but after his passing there will come out the supernatural realm that has been operating with Billy Graham. Psalm 42, I long to drink of you of God, drinking deeply from the streams of pleasure    flowing from Your presence. My longings overwhelm me for more of God. My soul thirsts, pants and longs for the living God. And then he says these words. I want to come and see the face of God. I want to give you a few points before we leave. You can have an encounter with God. You can expect it, ask for it, wait for it. Don’t believe that it won’t happen to you. Or let me say it positively. Believe that you’re in line for a visitation. And understand that it will come when you don’t expect it. You do not choose. He does. The second thing is you can have a supernatural encounter and initially not realize what’s going on. Two disciples were walking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. And by the way it gives the name of one of them, the name Cleopas. It’s a woman. It’s never been translated properly. It was a woman. Some scholars believe it could have been Peter and his wife, but her name got mentioned. And what did they say about walking with Jesus? It said as He opened up the scriptures that their hearts… what was it?


AUDIENCE:  Burned.


BRIAN:  Burned within them. And they didn’t even realize. It’s 17 miles from Jerusalem to the present day city of Emmaus. It’s not really a city, it’s just a place there. I drove right by it. I asked our guide to point it out to me. And in our tour bus we really were kind of going the road to Emmaus. It was very fascinating. And Emmaus is a word that means “the burning place.” So on the way to the fire, the “glory fire,” their hearts began to burn and they didn’t even know it was Jesus! It’s like Jacob. God is in this place and I knew it not. You see God can be in this place and you’re not even aware of what’s going on! And the third, it will happen when you are ready. Your idea of when you’re ready and God’s idea of when you’re ready, there may be a slight difference. You’re idea of being ready is when you’ve prayed, fasted, no sin in your life, you drive right. You know you kissed your wife good morning and good night and you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do. You’ve been a good man, a good woman in the church, then you’re ready for His visitation. It’s the opposite. Jacob got it when he was running from God, running from his destiny. People can get it in lonely places. Some of the desperation that you may feel crowding into your heart right now is the preparation of heaven for your visitation. Bless the Lord for all that He’s bringing into your life. Praise Him. Praise your way up that stairway and expect the Lord to bless you, to enrich you. Jacob said the words “how astonishing and awe inspiring is this place.” I was taken to the Sea of Glass. It was the most amazing blue. Well let me back up and tell you how it happened. For years I was praying and I would see blue. I would go into blue. I’d close my eyes and I’d just see blue, this deep, deep blue. And I didn’t know what it was but I prayed my way through it. And then finally one day I realized this is like sapphire blue. This is like heavenly blue. So I decided to yield to this blue. I called it going into the blue. Until one day I actually went right and stood on the sapphire pavement. I saw the throne of God. It was far but near at the same time I can’t describe it. The heavenly activity that was sweet and terrifying at the same time. Seven torches burning on the sea of glass. And the Lord spoke my name and motioned me to come. He stood from the throne. I mean this is like heart-stopping. What am I here for? What’s is going to happen to me? Why am I summoned? And I stopped at a proper distance from the throne. And the Lord spoke to me. His lips were moving but I could not hear what He was saying. It wasn’t in a different language. I just like I couldn’t perceive what He was saying to me. He realized I was clueless so He called for an angel, a messenger. He wrote down on a scroll what He wanted me to hear and He handed it to the angel who gave it to me. As I opened up the scroll it said Philippians 1:21 “for to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” That was the message. It’s been my life message. Wouldn’t you like to have a scroll with your life message on it? You guy’s okay? You with me?

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