DAVE: Yeah, that is actually a common experience and the first few times it happens to people if you have fear or anxiety you can stop the experience. If you allow the experience to continue what you’ll probably find is you’ll continue going up and continue going up and you’ll eventually end up in the throne room of heaven or someplace like that. I had an experience like that six months ago. I was just at that phase where I was falling asleep. I wasn’t fully asleep yet and that’s where this happens a lot. Spiritual travel very often happens early in the morning or late at night right as you’re either waking up or going to sleep. That’s when it most commonly happens. I’m not sure why. But I was starting to, I was just going to sleep and I could feel myself lifting out of my body and I knew where I was going. I was going to the heavens. I was going to heaven to get a scroll because I had listened to a teaching before I went to sleep by Mike Parsons who is a great teacher on this sort of thing. And Mike was talking about going to the heavens and getting scrolls of destiny, scrolls from the Lord to give you revelation about what you’re doing. So I was so excited listening to this message I literally gave my spirit permission to travel that night. Okay? So I go to sleep and I just told my spirit you have permission to go to the heavens and get whatever you wanna do and my spirit took off as soon as I was half asleep “shooom!” I went up into the heavens. I got some scrolls from the heavens. I came back down and when I woke in the morning I had another similar experience where I went into the heavens again. It’s common to have those experiences when you’re asleep or close to sleep or taking a nap because your soul is starting to kind of drop off and your spirit is now more in control of your body and what you’re doing. You don’t need to be afraid especially if it’s a praise and worship experience. I mean you’re probably gonna to end up in the throne room of heaven with angels worshipping the Lord which is nothing wrong with that. Questions?


WOMAN #2:  Hi. I had an experience two weeks ago where I had just fell asleep and I started having a dream with the likeness of my father. In the dream it was like a sexual perverted type of dream and I began… wanted to show my father love and as I started showing him love he started manifesting in the dream. And it got to the point where my father had actually turned into Satan. And I was rebuking him and then I woke up out of my sleep, got up, took my pillow and tossed it across the room. And started, it’s like Satan was literally in front of me in my room and I was just like how dare you, you know, come in my room and you know just rebuking and saying scriptures. So what… is that kind of like travelling in the spirit?


DAVE: Yeah. I don’t know if that’s a travelling in the spirit experience. It sounds more like you were having a direct confrontation with the demon or maybe Satan which manifested as… I mean familiar spirits often mimic our ancestors, relatives, people who have, especially ones who have passed on. People that we have an attraction to or an affinity for. A lot of times evil spirits will pretend to be those people in dreams and experiences to try to kind of get hooks in us. But you did the right thing. You rebuked it and confronted it. And you know get outa here in Jesus name, and that’s exactly what you should do. One more question. We got one back here.


WOMAN #3: Yeah. Frequently at night when I go to sleep I’ll see a large light and it’ll shrink down to a small light like I’m backing up through a tunnel…


DAVE: Put your mic by your mouth.


WOMAN #3: Did you hear any of that?


DAVE: Go ahead.


WOMAN #3: Frequently at night I see a large light when I close my eyes and it’ll go down to a smaller light like I’m backing up through a tunnel. Does that…


DAVE: Does anything happen after that?


WOMAN #3: No.


DAVE: You just see the light in the tunnel?


WOMAN #3: Yeah.


DAVE: I have no idea what that’s about. I have never heard of that. Interesting. Ask the Lord. One more question up here.

MAN:  Hi. A couple of years ago I had a pretty foundational experience for my faith. For like five days, three days I was fasting and I was asking the Lord I specifically felt like He wanted me to pursue Him on hearing His voice very clearly for prophetic purposes and for getting direction and things and then I woke up in the middle of the night out of a dream where someone was following me and like actually doing like voodoo rituals and things like that. Following me into rooms and I would see them out of the corner of my eye. When I woke up from the dream there was like I had… I remembered the time on the clock and there was a motion tracker on my phone I use for sleep so later I knew that this was actually something that happened. It wasn’t sleep paralysis. And I actually saw a physical like black cloud or a mist or something and there was like interaction and it was trying to pick me up out of my bed and things like that. I commanded it to leave but ever since then I’ve always had trouble. I never really broke that barrier of being able to very clearly and surely hear the voice of the Lord so what advice would you have for someone who had an experience like that?


DAVE: Okay. That is really a good example of a very common problem people have. You say sleep paralysis. Were you physically unable to move?


MAN:  No.


DAVE:  In part of the experience?


MAN: Part of the experience.


DAVE:  Part of the experience you got temporarily paralyzed.


MAN: Uh, huh.


DAVE:  Were you able to talk?


MAN: Um, I don’t know if it was fear or some kind of biological thing or…


DAVE: Were you able to talk or not?


MAN: I was not very able to talk.


DAVE: Okay. Right. So that’s really common. You’d be surprised how many people have these experiences especially when, and this is gonna help you. It happened to me. It’s happened to a lot of people I know. When you start to pursue God, when you start to hear His voice and you want to operate in the supernatural and you want to start healing and you want to start doing these things the first thing the enemy does is send one of these paralyzing spirits into your life to try to intimidate and frighten you. They usually either paralyze you physically. Take away your voice or both. If you speak the name of Jesus, even if think the name of Jesus this thing will leave. When I was… it happened to me I couldn’t talk and I was mumbling and I was trying to get Jesus out and I couldn’t. My wife woke up. She’s like, she knew it was a demon because I was “mmm” mumbling and rolling around. And so she started praying in tongues and commanding it to go and it left. This attack for some reason usually happens right when you start seeking God. So know this. The enemy knows what you’re doing and doesn’t like. So keep doing it.

MAN: Okay.


DAVE: So keep pursuing. You will hear the voice of God.




DAVE: All right. Cool. You guys have been an awesome audience. Thank you for being here. I’m gonna pray a quick prayer if I may. I pray that God is gonna open your spiritual eyes, your spiritual ears and your other spiritual senses to receive His revelation and to grow in faith for the supernatural. I encourage you all to be patient in the process of learning to live a supernatural life. It is a process. Do not beat yourself up. Be patient. The Lord is going to work through you and mature you in the supernatural life. I’d also encourage you to be persistent. Don’t quit. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. Those are all the lies of the enemy. The Lord wants you to live a supernatural life. It takes patience. Just trust that God is going to do what He promised. Step out of your comfort zone and expect the miraculous to happen when you do. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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