SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. You know, most of us, we have this vision of God speaking to us with an audible voice like the Ten Commandments, and we can hear that booming voice. Well my guests say that we all should hear from God, but there are unexpected ways, it’s like we’re on AM and God’s on FM, and but it’s happening all around us. Like for instance, do you ever see a pattern of numbers, the same number over and over, and over? Do you hear the same name? Do you hear a scripture? Did you see an event that’s not supposed to be, but it was there? That could be God speaking to you. And do you know what else? Once you become aware of this you’re going to open up your hearing God like never before.


Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: A couple of years ago you came to the United States, both of you, to do a show for us, and I invited both of you to be at our prayer meeting. And Holy Spirit picked one particular person out, it happened to be a manager in our office, and you started by asking a question: Do you  have any children? She said, “Yes, I have one.” And then you said, “But I see another child.” And she turned a color. Let me tell you way [red]. Because it’s not that she was ashamed that she was having a child, it was because she hadn’t told anyone, especially her boss. She wanted her boss to be the first, but you were the first.


ADAM: Yes, I put my foot in it.


SID: Now, I asked you at dinner last night about how you know these things and you told me there’s an angel that accompanies you, and sometimes he like leans on your shoulder. Explain that. What does that mean?


ADAM: That’s right. When I’m ministering at the pulpit, it can even happen when I’m having dinner as well, an angel leans on me, and what happens is that he leans on me and I can get pictures and images, moving pictures sometimes. I could spell out details about someone’s life, about their condition, their sickness, even their child, perhaps even the child’s name and the condition. And what happens is faith just crashes into the meeting and pretty much God releases the miraculous.


SID: Tell me about that. So that’s you. That’s good. You’re a prophet. You’re, the Bible says there’s fivefold ministers and you are a prophet. But what about me? What about you, just average people, [can we] know our destiny, know our purpose, our function, our calling, what we’re supposed to do?


ADAM: I believe everybody can have it if you’re hungry enough. We can all be prophetic and hear from God. But for me, God didn’t just wave a wand and I had this. I had to carve it out. There’s one thing to have the grace of God over your life and that’s free, but to fulfill the destiny can come with a price, and you just got to be hungry and passionate to fulfill the destiny of God, and if you ask, you receive.

SID: Adrian, you have opened up my world and I want you to open the world of those that are watching. Tell me some of the ways God speaks to us, and he doesn’t speak to us. He’s speaking to us all the time, and once the light bulb goes on you’re going to know. Tell me some of the ways.


ADRIAN: Before I tell you some of the ways, Sid, I believe that we’re all prophetic. We may not all be fivefold like Adam, but we all have a prophetic edge, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to enter the Kingdom, because it’s through revelation that we enter the Kingdom. But God speaks to us every day through numbers and sometimes those numbers may repeat themselves through names that we may see on a sign, on a bus or a truck, through a song that might bubble up within us, or through a line that’s coming as someone is speaking the news out. You know, there are so many ways. It might be a movie title or it might be a photograph in front of you, or a magazine that you’re reading, an article might jump out at you. There are so many words that God can speak. It may be a plant in your garden or a bird that comes and lands on that tree, but it does something that’s unusual, and you go, well that was unusual, it got my attention. What could God be speaking in that situation?


SID: But for most of us it, it’s like we’re on AM and the sign God is giving us is on FM, and we just, I think that if we’re just aware of this it’s going to make a profound difference.


ADRIAN: I believe that’s true. I believe that is true.


SID: This is so unusual. It would attract your attention. Tell me about, on the Russian beaches, there were thousands of giant snowballs. Some of them, I mean, they went from the size of a tennis ball to three feet in diameter. It covered 11 miles of beach. Now, there you go. That’s another, this never happened there before. I guess that’s one way God can get our attention when we see something that’s never happened before.


ADRIAN: Exactly. And that’s what drew my attention, Sid. As soon as I saw that at that moment, that is so unusual, that has be the voice of God, and particularly the time when it took place. It was the day after the United States Presidential Election. And so we understand from Scripture, Adam and I, that a ball is a projectile, and as a projectile, it’s something you can throw and you can catch. It’s a picture of words and a snowball can be code words. And so a beach is an interface. We believe that God is speaking through this incidence and saying we need to pray. It’s a warning that cold words don’t take place or cross over between America and Russia.


SID: I have seen the number of, in particular, you talk about seeing the same numbers reoccur. Since I’ve been a believer, I have seen the number “777.” Even on my Israeli passport it says “777.” When we come back, I want you guys to tell me what that means. Be right back.

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