KYNAN: Hello, hello, hello. I’m Kynan Bridges standing in for Sid Roth and welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Our guest today hears the most precise secrets of God about himself and others. He has literally equipped thousands to do the same. Are you ready? I’m here with Shawn Bolz. And Shawn, the last time you were here you gave some of the most amazingly accurate words of God. I want us to show a clip of that right now.


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SHAWN: I have one more user name. I never get user names, but I ask God for new information that I never get, and he gave me Terry Bishop 911. Is that a user name? Where is he? Terry Bishop, you’re working on the show and we’re getting you. Is this a user name you use?

Terry Bishop: That is my user name, Terry Bishop 911.


SHAWN: That’s amazing.


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KYNAN: The Son of God has raised you up to really be a bridge for so many of us to help others to developing their gift and to develop their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. But it wasn’t always that way, was it?


SHAWN: I mean, I loved the prophetic from the time I was little. My parents raised us up in an environment like what’s God showing you, what’s God doing, but I never thought of myself as the teacher of the prophetic or somebody who’s going to help people get words of knowledge and understand this, and get clarity. It’s just something that along the journey I loved the fruit of it so much that I couldn’t help but say you guys got to do this. You guys got to hear God this way.


KYNAN: Wow. So you went from this kind of secure kind of reality just taking the risk, stepping out, being bold. You even gave words in front of 65,000 people at Azusa. Now, tell us about that.


SHAWN: It was just a living room, just a little, you know, God’s living room. You know, it was wild because I’ve done prophetic ministry and worked alone for so long, and I’ve only been on a platform to show people it’s possible. I don’t actually like talking a platform. I love teaching, I love inspiring people, but prophesying publically, it’s part of my behind the scenes life. So to do it in public in front of 65,000 people it was very intimidating. I even tried to get out of it at the beginning.




SHAWN: I was like I don’t need to do this, guys. You’re going to do this.


KYNAN: So you mean to tell me that even today sometimes you still feel that trepidation. You still feel that.


SHAWN: Every time.


KYNAN: Every time.


SHAWN: Every time I take the platform I feel like I don’t want to do this.


KYNAN: So you don’t just have this fearless sort of boldness all the time.


SHAWN: If you watch any videos, because we post videos, sometimes our ministry posts videos because we want to show what a chicken I am and how God can still use me. And so there’s times where I’m going, really, it’s real, like what I’m saying is real. And people are going yeah, and I’m like I’m just discovering the reality as well. I think we have this image that we grow in our confidence and everything else, so why don’t we grow in our confidence when it comes to the supernatural. But the supernatural is dependent on our connection relationship with God.


KYNAN: Wow, that’s so good.


SHAWN: And so you should never feel like I got this. Although we should feel confident, we shouldn’t feel a sense of self-confidence.


KYNAN: Wow. Wow. So you called out people in that large crowd, 65,000 people. I mean, how was that? Did you know you were being accurate? Tell us about how that went.


SHAWN: No. The first couple I called out, it was the first of no names of a couple. It was funny, because their friends afterwards, I mean, they’re life-long friends, we didn’t know their middle names. Their first and middle names, a street she had grown up on, there is all this information about how many kids they have. They had just moved to Oregon and they didn’t tell their family yet, so a lot of their friends and family didn’t know they had moved. So I told their friends on national television they were doing this. This was a God thing. And they were just in so much shock that God knew them and used them as an example to millions of people who were watching, but also the 65,000 live to show them like I’m with you. I the Lord God am ever present, but I’m also manifesting my presence for you.


KYNAN: Wow. Wow. Let me ask the question that all of our viewers want to really know. Can everybody really flow words of knowledge or is it just for the super saints and the specially gift?


SHAWN: I am an example of why anybody can flow words of knowledge. I don’t have a birthmark on anywhere in my body that qualifies me. There’s no sign that I was born under. I think the reality is that First Corinthians 14 says, “Go after love like your life depended on it and eagerly desire prophecy.” And then the First Corinthians 14, it also talks about the process of prophecy and how when someone comes in who doesn’t know the Lord, I think it prophecies to [them when] the secrets of their heart are laid bare. Now these secrets aren’t necessarily things that other people who know them would know, but the fact that God knows them and the fact that the people in the room all of a sudden know them by supernatural revelation makes them say God is real, he loves me, cares about me. So for me, it’s not an issue of can we all get it. You asked if we can all get it, but will we? Will we go after love and prove love by prophecy.


KYNAN: Listen, God wants to show you secrets. The secret of the Lord is with them who fear him. When we come back we’re going to show you, Shawn is going to teach us a little bit more how to tap into the heart of God. We’ll be right back.

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