DAVID HERNANDEZ: Well I truly do believe that the key to experiencing more of what God has for you is prayer. And I do believe that God is re-digging the wells in the Church and we’re going to move into a time of deeper things. How many of you in this place you say I want God to move in my prayer life?




DAVID: God’s going to touch your life. He really is! And,




DAVID: But I want to talk to you on The Four Realms of Prayer. And this message when I say realms I’m not talking different dimensions and moving to different worlds. I’m talking about four realities of prayer. And when you understand these four realms you understand that categorically speaking ALL prayer will find itself under one of these four. Now there are many different facets of prayer. There’s praying in tongues, there’s praying in your mind, there is praying privately, there is praying corporately but everything, no matter what it is, can fall categorically speaking under these four realms. If you can understand these four as they pertain to all of prayer I believe you can receive breakthrough in your prayer life. I believe you’re going to hear the voice of God more clearly. You know we’ve kind of accepted just in the church world there’s this idea that the voice of God is not to be heard with clarity. And I know we know if I say how many believe you can hear the voice of God I get a resounding amen! Right? But the truth is that most people, most believers, when they talk about the voice of God they talk about it in a way that’s unclear. I’m still trying, I’m still working, I’m still waiting to hear God and we’ve accepted that it’s difficult to hear God. But you can hear the voice of God with such clarity that when He whispers in the Spirit you can hear him! You can hear the voice of God which such confidence that when He speaks everything within you says I know that’s Him! This is God speaking to me and you move on it by faith. And I’m talking about this kind of prayer life that can cultivate the voice of God. So the four different realms of prayer. I’m going to list then I’m going to go through them here. The first realm I’m going to talk about is requesting. This is the prayer request. The second one we’re going to be talking about is reverencing which is worship. And worship is an aspect of prayer because it’s communication with God. The third one is resisting which is spiritual warfare. And the fourth one, it doesn’t sound as mysterious but it is very much as much prayer is and that is reading. You read the Word. It’s prayer. And as you pray this way, as you enter into the deeper realms of the Spirit through prayer what’s going to happen is you’re going to hear the voice of God more clearly. The power of God is going to intensify on your life. Your witness, your evangelism’s going to transform. Why? Because it’s Holy Spirit empowered prayer! When I first began to seek the Lord as some of you may have heard in the interview, I don’t know how many of you watched that episode but if you haven’t check that out with Sid Roth on the It’s Supernatural episode. In that episode I talked about the season of my life that was a very different season for me and it’s a well that I still dig from today. In that season I began to seek the face of God and I’m telling you as an eleven year-old kid who just received Jesus I was passionate. I was fascinated with the person of Jesus. And I said Lord, everything in me has to know the depths and the riches that is Christ. And so I gave my all, my heart, my being to seek His face. And we talked about this experience I had where I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Where I had experienced something that was that something more that many believers look for. But I had made an ultimatum with God so I go in my room. Jesus says in Matthew chapter 6, verse 6 that when you pray you go away quietly. Close the door. Why? Number One: It’s so that there’s no distraction. Number Two: It’s so that God can reward you publicly for what you do privately. There’s something in what’s hidden and what’s exposed and what has power and what doesn’t. And so what God did for me in that season in my life was found in the moment where I said Lord, I’m not leaving this room until you touch me! I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit when I started talking, how many when I started talking about that I sense His presence here?




DAVID: And I said Lord Jesus. You know why? Because when I talk about it you say I want that and when you say you want that that desire draws Him closer because that desire is a form of worship. And so I was in the room and I shut the door and I said I’m not leaving Jesus until you touch my life, until something happens. And I remember I had my fan in my room was on because it got very warm in that room. My fan was on. My Bible was open. My light was on so I can read the Bible and I had music playing in the background, soft worship music. And so I had set the atmosphere and I was ready to do everything that I knew to do to seek the face of God. So I go in and I start praying and I remember I got going and I was excited. I was filled with zeal and I had made that ultimatum very clear. Lord, I’m not leaving until You touch me. And so I’m praying and I’m praying and I’m praying and one hour goes by and nothing happened. How many of you know when you’re digging a well every shovel full is dirt until you hit water?




DAVID: And so I’m digging and I’m saying Lord, I’m praying. I’m praying. I’m praying. And that first hour was so discouraging to me because often I would do that. I would say Lord, I’m going to pray for one hour. I would pray. I felt like heaven had invaded my life and I would look up and maybe on the clock ten minutes had gone by. And how many of you have experienced that?


AUDIENCE: All of us!


DAVID: It’s because that’s the flesh. It’s what I was doing was in the flesh. I was putting forth my effort. So the second hour goes by. I said okay. I’m going to reach for the more melancholy aspects of my emotion and I’m going to cry. I’m going to weep. I’m going to seek Him. And what we do here you see it’s we try to guilt God into a response.




DAVID: Lord, don’t You hear me? Don’t you see me? Don’t you love me? We say Lord, don’t you love me. Can’t you hear me and we say it because we’re trying to manipulate Him in a way that He can’t be manipulated. He doesn’t respond to that. Do you know when I get a call on my cell phone and the call starts going bad I’ll often tell the person on the other line I’ll say listen, you’re not coming in clear. The call is breaking up. And what do they start doing? Most of the time they start yelling so that I can hear them. I say no, no the problem is not the volume, it’s the connection.



DAVID: When you’re praying we try to exude emotion. We exert our effort with emotion. You’re raising the volume. The volume’s not the issue. It’s the connection. And so that second hour had gone by where I’m praying that way and guess what happened? Nothing! Then I reached for the more aggressive, the more, the more, the more spiritual. I had read books on spiritual warfare. I’m mean I’m telling you if there was an adjective I took that adjective, attached it to a demon and rebuked it!




DAVID: The spirit of this, the spirit of that, the spirit of this goes, the spirit of that goes! And I’m praying against all of the things I could think of praying against. I’m going back to when I was 5. Lord, if there was anything when I was 5 years old blocking me. I’m doing the generational deliverance, all of these different things that I knew to do and I had got aggressive and I got angry and I said I’m not going to be you know subdued. I’m not going to be held back in the name of Jesus! And it’s good to pray like that when it’s spirit-led but I initiated it.




DAVID: So finally that third hour goes by and nothing happened. And now, I’ll be honest with you, I started to regret my ultimatum.




DAVID: The fourth hour comes. And then I got intellectual. I got theological. I start well maybe analyzing and assessing and I applied the frailty of human wisdom. And I said perhaps that will get, I’ll tell you this right now. If it were possible to enter the presence of God by emotion or human effort in that moment I would have entered. But it’s not. And I remember in that moment I looked at the clock and I realized how much time had gone by and I just started to weep. And tears were coming down my face and I said Jesus, I don’t know how to pray. Jesus, I don’t know what to do. See there’s no man or woman on earth no matter how anointed they are who knows their way into the presence of God. Only the Holy Spirit knows the way in.


AUDIENCE: That’s right.


DAVID: And so I said Lord, what do I do? I mean I was broken. All of my, you know why God will wait till all of your effort has been exhausted? You know why He’ll do that? Because often we’ll push, push, push, push for things to happen in our ministry, in our life, in our family, in our business. And we’re pushing for it to happen and it doesn’t happen. It’s because when the answer finally comes, when the miracle finally comes He wants you to know who deserves the glory!


AUDIENCE: Amen! That’s right! That’s right!

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