Sid: We want everywhere to receive the manifestation from the invisible world to the natural world of your physical healing and I’m going to believe that many of you in the next two days are going to have physical healings. And I have on the phone Sandra Kennedy and she’s the Director of the Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia. Jesus literally she had a visit from Him and He showed her how to set up the healing schools which are nothing more than teaching people how to appropriate what God has given us in the natural realm. And if you’ve been listening all of this week you know I’ve been asking some pretty tough questions.  Sandra there are many people that say all you have to do is confess God’s word to be healed. There are other people that say that’s a big crock, that’s a big waste of time what’s the truth about confessing God’s word can you get healed by doing this?

Sandra: Well you can’t get healed just by saying it no.  It has to be a believing once you believe it it has to get down inside of you.

Sid: Well how do you believe it?

Sandra: Well the Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So that’s why at the Healing Center here we teach you…first of all most people don’t know that it’s God’s will to heal.  That’s because the number 1 enemy to healing.

Sid: They know that God can heal.

Sandra: Can heal.

Sid: But they don’t know if He will heal or if He will heal them.

Sandra: Right and so if you take the word the first time we do that is to show you in the word out of 3 witnesses out of Isaiah, Matthew and Peter.  The Bible says “Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let a thing be established.”  So I pulled out 3 witnesses in the Bible who state up front that it’s God’s will to heal. And then if I can get you to say that it’s God’s will then you begin to confess what God says about you once you believe it. Now remember faith comes by hearing so you’ve got to hear and hear and hear and hear what God says.  See what we do Sid we go to the doctor we get the doctors report and everything the doctor says is a fact I mean and it’s a fact you’re going to die unless something intervenes there. And so I don’t say ignore the fact I say that the word of God is truth and you take the truth is higher than a fact.

Sid:  Well how about the people that go around saying “I don’t have cancer, I don’t have heart disease, I don’t have high blood pressure the Bible says that so I don’t.  What would you say?

Sandra: Well I would say…first of all I’d talk to them a little bit because it wouldn’t take about 2 minutes to find out whether they are just parroting something they heard or whether they’re really in faith.  I would say that I believe that I believe I receive my healing was the way the way that I would put it.

Sid: Would you deny your symptoms?

Sandra: I wouldn’t let my symptoms rule me I would deny no. I would simply say you know I’m having a little struggle here but I want you to know up front that I believe that I received my healing based on the word of God.

Sid: Would you say that if it hadn’t become a Rhema to you because of God you believe it but it hasn’t become a reality inside of you would you still say that before that happened?

Sandra: I would but I don’t think just saying it makes it happen I believe you have to do as God told Joshua we have to meditate on the word of God and listen and listen and listen it’s the whole center of the heart of the healing center.  That you hear and you hear and you hear it from this teacher and that teach, from this angle from that angle until it becomes such a reality to you until you can say it with assurance “I believe I receive my healing based on the word of God.” And once you really do believe it you will I promise you you will see manifestations of healing begin to happen in your body.  But again there a lot of people that are in mental assent a lot of people…

Sid: Explain mental assent.

Sandra: Well mental assent is just saying well I see it in the word and you’ve prepared me and your acting religious and you’re just saying a whole bunch of things because you’ve been taught to say it. But when you’re quiet and your alone by yourself and if I was a family member or I was a fly on the wall listening to you I would hear you say when you’re not around certain people I hear you say “I don’t know if I’m going to live or not, I don’t know if this is going to work, I don’t really know things get worse for me than better.” And when start that way that automatically tells me that you are not in faith.  When you start with all of the negative stuff and you say one thing to one group of people and another thing to another group you know. What you say to the preacher and those that you want to praise God I had it but then when you are with family and this friend and you know I don’t really know I better get my will ready.

Sid: Or you want sympathy.

Sandra: Yeah and you are like I mean you are not walking in faith I’ll assure you you are not walking in faith when you’re doing all of that.  Real faith and once you have it again faith comes by hearing you don’t just hear it one time faith comes by hearing and in the tape series that you mentioned and in the book that you mentioned.  I’ve tried to help you decide very easily whether you’re in real faith or not or whether you’re just playing games in your minds.

Sid: And the wonderful thing is once you’ve nailed someone you show them how they can change their thinking.

Sandra: Right because once you can really believe and it all goes back again to the bigness of God.  It always goes back to how big is your God?  Is He can He do this? Do you know…do you understand His love for you, can you understand that He’s already done it?  Are you excited about Him do you trust Him enough with your life, do you trust Him with Your health?  Do you trust Him and even when you’re going to the doctor do you trust Him to be the surgeon, do you trust Him to be the one in the operating room?  Do you trust Him when you take just medicine? Do you pray over it, do you believe God that this is going to do what it’s supposed to do? Do you thank Him and praise Him?  See real faith praises God, it praises in the middle of the pain, in the middle of the problem you still praise Him for what He’s done in your life.

Sid: Where the rubber meets the road Sandra is playing with her dog and what did the dog do to you?

Sandra: Well he bite off it is a sheltie and I stooped down and she jumped up.  Her tooth grabbed the side of my nose and her mouth closed on my lip and literally ripped off on the floor ripped off my lip.  You know 3/8’s of an inch exactly.

Sid: So what’s the first thing that went through your mind when you realized what had happened?

Sandra: Well blood was everywhere and I didn’t know exactly what had happened and I thought…the very first thing that went through my mind was “Oh thank You Lord, thank You that you know I thank You and that this thing is going to be alright.” And then I immediately called and I went to the doctor, went to the emergency room. And I didn’t understand the extent of the problem all of this just happened last November so this hasn’t happened not long ago. So when I got to the emergency room they called a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon came in and he said to me that this so bad that we cannot really fix this so that it can look good. You know a plastic surgeon cannot correct this because you have literally lost the lip. And matter of fact he said to me Sid “If you were to take a nickel and put a nickel on the side of your nose on the left side of my nose and lay it beside of my lip that’s how much lip I actually lost.

Sid: Hm.

Sandra: The side of a nickel; I mean ripped off.  So I went…and when he said that you are going to have to go in surgery well I immediately said to him “Come here I want to pray for you.”  I’d never laid eyes on him before. I said “It’s my lip it’s my face; and I’m going to pray for you to know what to do and how to handle this.” Well he came and I took his hand and I prayed for him.  I wake up in the emergency room I mean in the operating room hearing him tell the nurses that normally I would have come in here and would have grafted the bottom lip up over the top lip and sewn the lip together for at least 3 weeks but for some reason I did not do that.  From my point of view it was God, my prayer God that prevented him from doing that.  And when I came out of the surgery he said “You will take 3 to 6 more surgeries to even…he said it will be like a cleft lip and you will be deformed basically.”  And I said to him and now this is my confession I said to him “No I will not. I will never have another surgery my God will fix this lip, my God will heal it and put it back in the right place and will rebuild that lip.”

Sid: Okay Sandra I was with you recently.

Sandra: Yes.

Sid: I looked specifically at your lip I don’t see any problem. How much plastic surgery did you have?

Sandra: I’ve had none.

Sid: How did it heal? I mean they even said that plastic surgery you will still have a cleft lip.

Sandra: I’ve never had one… it has only been 8 months I’ve never had anything else done to it. What I did was what I teach. I took the word of God I began to speak to my lip and I began to say “By the stripes of Jesus I am healed lip I command you to move I command you.”  I lay hands on it every single day I anoint it with oil and “I command you to reform yourself and to grow in the name of Jesus I command you to do it.” And again you saw me and when I went back to him he kept saying and as a matter of fact this is another point he’d pick up this big book with all of these pictures with cleft lips in it and he said “I want to show you this.” And I say “No I will not look at it.”

Sid: Huh.

Sandra: And he said I want to show you what we’re dealing with.” I said “No I will not put that picture in my mind I will not look at it.” I said “What I will do is I’ll go back to my house I will find every lovely picture of me smiling that I have and I will put those pictures up and those are what I did I’ve never looked at that book and I never had any more surgery and you would have to look mighty close to see that it happened.

Sid: I looked close (Laughing).

Sandra: That wasn’t even a full smile Sid it would take a full year before I could have a full smile.

Sid: Hm.

Sandra: You saw me a couple of months ago and I had a full smile.

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