Sid: My guest by way of telephone Bob & Joan Nast I’m speaking to them at their office in Coconut Creek, Florida.  And the last couple of days we found out that their life was headed for a real disaster. Bob was involved with a syndicate that was counterfeiting 6 million dollars. They got caught he could have been sentenced up to 60 years in prison instead a miracle happened.  And he got just 6 months and while this was going on all hell breaks loose for Joan and he’s involved with a crime syndicate and she’s involved with drugs. And her close relatives as dying, her husband’s in prison, and her daughter comes in 14 years old and says Mom if you don’t go to church with me and there isn’t a change in your life I am leaving this house at 14 years old and get this “And I’m never returning.”  Well Joan didn’t want to go to church she had a Catholic upbringing she figured that there weren’t any answers for her there.  But she didn’t want to lose her daughter so she went and she had an experience with God in which Jesus put His arms around her and embraced her. And to make a long story short at the identical time as this was going on Bob in prison at the exact time gets on his knees and starts repenting before for messing up his life the exact same time. So he gets out of prison everything is going along fine she’s a successful Real Estate woman, he’s a developer they’ve got a half million home on intercostals waterway Ft. Lauderdale they’ve got a nice boat everything is going good. And then they meet a young boy 10 years old dying of Leukemia his name is Brandon.  And they see how difficult it is for the parents and they want to give the parents a little relief and so they let the parents go and they’re going to stay with Brandon and a whole door opens for them.  One day Joan is looking in the classified sees some property for sale and literary the property looked awful when they went there.  But she had a vision from God and she saw what it could be. And so she walked up to the owner and what happened next Joan.

Joan: And as I approached the owner a man with the Porsche was there handing the owner what I found out would be $25,000 cash he wanted to buy the property that day right then and there.

Sid: But you’re supposed to buy it.

Joan: By then I knew that however I didn’t even ask my husband I didn’t discuss it with him. And the reason were married and have a good marriage is we pray together and talk together but not this day this was totally different. I walked up between the 2 men and I said “Excuse me I come here in the name of the Lord and we are going to buy this property today we do not have any money but I’m going to give you my jewelry and I have a lot of jewelry.” And I started taking off my jewelry and I started taking off my necklace, bracelet, rings…

Sid: Now you didn’t have any money because the stock market had taken a big turn down.

Joan: Right.

Sid: And so you were current but you just didn’t have large sums of money to buy this property go ahead.

Joan: No cash.

Sid: I mean that’s chutzpa lady you took your jewelry off and handed it to a man while he’s being handed a check from someone else to buy the property.

Joan: $2000 cash.

Sid: You’re in real estate that’s not going to work.

Joan: No of course not if it wasn’t God I mean this is ridiculous but it was God’s plan. My husband had no idea what I was doing and he’s going “Honey, Honey.”  I’m not even listening to him.  The man with the Porsche that’s handing him cash he’s going “Who do you think you are I am buying this property?” And I said “No you’re not we are it’s going to be for terminal or seriously ill children and it’s going to called God’s Little Acres and miracles are going to happen here and so you might as well leave.”  And now I had put all of my jewelry into the owners hand and he’s standing with his hands cupped he had all of my jewelry and the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing and the owner turns around to the other man and says “You might as well leave and come back tomorrow because she was here first.”  I was the 43rd person in less than a week that came to buy this property because it’s very valuable property for developers everyone of them were cash buyers of $400,000.  I came and said we had no money we come in the name of the Lord. So he told the man to leave and he left, the man is holding my jewelry my husband really wanted to kick me. And I just kept moving away from him and he’s going Joan what are you doing what are you doing?  And I said “I don’t know but we’re buying this property.  He said “Joan what are you crazy?” We don’t have any money we got a $500,000 house over there and we’re making those payments but we don’t have any money to buy anything else.  I said “Bobby God is telling me this property is His property and it’s going to be called ‘God’s Little Acres’ and miracles are going to happen here.” And he said “Joan what are you doing?” Now the owner he thinks we’re nuts but yet he went along with us.  Later much later he told us we asked him “Why did you sell us this property when you had 42 cash buyers and us saying we have no money?” And he says you know it’s really amazing he said as you were saying that I was thinking I’m 75 years old, I’ve been a rich man all of my life, I have never done a thing to help anybody’s children.”  He said when you said that this was going to be for sick kids I thought “My God I can maybe be a part of what they’re doing.”All the rich developers just want to tear the run down ranch down and build big beautiful homes.  He said “But you wanted to keep the ranch and do something for kids and I thought I could be a part of it.”

Sid: You call this “God’s Little Acres” it’s for seriously ill children. Where did you get the title or the name?

Joan: God gave me it in one second coming up the driveway there was no plan, none this was not discussed and prayed about.

Sid: Bob.

Bob: Yes.

Sid: How were you handling all of this at that time?

Bob: I was in shock (Laughing.)

Sid: (Laughing)

Joan: (Laughing)

Bob: Not knowing what’s she’s doing because usually my wife and I always pray about everything. We’ll put it on the table and we’ll pray about it and we’ll come up with some ideas decisions should we do it shouldn’t we do it but this time it was totally totally not Joan.  And you know now that I look back I can look at her I can still have a dream of like a vision of her and she was like in a trance because it was not Joan that was talking.  And I kept looking at her and saying “What are you doing we didn’t even talk about this.  I didn’t know you were going to do this.” You know I was in total shock.  Now what really happened the owner said to us “Would you like to come inside?” And my wife said no we’re going to buy the house anyway you know the property anyway. So he said “Why don’t you come on inside and look around.

Sid: Joan you’re a real estate woman how come you’re acting so ridiculous?

Joan: Trust me and I used to be considered a pretty smart real estate women but this day I didn’t fit into the world system whatsoever not at all.

Sid: Okay times gone by 1000’s of children have come to God’s little Acres but tell me about that one little girl who had Down’s Syndrome and a heart condition and a heart condition and a pace maker. What did she yell to her momma?

Bob: Little Kathy.

Sid: Yes.

Bob: Little Kathy…we just got finished with a function here and Little Kathy is such a sweet heart she just steals your heart from you she’s wonderful. She’s got a pacemaker, and she falls on the ground and she dies and her mother has to resuscitator. She has to walk around her with oxygen and so on.  And so everybody else is leaving and she’s about the last family to leave and I went over to the mother and I said “Doe” that was her mother’s name Doe.  I said “Doe would you mind if I prayed over Kathy and she said “No nobody’s every offered to do that.” And so I just took Kathy in my arms and I just prayed and I said “Father she was yours daughter before she was Doe’s touch her little heart and give her a new heart.” Because they had just put a pacemaker in, I said “Fix her blood disease Father, Lord You created this body you can fix it.” And it was a short prayer like that but you know I just meant it like I just knew that I just had to lay my hands on that little girl. And the mother she welled up with tears and said “Thank you very much.” And we love you guys and we’ll see you again next week. So she’s walking down the driveway and that was the end of it. And I come up and I told Joan I prayed for Kathy and she said “Really” and I told her what happened.  And she said “Wow.” Well the phone rang about an hour later and Joan you can tell it because you answered the phone.

Joan: Well Doe was on the other line and she said “Joan the most incredible thing happened after Bob prayed for Kathy and he walked back up the driveway we went down and got right underneath the archway of “God’s little Acres” and Little Kathy looked up and said “Momma momma look at all of the pretty angels.” And Kathy said…Doe the mother said to me “Joan I have never explained to my daughter what an angel looks like and every time she comes here she sees the angel.”

Sid: Not only do people see the angels they what do they tell you they feel when they come on this property?

Joan: Every single person, every single person I don’t care what religion what faith they have or they have no faith or they are an atheist of they’re an agnostic it doesn’t matter when they come on this property they either burst out in tears or they say what are they feeling here?

Bob: How about the Muslim doctors that we had from the hospital that came up when we first opened up.  They come on this property there was 3 of them and they say “What do we feel here?” And we said “It’s the power of God that you feel.” And they did not want to leave this property. They were here until 6:00 at night they said they’ve never felt such peace.

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