SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with LaDonna Osborn. And LaDonna, you really provoke me to jealousy. Is there any unbelief inside of you?

LaDONNA: If God said it, he cannot lie. The challenge is us believing. If we can just believe. And that’s a choice. That’s a decision. If we can just align ourselves with God’s reality and shut out everything that’s contrary, that’s faith. So of course, the places I go and the multitudes I stand before, if you don’t know what’s going to happen, don’t go.

SID: Could you paint me a picture of what it was, what we, I might have seen back in those early days in these foreign countries, what it looked like.

LaDONNA: Yes. Walking on the field and coming to the platform, we had crude wooden platforms and the public was invited to come. We had no aisles, no ushers, no chairs. It was just a mass of people as far as the eye could see. And they came carrying their sick, sometimes on their back, sometimes in wheelbarrows, sometimes they were dragging their cripple’s bodies, leading the blind. Oh the smell of disease. And when you see a mass of people gathering like that it was always so simple. We never had music. We never had preliminaries. Just my father or mother would stand up with their Bible and begin declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ. And to see, and I remember this as such a child, looking in the faces of such longing and such hopelessness.

SID: Tell me about that Muslim beggar.

LaDONNA: His name was Catimu [sp]. He was a victim of polio and had polio for 38 years, four months and three days. It happened that the king of Ibadan was a Christian and that king was the chairman of our crusade, and that king sent word Catimu, attend that crusade. Well of course, Catimu had to come. But he stayed way in the back. And he was sitting there, his legs were all drawn up, just bone. He put car tires, pieces of car tire on his knees and with wooden blocks. That’s the way he moved around. So he couldn’t lift himself up at all. Way at the back, he was a reverent man, a nice Muslim. He listened to the message. It happened my father preached about the resurrection of Christ. And Catimu listened and didn’t believe. This isn’t the mercy of God. During the prayer, just because Catimu was reverent, he bowed his head and he felt, it seemed two men lifted him up to get him out of the dust. He felt that was very nice. So after the prayer, he turned to say thank you, and no one was there. He was standing on those boney legs, healed by the power of God. Hallelujah.

SID: I’ll tell you what, now T.L. Osborn had no special gifting. He just proclaimed the truth and God backed up the words.

LaDONNA: That’s it.

SID: LaDonna, raised on the platform, did the same thing and God, as a matter of fact, would you like to see a clip of LaDonna? She’s a chip off the old block. Let’s roll it.

[begin video]

[background singing]

LaDONNA: We come to bring the message of Jesus and allow him to do his miracles. Jesus, [unintelligible] get up and and walk.


LaDONNA: Spirits, a disease in vain, go in Jesus’ name. Get ready to turn away from any other faith or religion.

Man: [foreign language]

LaDONNA: You’re ready to declare Jesus as your Lord.

Man: [foreign language]

LaDONNA: Now if you want to do that tonight.

Man: [foreign language]

LaDONNA: Then I want to see your hands.


Boy: [foreign language]


[end video]

SID: Now here’s what’s so amazing to me. Her dad, her mom, now you’ve seen LaDonna and then another generation who I’ve interviewed, her son Tommy going to the nations, and they don’t have special gifting. How did they get such good results?

LaDONNA: The secret is in just believing the words of Jesus. And of course, Sid, the very same process that the disciples went through in the Bible is our process. They believed the words of Jesus, they did what he said, they received power, the power of the Holy Spirit, that’s the Spirit of Christ, allowing Christ to continue his work. And then they went to the known world, and in the space of two years, they turned the world upside down. So the results, the fruit of obedience and the power of the Holy Spirit is guaranteed by the Word of God. Miracles are the proof.

SID: You know, that is God’s Plan A.


SID: And because we haven’t had God’s Plan A, we’ve gone to B through Z. It’s time for Plan A to come back. I’m going to have LaDonna pray for you when we come back.

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