Sid: Hello this is Sid Roth the Jewish man that is mashuga, that’s a Jewish word that’s crazy for Yeshua another Hebrew word for Jesus. Actually I shouldn’t even say a Hebrew word that was His real name Yeshua Jesus is just the English translation of Yeshua.

The question I have for you is who are you mashuga for?  I like being mashuga for Jesus I would not want to be mashuga for anything or anyone else. And I have another question for you I want to ask you a question and the question is “What is the end time book to the church?” Now before you say Revelation I’ll give you a clue it’s not Revelation. Again
what is the end-time book to the church?  I believe the end-time book to the church is Esther and I’m sure if you have not heard me teach before this subject you didn’t have a clue.  This is going to be one of the most important teachings I have ever given, why?  Everything in Esther is timing, everything in God is His timing, everything in your life is His timing.

By the way Jewish people have two names they have their Hebrew name like my Hebrew name happens to be Israel, then in the country that I immigrate to I’m given a name from that country so my name is Sidney. Same thing with Esther, Esther’s name was Hadassah. Have you ever heard Hadassah Hospital? It actually means the myrtle tree and the myrtle tree is one that has the most wonderful aroma in Israel.

But when a Jewish person goes to another country they take another name so she took the name Esther which comes from the Persian name Ishtar which means a pagan fertility goddess.  I don’t care too much for that name but you know what they did they translated this Esther back into Hebrew and you know what the Hebrew equivalent of Esther is?  Hidden and that’s what the whole book of Esther is about, it’s about things that are hidden. For instance, did you know in the book of Esther God’s name is not mentioned not even once?  But yet it is because it’s hidden it in acrostics 5 different times in the book of Esther.  And we’re going to find out a lot of other hidden things in the book of Esther.

Now Deuteronomy 28 you probably know the chapter is talks about the blessings and the curses but it’s specifically written to the Jewish people and if you are the Messiah’s you are grafted in and you are the same as Abraham’s seed spiritually.  But when you look at it in the natural it actually says:

“The blessings are for the Jewish people when they are in the land of Israel and the curses are for the Jewish people when they are out of the land of Israel.”

So the greatest blessings for Israel and the world will be when Jewish people return to the land of Israel.  The greatest proof of God someone will say to you “How can you prove to me there’s a God?” Well for starters you can’t prove to me there’s not a God and I’d rather take the side of the fence proving there is then there’s not any day.  But to me the greatest proof that there is a God is found in Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 35 and 36; let me read it to you.

“Thus says the Lord who gives the sun by light by day the ordnance of the moon and the stars for a light by night; who disturbs the sea and waves roar the Lord of Hosts is His name; if those ordnances depart from before me (In other words the sun, the moon and stars and light and seas and waves) if those ordinances depart from before Me says the Lord then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before Me forever.”

So we Jews because of sin went into what’s called the diaspora the nations but we still maintained ourselves as Jewish people. Who have ever heard of such a thing? We lost in 70 AD we lost our temple the only way under Torah Judaism you can have your sins atoned for; we lost our city, we lost our country and we were scattered to the 4 corners of the earth. And worst than that Deuteronomy 28 tells us that wherever we went we would be persecuted and that’s the history of the Jewish people. You would think after 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 generations of this being persecuted just because your being persecuted just because of your Jewish every Jew on the face of this earth would change their religion, would stop being Jewish at least for survival sake.  But no because God said:

“As long as there’s a sun, moon and stars there will be a physical Jew on the face of this earth.”

So to me the greatest proof the Bible is from God is found in a 3 letter word Jew.  How did God maintain us a distinct people? He put an instinct in every Jewish person; you’ll meet a Jewish person that’s not even practicing Judism, doesn’t go to the synagogue, probably identifies himself as an agnostic or maybe even an atheist.  And you’ll say “Well they’re not even interested in being Jewish,” Watch, there’s an instinct in every Jew it goes like this “I was born a Jew, and I’ll die a Jew.”  And this instinct comes from God that’s what has kept us as a distinct people.

Now Esther was a type of the church, a type of the Gentile church; I want you to see yourself as Esther.  Esther was young, you may be older but I’m going to tell you something I’m older and I believe and I literally believe I’m getting younger.  But in God’ sight I am a young man, I have to tell you on the inside I feel like a young man. Esther is beautiful, you may look at the pimples on your face but in God’s sight Esther, church, you are beautiful.  If you could only see yourself the way that God sees you. Esther walked in favor, I like walking in favor, the church walks in favor.  Esther was an orphan, a no-people that was grafted into royalty.  Church do you know a no people that was grafted into royalty?  The Gentile believers. Esther did one other thing she hid her Jewish connection. No one knew that she was connected to the Jewish people, no one knew that she was grafted into the seed of Abraham spiritually.

And one more thing about Esther, Esther was so loved by God, here let me read this to you in Esther 2:17:

“And the King loved Esther more than any of the other young women.”

The truth is every member of the church that’s a true statement boy, that’s true statement for you. You are loved more than any other because God’s so big He can do that; I can’t do that, you can’t do that but God can do that you are loved more than any other.

And there was one more trait about Esther, Esther moved in instant obedience.  Now how could she hear so clearly, most Christian’s don’t hear God so clearly? How could she hear so clearly?  Because Esther soaked in myrrh, now myrrh is bitter on the outside but sweet on the inside. She soaked 6 months in oil of myrrh and 6 months in perfume for a whole year and as she soaked she began to smell more like Jesus than like her old nature. But it took a time of soaking before God and that’s why it’s so important to put anointed music on and soak before God just as Esther did.

That reminds me of the 10 virgins 5 wise 5 foolish, 5 had plenty of oil. Why? They were soaking in the Spirit of God. They were worshipping God all the time, they were reading the Bible, they were only saying things that are good and pure and lovely and of good report. They were only looking at the good things in life and they were taking in not the bad things they were taking in the good things out so instant in instant out. So what came out was changing the world around them. That’s why Esther Church you can hear so clearly.

Now Mordecai that’s Esther’s cousin that really raised her refused to bow to one man; let me read this to you Esther 3:2:

“All of the Kings officials would bow down before Haman whenever he passed by for so the King had commanded.  But Mordecai refused to bow down and show him respect.”

Well this Haman was a type of the devil and Mordecai being a Jew would not bow down to a man. We only bow to God and Mordecai was just being Jewish.

Then there’s the money; you see today a lot of decisions are made in our administration in politics over money, well in the kingdom actually it was Iran, or called Persia, and that was the old name for Iran it says in Esther 3:9 and 10:

“If it pleases the King (And this is Haman speaking) issue a decree that they (The Jews) be destroyed and I will give 10,000 large sacks of silver to the government and administrators to be deposited in the royal treasury. The King agreed confirming his decision by removing his signet right from his finger and giving it to Haman.”

Does that sound familiar to you?  Well this is what literally happened in the garden of Eden through deception the devil got the authority, that’s what the signet ring is the authority in the kingdom and we needed a hero to get the authority to get the authority back.  Our hero happens to be Jesus and they found out that the request of Haman was to murder every Jewish person. You know if one Jewish man didn’t bow before a Haman type why would you want to murder every Jew? In fact it gets even stronger than that I’ll read you Esther 3:13:

“Dispatches were sent by swift messengers into all of the providences of the empire giving the order that all Jews young and old including women and children must be killed, slaughtered and annulated on a single day.

This is scheduled to happen on March 7th of the next year, the property of the Jews would be given to those who killed them and that’s what happened throughout history. People, every people that called themselves Christians killed Jewish people and they were given the money.

Now without Esther, or the church, because I said Esther is a type of a church all the Jewish people would die.  Now Esther’s first plan and maybe unfortunately the Church’s first plan is the same as Esther’s. She wanted to give humanitarian aid because what she found out that her Mordecai, the one that raised her, was in ashes and sack cloth and he didn’t have clothing so she took up a collection and bought him some clothing. Well millions of dollars are being poured into Jewish humanitarian work and rightfully so, and believers a praying and fasting for Israel and rightfully so.

But Suzette Hadding that’s the lead intercessor for Reinhardt Bonnke had this quote and I’ve changed it just a little bit I’ve added humanitarian aid. This is Suzette’s quote:

“Prayer or humanitarian aid without evangelism is an arrow shot nowhere.”

Let me read that again that’s so significant:

“Prayer of humanitarian without evangelism is an arrow shot nowhere.”

Most people don’t know this but there is a God given call for every Gentile believer in Jesus, Esther, I’m going to start calling you Esther, church.  And that God given call is found in Romans 11:11:

“Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.”

The job of the Jewish believer is found in John 4:22.  If the job of the Gentile believer is to provoke the Jew to jealousy or evangelize the Jew in writing the job of the Jewish believer John 4:22 salvation is of the Jews.  Now many people think “Well perhaps the Jews lost their calling because so many rejected the Messiah.” Well Romans 11:29 says the opposite:

“The gifts and calling of God (It’s talking about the Jewish people there) is irrevocable.”

And by the way if the Jews do their job and reach the Gentiles, and the Gentile Christians do their job and reach the Jews guess what Jews and Gentiles mean we reach the whole world.  God You’re so brilliant!

Esther 4:14 says that we are headed to the church’s greatest hour. This is what Mordecai said to Esther when she was living in the Kings palace and very taken care of and no one knew about her Jewish connection:

“For if you remain completely silent at this time relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews another place but you and your father’s house will perish, yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this; Church who knows whether you’ve come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. I’m reminded in Israel in the Arab sections it’s written on the buildings you know the graffiti:

“First we kill the Saturday people then the Sunday people.”

Now Esther if she went to the King could die because if you went to the King and hadn’t requested you come the punishment was death. And the King had not requested for Esther to come into his presence in over 30 days. Esther knew that disobedience was punishable by death. She remembered maybe not death, well it could have been not death in that case but she remembered the last queen, Vahsti, she was vanished forever from being Queen from having anything to do with the King.  So Esther had to take her life in her hands to go to the King and she said:

“Well if I die I die; I will go in… (Let me read this exactly to you.) Go and gather the Jews in Souza and fast for me; do not eat or drink for 3 days night or day; my maids and I will do the same; and then though it is against the law I will go into see the king if I must die I must die.”

Church Esther choice the path of God to spare the Jewish people and when Esther went to the King there was scepter in the hand of the king.  Esther 5:2 we’ll pick up there when I come back because Esther now receives favor up to half of the Kingdom. Guess what Esther, church, you’re about ready to receive favor not up to half of the Kingdom all things are yours, all of the Kingdom.

Guess what Esther, church, you’re about ready to receive favor not up to half of the Kingdom all things are yours; all of the Kingdom. I’m making available my brand new book it’s titled “Sooner Than You Think.” It’s based on a dream I had from God in which God says “I’m coming back soon” 3 times to me, “I’m coming back soon, I’m coming back soon.” And some of the best end time teachers that I’ve interviewed I put in the book.

For instance, Bill Salus in “Inevitable Conflicts” looks at the last wars before Jesus returns. And there were about ready to bump into them right now; Perry Stone writes a chapter titled “The Messiah Comes” exploring the significance of the Jewish Feasts in connection with the First and Second Coming of Messiah. Perry returns in another chapter “Revelation About Revelation” that doves deeply into how we should look at the book of Revelation Jim Richards tells us how to prosper in the last days subscribing God’s plan for you to thrive even if there is the financial collapse.

We have specialists in each in the pre-trib rapture, the mid-trip rapture, the post-trib rapture saying why they are saying it’s true. Here is the truth no one has it clear we look through a window dimly the closer that we get to the return of Jesus the clearer things will be. I do not want you to hold on to another man’s vision for the end times that is being taught as gospel and it is not gospel. But if you have all of these pieces of the puzzle together as things unfold prophetically your going to be able to understand the end times, you’re going to be like Esther you’re going to be able to hear the voice of God so clearly because you have soaked in the perfumes of the Holy Spirit.

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