SID: You know, Joshua is just sitting on the set, and I saw it happen before my eyes, the gold dust started materializing. But this gold dust, it’s a biblical thing. Just give me a couple of passages.

JOSHUA: The Bible says that, “The silver and the gold is mine, says the Lord.” That’s in Haggai. So it all belongs to God. Another thing is, you know, in the Old Testament, Solomon was given instruction to build the Temple using overlaying with gold, ornamenting with gold. And we know that in this day, it’s not, the Temple of God is not a temple that’s made by the hands of man, but we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost. We are the Temple of God. And I believe that God is choosing to pour out his Glory and assign his Glory upon his people, just like Acts 2 says, “In the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.” He’s choosing to pour out his Glory on us.

SID: Yeah, but in an elevator? Tell me about that.

JOSHUA: Well you know, quite a few years ago I was ministering in Toronto and I was getting ready for the meeting, and I went, I was going to go downstairs. And when I got to the elevator, the door opened. I didn’t have any gold on me. I mean, just looked plain as day, whatever. I go to walk in the elevator. As soon as I walked in that elevator it was like some kind of supernatural dump truck from Heaven opened up over my head and literally the gold of Heaven poured from the top of my head all the way right down to my feet, and I was covered in gold, not just a few specks, like millions. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say millions because I looked like I was painted with gold.

SID: I wasn’t in that elevator, but I have seen you like that.

JOSHUA: Right.

SID: It is a sign and a wonder.

JOSHUA: It happens on occasions, just God’s Glory. And there was three people standing on that elevator, and they were watching me. I mean, they literally saw me come on the elevator, no gold. The next thing they know, I’m covered with gold. They don’t know what’s happening, but they start freaking out, and they’re shouting and screaming, making all these sounds. And I’m standing there like thinking, what am I going to say. And the next thing I know, the elevator door closes behind me and I realize these people are on for the ride whether they like it or not. And you know, God has a way of setting people up and getting them into a place of encountering his Glory and that’s what he did. And in a moment, God spoke to me and gave me the words to say. I said, “This is a miracle from God because Jesus loves you.” And that’s all I had to say. I didn’t realize, later on I found out that there was someone in downtown Toronto that was telling, had been telling them that afternoon the Gospel message and trying to preach the Gospel to them, and they just continued to walk. But the Bible says in Mark 16, verse 20, “Signs will come from the Word that’s been preached.” And you know what, they walked right onto that elevator into that place where God was about to manifest a sign to confirm his Word, and when that sign came, and I said, “This is a miracle from God because Jesus loves you,” tears began to well up in the one lady’s eyes, and all three of them ended up giving their hearts to Jesus as Lord and Savior by the time we got to the lobby of that hotel. It was that easy. It was simple.

SID: You know, this gift that Joshua has, when he plays the piano, I’ve been listening to it lately, it brings such supernatural peace. Tell me about the woman in the hospital who started listening to your music. She was in a coma, I believe.

JOSHUA: Well you know what happened, was she ended up, they found out, she didn’t realize it, she had a tumor on the back of her head. And they took her to the hospital, they found the tumor. They thought this is going to be a routine surgery, no problem. They went to take the tumor out and the next thing they knew, they cut an artery and she started bleeding. All of a sudden, the surgery, instead of being simple, it got very complicated and one thing led to the next, she ended up in a coma. They had to remove a portion of her skull. They ended up putting it in her stomach. She ended up on life support. They called her sister, and said, come in because it was a very serious situation. And I thank God that the one sister had been in my meetings and actually had one of my CDs, and she brought it up with her to the hospital. And when all hope was gone and the doctors wanted to take her off life support, the sister began playing this CD all night to her in her ears, and just over and over, and over, just soaking within the atmosphere of the Glory. And Sid, the next day when the doctor came in, this was, this lady’s name was Mary Jo, and she was able to move her pinky. By that night she was beginning to walk. The doctors said, even if she came to, that most likely she would be disabled her entire life, that she wouldn’t be able to walk she wouldn’t be able to talk properly, that she wouldn’t be able to move. The second day, she was moving around the hospital room so much that they had to put her in what’s called a butterfly bed because they didn’t want her to get out. They needed to contain her for the healing process. And it’s amazing. God did this supernatural miracle with her by her being in the right atmosphere of Glory, by just soaking in the atmosphere of Heaven, Heaven literally was released onto her into her physical body. It’s awesome.

SID: Tell me a few ideas, like you mentioned one right now to have the atmosphere of Heaven.

JOSHUA: Right.

SID: You told me in your house you have speakers in every room and you’re playing music such as yours and other people. What difference is it making?

JOSHUA: You know what, it cost a lot of money for those speakers in my home, but the right atmosphere is priceless. And what the right atmosphere creates, money can’t even buy. And so we ended up outfitting our house with these speakers that we could just fill the home with the sounds of praise, which changes the atmosphere, and then worship, which sustains the realm. And day in and day out, we have this atmosphere just releasing the Glory of God within our home. We just had a baby two weeks and so I’m really excited about that. Her name is Legacy.

SID: That’s a great name.

JOSHUA: It is an awesome name.

SID: Was your wife pregnant, the whole time that she was, your wife, she was hearing that worship music.

JOSHUA: She was. We kept them incubated, if you will, within the atmosphere of Glory. And when Legacy was born, she was born so healthy and beautiful, and we actually played worship music even in the hospital. And my wife was able to give a pain-free, natural, I believe supernatural childbirth in the Glory because of the atmosphere of Heaven being present.

SID: How about your marriage? How does the atmosphere of Heaven affect your marriage?

JOSHUA: The Glory of Heaven infiltrates our marriage with the atmosphere of unity. It brings the atmosphere of healing. It brings the atmosphere of reconciliation. It releases the atmosphere of peace within our home. It’s amazing what the Glory of God does. It even comes to give creative ideas and solutions.

SID: I tell you what. You businessman that’s worried about whether you’re going to continue getting money in your job, you businessman that has a problem that you can’t figure out how to solve, do you realize you student that’s doing a special term paper, how would you like an idea from Heaven for your term paper. When we come back, I’m going to have Joshua tell you of some amazing things that have happened to people by just being in the atmosphere of Heaven. I want to find out a few more ways of getting in that atmosphere. We’ll be right back.

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