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Sid: I want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah and that’s almost an understatement for my guests. I’m speaking to Heidi then shortly I’ll be speaking to her husband Rolland Baker. I caught up with them because the lines were so bad going to Mozambique, Africa that I caught up with them in Toronto where they’re ministering at the Toronto Airport Church. I have seen a video of Heidi and I had heard about what God is doing in the Baker’s lives. As a matter of fact Heidi I was telling Rolland this a little earlier, my first exposure to your family was a few years ago I got a hold of a book called “Visions Beyond the Veil.” I did not notice the date it was written. I read it, and I read about China, and orphan children having visions of heaven and being caught up and preaching on the streets of China, so many supernatural things. So I called my producer and I said “Get me that man I want to interview him and offer this book.” Then I found out he had gone to heaven many years ago and the author of that book, the man in China, was the grandfather of Rolland Baker. But Heidi I saw what the world would call outrageous things going on in your life on a video from the Toronto Airport Church. I found out that you have a PhD, not that means a whole lot, but it gives you a certain credibility, but what goes on when you minister… I mean I saw you in a video where you were preaching because you were flat on your face. Why someone with a PhD, why wouldn’t you at least stand and use that microphone?

Heidi: Well I was unable to stand up the kavod of God the weight of His glory just fell upon me and I was unable to stand up. So if I can’t stand up I preach with my face flat on the ground prostrate before the Mighty God.

Sid: Now you’re an American and at 16 you were trying to figure out what life was all about and you wondered into an Indian reservation in Mississippi. What happened?

Heidi: Well I was an American field scholar and was living on a reservation and was really was lonely and wanted God. I grew up wanting God and was in a very formal church and prayed a lot, never knew Him. Went to a revival meeting where 500 Indians were seated and myself. I walked in with my long blonde hair in a rain storm sopping wet, and heard the gospel for the first time. I was pulled from my seat by God, just pulled from my seat. I was the only that night that gave my life to Jesus and I met Him with such complete passion and devotion. I remember just crying over my sins and they said “Calm down, calm down it’s okay.” I said “No it’s not I’m a sinner!” and I just cried out and asked God for mercy. From that day I’ve been loving Him and serving Him.

Sid: Five months later while you were still 16 years of age you had an unusual vision, explain that.

Heidi: Well I was fasting and praying. I was in this little Pentecostal Holiness Church and they told me that it was really a wonderful thing to fast and pray and I needed to do that. So I just said “Okay I’ll do that I want more of God.” On the 5th day of the fast I was in church worshipping and suddenly I was frozen right where I was on my knees with my hands lifted up. I was unable to move and a bright white light covered me and I heard the audible voice of God, the only time in my whole life that I’ve heard the audible external voice of God. He called me to be a minister and a missionary to go to Africa, Asia, and England. I felt Jesus kiss my left hand and oil ran down my arm and I was completely ruined from that point on. I’ve never looked back, I’ve never dreamed of doing anything else and I just love Jesus more than life itself, I love Him more than anything. The next day I started preaching on the streets and I’ve never stopped.

Sid: Now this may be difficult but as best you can describe what the audible voice of God was like.

Heidi: It was clear, it was a clear deep voice. I felt like my heart was melting I felt so loved, so loved. As I heard the voice it went straight through me it felt like it not just hit my ears but it hit my entire being my whole body. It was like it captured me those are the only words I could use for it His voice captured me, captured my heart, my spirit, my soul, and my mind.

Sid: So did you immediately got to Africa?

Heidi: I wanted to but my parents both were very educated and they said “You must finish at least one degree.” So I ended up going to an Assembly’s of God University in California and finishing my BA. At the time met Rolland went lunch once and got married and went off to Indonesia on a one-way ticket and $20.

Sid: How supernatural was the fact that the 2 of you were attracted to each other?

Heidi: Very supernatural I think he was 12 years older and we weren’t interested in dating and we didn’t do any dating we just had the one lunch at a Chinese restaurant (laughing). God spoke to me again, to my heart in the slums of Mexico City and He told me I’d marry Rolland Baker and I did.

Sid: Now did God speak to Rolland also?

Heidi: He did. I didn’t tell Rolland what I had heard. So we started talking and he’d come to my school and we talked and prayed together. I knew even the night he asked me to marry him. We got to know each other after we were married.

Sid: Now I’m going to fast forward you to a very important, critical time in your life it was 1997 and you were at a church in Toronto, Canada called the Toronto Airport; where for many years they’ve had an outpouring of God’s Spirit that is really a tremendous watering hole for people that want to be refreshed. What were you doing there?

Heidi: I was just desperate for God. Rolland had went and was transformed by God. He was just so sweet and filled with the love of God I said “I have to get there.” The first time I went I had pneumonia checked myself out of 2 hospitals. Was just on the floor again, the weight, I literally felt the weight of God’s presence as this desperate hungry thirsty missionary, already been missionaries full-time 18 years. Just so tired, so weary and we just drug ourselves in the door and “God please, please do something! You know we love you but we’re tired.” At that time… the first time I was stuck to the floor I saw a vision of Jesus. I never seen Him so clearly just His eyes…

Sid: Excuse me when you say to “stuck to the floor” for those that aren’t familiar with that explain.

Heidi: I was unable to move. I was… I really… I asked God what it was and it was the kavod, it’s the weight of His glory. You know the word in Hebrew for kavod it’s weight. The glory of God is heavy and it fell upon me. I was unable to even move my little finger, unable to move.

Sid: How long?

Heidi: Well the first time it was for several days about 3 days…

Sid: But, but wait a second now did someone carry you out? 3 days is a long time.

Heidi: I was unable even to use the ladies room. I was carried everywhere and it took several people to carry me. I’m not a very big person but I was very very heavy (laughing). At times it would take 4 people to carry me.

Sid: What did God reveal to you that first time?

Heidi: Well the first time he showed me His eyes. I was just ruined, that’s the only word ruined.

Sid: Ruined for what?

Heidi: Ruined for anything but loving Him and giving all that I am, and all that I will be over to His love.

Sid: You know that’s a gift. People can say “I want that” but you can’t do that in the flesh.

Heidi: No you can’t manufacture it.

Sid: You know I’m reminded of what the Messiah said He was quoting Deuteronomy 6:4 and someone asked him what’s the major commandment and He said the Sh’ma Deuteronomy 6:4 “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul,” and then the Messiah added to that and said “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” You can’t do that without God’s help.

Heidi: No and this vision incorporated both those things because I fell so in love with Him, even more than I ever knew I could be in love with Him as His eyes just pierced into my heart and I felt like I was melting on the floor. Then I saw His body His broken bloody beaten body and there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of children all around me and I began to scream “No! No! No! There are too many!” I couldn’t do it we already had 320 orphans and that was overwhelming enough. The Lord said “Feed them” and he took a piece of His side right out of His broken bloody side He took a piece of His flesh and He handed it to me. As He handed it to me that flesh turned into bread in my hands right before my eyes it turned into bread. He said “Give it to the children” and as I began to give the children the bread it multiplied in my hands and thousands of children ate, thousands. Then He took a cup and was a poor man’s cup it wasn’t jeweled like some of the pictures you see jeweled and beautiful gold cup it was a wooden cup, it was a poor man’s cup. He filled it with blood and water from His side and He handed it to me He said “Drink it” I knew it was a cup of bitterness and joy. He said “Drink it.” I drank that cup, He said “Give it to the children to drink.” As I gave that cup to the children it became drink, it became drink and they drank thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands. He said “I died that there would always be enough.” From that day we have taken every single blind child we’ve ever come across.

Sid: How many do you have that you take care of now?

Heidi: We have several thousand now that we take care of and…

Sid: And how many churches have you been responsible for starting?

Heidi: Over 3000 churches.

Sid: In how long a period of time?

Heidi: Well we had 90 churches in the summer of ’98 after this vision…

Sid: Oh my goodness we’re out of time.

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