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Sid: Well my guest is a board member and has been on several times on Messianic Vision Pastor Kynan Bridges. Kynan there’s an aspect of your life we’ve never talked about that is going to affect every single person that is listening to us. It either affects them now or will affect them, or they would have a love one that is affected now, or will be affected in the future. And that has to do with the whole subject of deliverance. I recently just before Bob Jones the Prophet went to heaven, I was at Rick Joyner’s 30th Anniversary for Ministry and I sat next to him at a table and there was a young woman that her mother knew me and brought her up and she was affected by a demon in a very bad way. And he prayed for her and then he looked over at me Kynan and he said “Sid what you saw done here the average Christian is going to have to know how to do it with the increase in immorality, with the increase of the New Age, with the increase of lawlessness, with the increase of what Hollywood is doing and what television is doing so many of the young people are getting either demonized or oppressed by demons,” and that’s going to be just as in the First Church it was standard it’s going to be standard today. And that’s why I’m so grateful for your brand new book and 4 CD tape series called “Kingdom Authority taking Dominion over the Power of Darkness.” Now I want to take you back as a young man you really realized you were not alone comment on that.

Kynan: Well it’s an amazing thing I got saved, actually I was saved at the age of 9 I professed Christ the first time, but the problem with it I didn’t have any teaching, any mentorship or discipleship so it was about at the age of 15 it was in the 90’s at the time and I got born again and got filled with the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Well you got a 15 year jump on me Kynan I was 30 but go ahead.

Kynan: (Laughing) I knew there was a devil but I didn’t understand spiritual warfare at all I had no understanding of spiritual warfare. And the most eerie thing happened one night I was sleeping in my bed and I felt a dark presence in my room. It was evil it was horrific and this presence that hovered over me began to cease my body I couldn’t speak I couldn’t move. It was as if someone was putting an instrument a sharp instrument through my ear. And it literally went on for minutes and all of a sudden there was a release my heart was pounding I’m sweating and all I could do was run I jumped out of bed and I ran out I ran into my parents bedroom and I thought there’s only one solution to this problem never go to sleep again.

Sid: (Laughing) I think you would have eventually had a problem but go ahead.

Kynan: (Laughing) you know but as I thought about it I said “My God I don’t know what that was” and I didn’t know how to express it. My father wasn’t a believer at the time so he would have thought I was crazy and I went to my pastor and he told me a word I had never heard before oppression. He said “What you experienced is something called demonic oppression.” I had no idea what that was I had never heard that before and he told me “I want you to anoint your bedroom and just plead the blood of Jesus.” And I did that and for a time it subsided and you know Sid the thing is many people have gone through this whether they are Sunday school teachers, pastors, in the corporate world Satan is an equal opportunity oppressor. He really doesn’t care who you are, or your gender, or your social status he really attempts to subsegate God’s people to fear. And that’s what happened to me I didn’t realize it but something happened one night as this episode transpired again right before I was about to be water baptized. I had this horrific experience while I was being suffocated in my sleep. Every time I tried to speak bubbles literally came out like I was underwater. Now I believe that was for 2 reasons one Satan wanted me to be afraid of being baptized and the second one was he was just really trying to kill me so that I couldn’t enter into my destiny. And John 10:10 tells us that it says “The thief comes now to steal, kill and destroy but I’ve come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” And so what I did Sid I screamed at the top of my lungs “Jesus! Jesus!” and the more I screamed it the more it was able to come out. And finally I screamed out and literally I was yelling at level 10 the name Jesus.

Sid: I’m sure.

Kynan: And my father heard me he said “What are you talking about?” I said…ha…and I’m breathing hard and I came out of it. Now I would have preferred not to had that experience but the good part was I realized something in that moment I said “I have authority over the enemy.” In the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus is the key and I man I was blown away. And Sid I realized in that moment that the name of Jesus carries inside of it the sovereign power of heaven. The name of Jesus literally carries the sovereign of heaven when we use the name of Jesus authentically and we have a relationship with the One upon whom we are calling we can dispel the darkness in any area of our life and we can experience total freedom. When you use His name correctly every demon has to flee.

Sid: Well since that time you’ve really dedicated yourself to helping people be free of these strongholds in their life. Things like fear and depression and lust and sickness and poverty, addictions such as pornography, all types of sexual addictions, nightmares, all of these things have demonic roots. And most people they don’t have a clue do they? In fact I have to believe Kynan that where it says in the Bible “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” that’s what the devil’s biggest desire is destroy.

Kynan: Absolutely and you know the amazing part about it Sid any where you go throughout the world people can identify with this. I was recently in England and we were ministering to people all over the world from New Zealand, from Brussels Belgium, from Africa, people from every walk of life and every ethnicity represented and you would be amazed at how many believers have battled things like anxiety attacks or nightmares. And many of them have dealt with it for years so much so that what they’ve basically done is coped with their struggles, or coped with oppression, but they haven’t experienced lasting freedom from it. In fact what the devil often does Sid is he tries to convince his victims and I use the word victim loosely but he tries to convince those he’s attacking or oppressing that number 1 that what they’re experiencing is normal. Number 2 what they are experiencing is unchangeable. And Number 3 what they are going through is something that is unbreakable and that’s the deception. And remember the power of the enemy is in deception and his deception is to make us believe that he’s more powerful than God. That he has more power than we have, but when I experienced that freedom and like you said God commissioned me. In fact the Lord spoke these words to me Sid and they were very profound. He said “Tell My church that it’s time to take a stand against the evil one because our breakthrough has been confined for too long; tell My church that it’s time to take a stand.” You know in every area of society Satan like an octopus has had his tentacles and it’s time I believe Sid for the church to rise up. You made a statement earlier about the evil abounding in the land. Well you know that’s prophecy and it tells in the Book of Timothy, it tells in the Book of Revelation. The Bible says in Revelation that the dragon has been cast to the ground with great wrath because he has but a short time. So Satan has a measure of power that he has exploited because he knows that his time is at hand. But guess what Sid the church is more powerful than the devil and we need no fear we only need to exercise the dominion and authority God’s given us.

Sid: You know what would you say to someone that is listening and saying “I agree with Pastor Kynan is talking about, but I’m flat afraid of demons and the devil. I’m fearful.” What would you say to them? Awe I have a better idea tell me about that vision you had where you saw that amazing angel.

Kynan: Yeah that’s a good one. You know I was praying one day and meditating in my room as I do often, and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and it was like an open vision. And in this vision because I had been praying to experience more angelic visitations and more more experiences of that nature. And in this vision I saw a huge massive angelic being he was about 10 or more feet tall. His chest span alone was about 6’ feet tall, his legs were…the only way I could describe it was the size of tree trunks. He had on chainmail, armor, and a golden crown upon his head and a golden crown upon his head and breastplate and a golden shield and sword. I mean he was magnificent that’s the only word I could use to describe is magnificent. And I thought to myself “My goodness that’s an amazing looking angel.” I told Him I said “Wow Lord is that an arch angel or something like that?” And the Lord told me the exact opposite of what I was thinking Sid He told me actually that’s you. I said “What do you mean?” He said “From my vantage point Kynan you are a spiritual giant.” Now this lines up with scripture Sid this is not something in my imagination. The Bible tells us that we are kings and priests. And the word king is one who exercises dominion. Literally in the spiritual realm we are spiritual giants endued with divine power. But if the devil can convince a believer they are a pauper instead of a prince they will live as a pauper even though they have all of the equipment and resources of a king and this is the devils scheme. So I would say to that person “Don’t believe the lie of the devil.” In fact when I grew up in the culture I grew up in there was a lot of superstition and we were taught to fear Satan. Satan loves that you can never take authority over something or someone that you fear. So that’s the game it’s to keep us afraid but when we cast off fear and we cast off the darkness then and only then we’ll be able to take dominion in every area of our lives. There’s someone listening right now that’s battling depression Sid and I want to tell me right now in Jesus name that your breakthrough is here, it’s here all you need to do is step out and receive it. The power of the Holy Spirit inside of you is greater than any depression that you face in your life receive it now in the name of Yeshua.

Sid: Kynan I am so excited to be making available your brand new book, in fact it’s only available for a while for a season through us it’s called “Kingdom Authority Taking Dominion Over the Powers of Darkness.” A 4 CD teaching series and I’m so excited about the CD Teaching Series because one of the CD’s is being made so that if you need deliverance it’s self deliverance step by step, but then you can just take the CD and give it to a young person or an older person that needs deliverance and they can go through self deliverance. I think it’s very important Kynan that you establish the answer to this question “Half of the Christians believe that a Christian cannot have a demon, half the Christians believe a Christian can have a demon.” What do you say?

Kynan: Well that’s a very interesting statement because that has been debated for years. In fact in the early 80’s and 90’s it’s interesting that most of the people who propagated the belief that Christians could not have demons have moral failures and it’s interesting.

Sid: That is.

Kynan: It’s very interesting because the devil doesn’t want you to know that he’s there I call it the disappearing act.

Sid: (Laughed.)

Kynan: You know Satan is like Harry Houdini who in the 1900’s was a famous illusionist musician and what Harry Houdini would do is he one of his famous acts was called “The disappearing elephant or the vanishing elephant.” And he was in the Hippodrome in New York and he was basically trying to do something that had never been done before. To make an 8’ several ton elephant disappear before an audience of 5000 people. Now that’s not even possible. But what he did he put the elephant inside of this closet like structure and it was optical illusion. So that when he removed the curtain or the veil it seemed that the elephant had disappeared when in fact the elephant was there the whole time. And that’s really Satan’s game Sid is that he wants Christians to ignore the elephant in the room the elephant of oppression. Now let me say this is so important theologically a Christian when we’re born again the Holy Spirit resides in our Spirit. This is what Jesus taught us “A man must be born again.” It tells us over there in 2nd

Sid: So that begs the question “How could a demon cohabit with the Holy Spirit in their spirit?”

Kynan: That that that’s a good question and here’s the answer. We’re a new creations viva the Holy Spirit. The Spirit lives inside of us so a Christian cannot be possessed in their spirit their spirit man is in the image of Jesus. He’s perfect, He loves God but the problem is our soul or our fleshly realm. You know in our soul in our emotions and our mind they can still be demonic activity. For example, people may argue whether Christians can be oppressed by demons or possessed by demons. Again Christians can’t be possessed by a demon because possession implies ownership, but they can be oppressed. Let me give you an example, how many Christians we know deal with insomnia? How many Christians that we know that deal with chronic illnesses and diseases? How many pastors and leaders in the church are addicted to pornography? Clearly these things are of a satanic origin we can’t argue that, but the argument is designed to distract us from the problem.

Sid: You know most cancer is caused in its origin from demons. So if a Christian believes they cannot be oppressed by a spirit of infirmity they then would not cast that demon of cancer out so the devil gets us coming and going.

Kynan: That’s right and here’s the thing we are not suggesting that Christians become obsessed with demons. I’m not asking people to rebuke demons out of their Starbucks coffee, or to cast devils out of their engine, you know just take it to the mechanic that should suffice. But what I’m saying is that there is demonic activity that we need to address and God’s given us the power to address it. And until the church eyes are open, and this is why I believe Sid that in this season prophetically what you’re seeing is that God is releasing a discernment of spirits on a level that we’ve never seen before.

Sid: And not only that I believe that in the old days they used to pray for people to be delivered and they could spend 10 hours casting demons out of people. One Christian that knows their authority it’ll be almost instant because of the anointing that’s coming on planet earth.

Kynan: I believe that 100%. I believe that God is releasing an anointing for deliverance and breakthrough that the world has never even seen before. I believe Sid that things that people have dealt with for years and for generations are going to be released they’re going to be set free of instantly when people get the revelation of who they are in Christ.

Sid: Kynan our time is slipping away…Kynan you were with us on our Israel trip when there were 250 unsaved Jewish people in the auditorium of which the majority stood up and professed faith in Jesus.

Kynan: Yes, amazing.

Sid: And you were not with me recently when 500 unsaved were in an auditorium and I would say it was actually 550 and I’d say about 525 just instantly stood up and made Jesus their Messiah and Lord….And when we come back I want you to answer the question because it is key that people understand this. Who do you think you are?

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