Sid: I’ll tell you what God has an advertisement, it’s not 20 years of schools of theology and proving through apologetics and arguments that Jesus is the Messiah… one miracle settles the argument. I have on the telephone Rick Taylor his wife Lori, and they’re the directors of the healing rooms of Santa Maria Valley, California. When the rooms first started and by the way, those that are just tuning in for the first time this week they literally have an epidemic of people being healed of cancer. Most of the people that come in there with cancer leave healed. When the healing rooms opened, and even now, there was an unusual smell, explain that Rick.

Rick: Well the very first day that we opened the healing rooms our team got together and we began to pray. As we begin to pray the presence of the Lord filled the room. That was not unusual to us because we were used to the presence, but what was unusual is this fragrance filled the room. It was beautiful it was like roses filled the room.

Sid: Could only 1 or 2 people smell it or many?

Rick: Every person smelled it, it was so thick. It was like Jesus saying “This is my ministry I’m the rose of Sharon and I don’t want you to forget it’s all about me.”

Sid: Now almost every week there are reports of healings and reports of people seeing angels, or actually seeing Jesus. Tell me about a couple.

Rick: Yes we’ve had quite a few people actually seeing angels as they’re getting healed. We have one team member who has the gift of seeing angels and she sees them in every room. But we’re also having reports of people actually seeing the Lord Jesus in the rooms…

Sid: Now tell me one person that was healed that saw Jesus. As a matter of fact I’m looking at my notes about a little boy who had problems with his intestines. What happened?

Rick: Yeah we had a little boy come in, the parents brought him in. Doctors could not figure out what was happening with him. He had intense extreme pain in his intestines. They ran all kinds of tests on him and they could not figure out what was happening with this boy. For an entire week they ran tests and the problem was getting worse. Well they brought him into the healing rooms, and as the team was praying for him this little boy had his eyes open, and he actually watched Jesus walk in. Now across this room was a bench and he said he saw Jesus sit on this bench, then finally Jesus stood up and walked over to this little boy and placed His hand right on this little boy’s stomach, and this little boy could physically feel Jesus’ handprint. As soon as Jesus touched him all the pain left and he was completely healed.

Sid: I understand that people see angels almost every week and many of them describe the angels they see and they’re the same. Describe the angel that a lot of people see.

Rick: Well they’re really big and normally they have a sword, they’re carrying a sword. All I can say is I don’t know; I’ve never seen an angel in there, I’ve sensed the angels and I’ve seen impressions of angels but we have people who have seen them just like I’m looking at my wife right now that clear.

Sid: Rick when people come into the healing room they hear a seminar on healing, and they sit in something you call the soaking room. What is the soaking room?

Rick: Well the soaking room is actually our waiting room. The reason we call it a soaking room is because the presence of God becomes so strong in there. We just have Christian worship music going on, but there’s this powerful presence of the Lord. Every week we have people healed just sitting there in our soaking room.

Sid: Alright tell me about the woman with lupus and a brain tumor.

Rick: Right. We had a woman come in who had 2 terminal diseases, one was a brain tumor, the other was lupus in her kidneys. Doctor gave her a year to live, they didn’t know which disease was going to take her out first. This woman came into the healing room for the first time and as she was sitting in the soaking room, just sitting there listening to the music all of a sudden she said she felt heat just like flow through her body. It was really amazing she said because all of a sudden her vision cleared up where she could not see very good because of the brain tumor. Then all of the symptoms left her body. She knew right then God healed her. Now she went ahead and got prayer in one of the rooms but she just knew, she was convinced God had touched her in the soaking room. Well she went back to her doctor at UCLA and the doctors checked her out and the brain tumor was completely gone, and the lupus in her kidneys was gone. Again Jesus Himself, the presence of God healed her.


Sid: Now as an evangelist, which I am, I get so excited about how you’re taking your people because it is a transferrable anointing. The least person in your healing room can pray for the sick and get the same results that you and your wife get when you pray for the sick. So you took a team, and you take teams to the streets, what happens?

Rick: Well you know what, here’s what’s happening in the streets. We had one of our team members was in the bank and she noticed the bank teller was very depressed looking that day. She asked the teller what was the problem and she began to tell her she was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Our team member said “Do you want to get rid of that?” This bank teller said “Yes I do!” Our team member which is a woman…

Sid: By the way take note of that, that’s a good way talk to someone. When you find out their sick ask them this question “Do you want to get rid of it?” (laughing).

Rick: Well that’s what Jesus did. So she reaches over the counter and touches this woman and curses the cancer, commands it to leave her body, just prays a quick prayer then she leaves. Two weeks later the same woman was back in the bank and this teller was just beaming, she was happy and joyful. She saw this lady who was on our team and called her over to herself and said “You’re not going to believe this, after you prayed for me I went back to my doctor and there’s no cancer in my body at all.” This happened right in the bank.

Sid: So you can imagine what happens everyone’s all eyes, customers, other tellers, the president of the bank, that’s why the miracle was so sensational. It demands the opportunity to present the gospel.

Rick: Yeah we had a couple of our team members in a Hometown Buffet here in Santa Maria. They were sitting in a booth and the booth right next to them there was a couple, an older couple. The lady has a stroke and dies right in the restaurant. The husband and other people are trying to revive her, and gosh quite a few minutes went by she’s not breathing, her heart stopped, her skin turned grey. The paramedics were on the way and finally one of our team members stands up takes authority over a spirit of death, points to her and commands life to come back into this lady and the lady coughs and begins to breath. Her heart begins to pump again and she comes back alive, right in Hometown Buffet. Now the paramedics get there and they said “What happened?” All the people standing around said “Well these 2 ladies prayed and this lady came back alive.”

Sid: (Laughing) Sounds like the book of Acts to me. Have any of your people ever gone into hospitals?

Rick: Oh yeah we got a great story of a hospital. We had this one lady who came into us and called us actually and said “You know my husband was just rushed to the hospital. He came home from work and he passed out; his eyes rolled in the back of his head. So the ambulance rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, kidney failure, high blood pressure, high sugar level, plus this guy smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day. We sent a team over to him, well let me back up a minute. The doctor told his wife “Get your household in order it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it. If he does make it by some miracle he’ll never go back to work. He’s in bad shape.” We sent a team over to the hospital, the team lays hands on this man and immediately this man rises up out of the bed completely healed. His heart is now normal, the kidneys were completely healed, the blood pressure normal, the sugar level was completely normal, and God delivered him of addiction to cigarettes.

Sid: Now in the healing room you teach on healing and then you pray, but in the streets you don’t have time to teach on healing and it’s mostly non-believers. Do you find it’s easy to get them healed?

Rick: You know what, it’s easier in the streets than it is anywhere else I believe.

Sid: I think the miracles were created for the streets for the non-believers.

Rick: Right, and the miracles prove Sid that Jesus is alive. You know in Acts 1 in verse 3 it says that after His resurrection (speaking of Jesus) He gave many convincing proofs that He was alive. Signs and wonders and miracles prove Jesus is alive, that He is who He says He is. See you can try to talk somebody into Christianity and they can debate you, but you cannot debate a miracle.

Sid: You know I have a theory Mishpochah, I believe the reason that right now this anointing is transferable and all over the world people are going to be laying on the hands on the sick in the name of Jesus and people are going to be healed. It’s time to reach the Jew, and the Bible says “The Jew requires a sign.” Why does God want us to reach the Jewish people? Because the Gentile church is incomplete without the Jew, and the Jew is incomplete without the Christian, that’s the One New Man in Ephesians 2.

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