Dr.Paul Gervais & Mark & Marlene Werning (1342) 2003

Sid: I have a couple that’s red hot for the Messiah Mark & Marlene Werning I’m speaking to them at their own at the suburb of Orlando, Florida. Marlene was diagnosed with Hepatitis C now you’re a nurse so you understand this this was a what more than 20 years ago.

Marlene: Yes.

Sid: What did the doctors say to you at that time?

Marlene: He told me I had about 6 months to live once they diagnosed me.

Sid: Now you were a backslidden believer or were you never really a believer.

Marlene: Well no I was raised in a church but not a church that believed in the gifts so we believed that Jesus healed but then back then not today.

Sid: So when you got that report and exactly tell me the words the doctors used.

Marlene: He said “Looking at the results right now I would say at best you have about 6 months to live.

Sid: So what did you decide to do?

Marlene: I got very angry and I said “No, I have a lot more than that I haven’t done all I need to do.

Sid: Well, how could you say that the doctor just gave you a death sentence?

Marlene: Because I just didn’t believe that and there was no way that I was going to believe that my mother had taught me the importance of negative words and I didn’t know at the time I was instituting the Bible principal but I knew that that wasn’t right that it just didn’t sit well with my spirit at all and I wasn’t going to have someone tell me that.

Sid: So what happened?

Marlene: Well, I just hung on and went through a lot of pain I was in and out of the hospital for 2 years. Finally at that time it was Hepatitis Non-A Non-B it finally got a name. I was on a massive amount of pain pills and then they came up with Interferan-A. and as soon as that was released by the FDA I was on it within 2 weeks. That put me on partial remission for approximately 5 years and then I got really sick. And I guess it was about 8 to 10 years before the next treatment came out and by that time I did that and I went into full-blown liver cancer.

Sid: I guess you are the oldest living diagnosed Hepatitis C patient I understand.

Marlene: One of them yes, I think that there’s 2 or 3 of us.

Sid: Okay now what was the prognosis about the liver, I mean you didn’t die from Hepatitis and they said you were going to die what did they say about the liver?

Marlene: Two doctors pronounced death sentences over me for me to have Hepatitis. And it wasn’t until they pulled the last treatment saying I couldn’t’ handle it. I was in bed for 3 months unable to keep anything on my stomach, unable to walk and going into seizures from the pain that they said “Okay enough’s enough. And they actually stopped the medication and the next time I saw the doctor he showed me the tests and it was of liver cancer and he just sent me home to die.

Sid: Okay, that’s where Mark your husband comes on the scene I wonder if you would put him on the telephone.

Marlene: Okay.

Sid: Now Mark describe Marlene at her worst, what did she look like?

Mark: Marlene at her worst she was in bed like she said for like 3 months solidly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. She had lost all of her weight I would guess-to-mate that she was somewhere in the 90 pounds area if not less than that. She had…her color had completely gone, she was a very gray ash looking color there was no life in her eyes. All of her muscles had atrophy you could actually take the skin and pull it up and it would stay up it would not…there was no elasticity in her skin what’s so ever.

Sid: Could she do anything for herself.

Mark: She could do nothing it was at the point Sid I would have to pick her up and bring her into the bathroom to take a bath. She could not even pick up a brush to even comb her hair it was nothing she had no strength what-so-ever.

Sid: And what I understand the seizures were horrible.

Mark: The seizures it’s even hard to describe to this day I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t believe that a man could other than one other woman a man couldn’t even handle that kind of pain. She would go into seizures every single night and she would have anywhere from 4 to 6 of them a night to the point to see that the pain was so severe that the pain would bring on the seizures and she would completely pass out.

Sid: At this point she really knows nothing about the Lord, how about you?

Mark: Well my background with the Lord is that I was brought up a Catholic; my grandmother was a Catholic who had raised me to a large degree. And I knew God, I knew of Jesus I would pray to Jesus but I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Sid: Alright did either of you feel that God was going to heal her?

Mark: The only thing that I felt and I had told her this at one point that…and it didn’t make any sense at the time and we actually had a discussion about it I felt that I was sent to her. I didn’t know what that really meant I can’t say that I knew God would heal her but I knew in my spirit that something was going on. And my cry to God would be “You finally send me to a woman that we connect with that I love that we instantly connected from the get-go and knew that we would be married then why is this happening?” And I didn’t understand that.

Sid: Well, you’re watching the woman you love die before your very eyes you actually had to quit your job to take care of her full time.

Mark: Yes, at the time I had owned a real estate office and she was so sick and we couldn’t afford to bring in a full-time nurse that we had decided…no I had decided through Marlene and I that I would leave my job quit it and be with her 24 hours a day 7 days a week and like you said be her nurse.

Sid: So did the doctor have how long she could live? Have a prognosis?

Mark: Well, when it came down to before the healing it was just a day or two before this all had happened. And each time taking her to the doctors was a major ordeal because she couldn’t even sit in a car; we had to prop her up, we had to carry her to the car it was that kind of situation.

Sid: Hm.

Mark: And when we would get there and try to walk down the hallway I would practically have to carry her and she was going to be getting sick at any moment so it was quite an ordeal. But as that time the doctors that were in there had basically said “Just go home and die.” We knew that there were approximately to the best of our knowledge a week left to go that’s all that she had and she said “That if she had come into real bad pain any further than what she did that we could just bring her to the hospital and they would just make her comfortable the best that they could while she passes.

Sid: And you know many times people that are dying they have like a wish and your wife had a wish she had a favorite gospel singer by the name of Vestal Goodman. And Vestal Goodman was singing near where you live or where was this?

Mark: Well, what happened again all in God’s plan here Vestal Goodman they sing with the Gaither’s and they had a concert that they were coming to Worchester Massachusetts which was the first time that they had actually been in that area the northeast area. And Marlene had always wanted to meet Vestal and through a fan basis other than that she remembered from the Grand Ole Opry and appreciated her music. And through that point I had some connections to get us there. And now bear in mind that that was a couple of months back that had all happened before Marlene had gotten really sick I made these arrangements. And at the time that this had happened Sid the Chemo and the sickness had taken Marlene’s eyes and had taken her hearing, she was just about deaf and she could just about barely see at that time.

Sid: My goodness there’s not much there, as a matter…let me talk to Marlene for a second.

Mark: Okay.

Sid: Now I mean Marlene’s weighing less than 90 pounds out of curiosity Marlene did you give up on life?

Marlene: Yes I did. I did I want to die I was in so much pain I just kept asking God to take me home.

Sid: And you had set up to go to this concert but you certainly weren’t in any frame of mind even though you wanted to see this Vestal Goodman did you have second thoughts about even going I mean your body was so deteriorated you couldn’t even see?

Marlene: Yes, that day I got up and I woke up and I told Mark “I just can’t do this, I can’t do it.” And I saw the look on his face and I knew all of the work that he had been through to get us there and I said “Okay if you can help me just get ready I’ll make an attempt.” And so he bathed me and washed my hair and got me dressed and my Dad and my uncle came and picked us up and we went to ?

Sid: Well, in other words there was a point where Mark brought you to Vestal Goodman during the concert “How is that possible even?”

Marlene: He carried me, he absolutely carried me.

Sid: No, no but how could you even talk to her during a concert they don’t usually want you to talk to them during a concert?

Marlene: No they don’t he had made arrangements for us to go back stage and meet her and pretty soon her son came up and he just took one arm and Mark took the other and it was right when Vestal got off stage and he said “Come on.” And they carried me back to her and she looked at me she was walking around back stage and she turned around and she looked at me and she turned around and said “Hi honey.” I said “Hi.” And she said “How are you?” And I said “Not well.” But she said “What happened?” And I said “I was full of chemo.” And she immediately went into prayer and she attacked Lucifer and she went right to my liver. And she at that time I didn’t realize but she knew nothing about me she didn’t know who I was.

Sid: And so she didn’t know that you had liver cancer.

Marlene: No, no.

Sid: Not just liver cancer you were at the last I don’t know how you had enough chutzpa that’s the Hebrew word to even go to this concert feeling the way. How did you?

Marlene: I just felt that I needed to do it for Mark there was something inside….

Sid: For Mark you’re the one that’s dying!

Marlene: I know but he had made so many arrangements he had gone out on a limb so far to get me there to get me front row seats and to do all of this and I just said “Well, if you can get me ready I’ll do my best.” And he carried me and we went. And I really wanted to meet Vestal and I didn’t know until that morning that I was actually going to meet her. So he saved that information until the end so that gave me that extra push and it was through Mark’s obedience to kind of keep pushing me to go.

Sid: Marlene there is an outpouring going on right now of the Spirit of God for healing I tell you right now anything you want is yours anything just reach out right now in Yeshua’s name because He already paid that price for you. And I did here someone’s neck was healed. And I’m telling you this week there will be major miracles that will take place. Do not miss the next broadcast…

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