Sid: I believe that we are coming into the greatest move of God’s Spirit in history. I believe that everything, the closer we get to the return of Messiah, is going to be centered on the Jew in Israel and the one new man, the Jew and Gentile with that middle wall of separation coming down; one new man in the Messiah. Now in order to reach the Jew, and this is God’s strategy to reach the world I might add, in order to reach the Jew we’re told in scripture; how “The Jew requires a sign, requires the supernatural.” And I have found that if you will reach Jewish people with the gospel it opens up a supernatural door to reach multitude so of Gentiles with the gospel. That’s why I’m so excited with my guest Jerry Baysinger, I’m speaking to him at his home in Holts Summit, Missouri. And Jerry back in July of ’93 you got a sentence no one wants to heart. What did the doctors tell you?

Jerry: I went into have what I thought was a wart removed off of my lower lip and the doctor looked at it and said “That’s not a wart.” He checked me all over and he found 5 growths on me and he wanted to biopsy. I had one on my nose, one on my upper left ear, one on my lower lip…

Sid: Did you suspect the worst that it might be cancer?

Jerry: I just thought they were warts and he just said “Well, they just don’t look good and I want to test them and biopsy them,” and then they were all malignant melanomas. And then he said “I immediately want to put you in the hospital and remove these growths. And he was talking about cutting a football shape piece out of my lower lip it would require reconstruction.

Sid: That’s almost your mouth.

Jerry: A reconstructive surgery he wanted to remove the top part out of my left ear and a big piece out of my nose and my left lower eyelid and a place off of my left arm. And so he wanted me to go to my family doctor and have blood work and all done predatory for me going to the hospital for surgery. I went to the doctor the doctor told me that there’s something not right about your liver. And then they thought that perhaps that maybe I had hepatitis and they tested me for hepatitis. They tested me for mononucleosis, they tested for AIDS also.

Sid: Did you have any symptoms tell us about what was going on with your liver that you knew something was wrong.

Jerry: I had pain in my pack for a long time, I worked 3 full time jobs, I worked 20 to 22 hours a day 7 days a week for over 20 years.

Sid: My goodness can I hire you? No I’m just teasing go ahead.

Jerry: And I made myself go on a couple hours or less a day.

Sid: Hm.

Jerry: And now still don’t sleep much to this day I don’t require much sleep.

Sid: So what did they find out about your liver?

Jerry: Well, they tested me for 3 days in a row and had me on a particular diet for 3 days and tested my liver and said “There’s still something wrong.” So they sent me to a hospital and they had biopsies done on my liver. And the doctor told me “Well I have good news and bad news, which you want first?” And I said well give me the good news. The doctor said “I don’t think you need all of this surgery that the doctors want you to do.” And I said “Good great I’m glad to hear that, I didn’t want to do that anyway.” And I said “Now what’s the bad news?” He says “The bad news is you have extensive liver cancer,” and he says “I suspect you will be dead and I wouldn’t waste my time on the surgeries.”

Sid: How did that hit you?

Jerry: I remember this pit in my stomach and my skin just felt hot all over and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I’ve never had a feeling like that before; it’s just like somebody sticks a gun in your face. Well I’ve had that happen to me before and it didn’t even do that to me. And all of a sudden my whole world crumbled, I had just been married at the time 4 years and the love of my life and still married to. All of a sudden I started thinking about the time back when I was 16 years old that I went up to receive Jesus as my Savior, or thought I did but realized that my life had never changed and I was living a very sinful life. And didn’t even care about living a sinful life and I realized I was going to be spending some time in the future some place I didn’t want to be. Between that and my wife were my 2 biggest thoughts. I actually have to say thoughts about what was going to happen to my wife was actually the first and foremost thought even above my own, my own life.

Sid: That’s… who could be prepared for a doctor to say “You have 1 month to live?” You can’t prepare for something like that. Now you went to your church, you were anointed with oil; truthfully did you believe you would be healed?

Jerry: I went to church every week like a lot of people do doing God a favor I thought. I had a lot of religion; I had no relationship with the Savior whatsoever. So I can’t really say I had a lot of faith because I didn’t. When I was anointed for healing I didn’t feel anything, some people say “Well, I felt a heat going all over me.” I felt nothing I really didn’t but in about 3 weeks my melanoma started going away. However the pain in my body got worse and worse and worse and over a period of another 2 or 3 months I got down to 86 pounds.

Sid: How much do you weigh today?

Jerry: About 145. Now when I was diagnosed my normal body weight at that time was normally about 123 pounds and I had never been any heavier than 123 pounds up till that time.

Sid: Yeah but at 86 pounds you were skin and bones.

Jerry: I was so thin I only had one side.

Sid: Hm.

Jerry: And uh…

Sid: Actually no, I got real serious about getting into God’s word because that day that I was prayed for I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and I did. I said “Lord I thought I asked You to be my Savior back then but I see that nothing really happened in my life and I can see that I have no relationship with You. So today I’m asking you to come into my heart and I ask you to be my Lord and Savior and save me Father.” And the Lord told me to open my Bible to Psalms 103 verses 2 and 3 and it says “Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all of His benefits; who forgiveth all thine iniquities and healeth all thy diseases.” And I said “Well Lord, then what does this mean Lord that are you going to heal me?” And I felt the presence of God speak inside of me; I didn’t hear it in my ears I just sensed Him saying to me “Jerry, I have already healed you.” And I remember saying out loud “You could have fooled me.” I was getting, you know I was in a lot of pain and about the time about 3 months had passed and I got down to about 86 pounds. I had been confessing the word of God that I was healed by the stripes of Jesus many times a day. I bet I could say 100 times a day every time a pain hit me, and it was pretty often, I would be saying “I’m healed by the stripes of Jesus.” And faith started rising up in me and over…

Sid: Had you been taught about saying this, doing things like this?

Jerry: Someone gave me a tape an evangelist friend of mine gave me a tape by a gentleman by the name of Charles Capps that talks about the power of the tongue. And he was teaching them there that you speak the word of God and you believe what you say and then of course Mark 11:23 and 24 say that. “Whatever you speak and doubt not in your heart you shall have whatsoever you sayeth.” So I started speaking it and I found that as I spoke it, spoke it that I started believing what I was reading in the Bible and I read the Bible out loud every day. I had nothing to do basically and to spend my time immersing myself in the word of God. I had been a civilian employee of the Missouri State Highway patrol for 21½ years and when they told me I was going to be dead in a month I resigned. I figure if I have a month to live I’m sure not going to waste it here.

Sid: But months went by and you knew that you were healed, but was there a moment that it happened or was it a gradual thing?

Jerry: I think it was a gradual thing like I said my melanoma started going away just on their own in about 2 or 3 weeks; the pain however got worse. And I look back on it and I realize that well the devil was trying to make me believe that God’s word didn’t work but it did work.

Sid: Now how long have you been cancer free?

Jerry: I’ve been cancer free all of these years since then. I never went back to the doctor to have them check me I just…

Sid: Since ’93.

Jerry: Right. They told me I was going to die in a month and there came a point that I was going to say probably 8–9 months later that I knew that I knew that there wasn’t any cancer in my body.

Sid: But you got more than you bargained for, you got more than a healing you found out that you started praying for people and they would get healed.

Jerry: Yes.

Sid: But the thing that intrigues me even more than that Jerry is these words of knowledge these very specific words of knowledge. Had you every experienced anything like that previously?

Jerry: No, I had… well, yes I have to back up and say that but I didn’t recognize what it was and what it was from but now very often. I would say maybe 3 or 4 times in my life time.

Sid: I mean in Africa you would know specific family members.

Jerry: Yeah.

Sid: What their sicknesses were.

Jerry: Yes.

Sid: I mean this had to stagger even you!

Jerry: Ah huh and it still does today. I had a church that I was at holding a healing service and God told me to walk over to this man and put my hand on his chest and just say “Lord show him your mercy.” Now I didn’t have a word of knowledge about that I had a word of knowledge to go and put my hand on his chest. About 10 days after I got home I got a letter from one of the church elders that this man had a mass in his chest the doctors were going to operate on him. And he went to the doctor to have them do the surgery and they x-rayed him prior to surgery and it was gone! And they x-rayed him again from another angle and it was absolutely gone.

Sid: And our time unfortunately is just about gone. Mishpochah I believe that Jerry’s going to have words of knowledge this week. That’s where I’m going to put my faith right now but I’m holding in my hand a missing link. Now what I’m talking about is the missing link in the church. There is something that is a mystery to me as a Jewish believer in Jesus is why is so many Jewish people miss that Jesus was the Messiah His first coming. And my friend Dr. Robert Fischer researched the Dead Sea Scrolls and found some amazing things. He’s written a book called “Full Circle.” I’ll tell you more about it but it’s going to fill in the missing links for you.


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