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Sid: By the way this one new man has a name “You know that His Name is, in Hebrew it’s Yeshua in English it’s Jesus.” And I’m so excited that I know Him and I’m so excited that because I operate in gift of the Spirit many other people know Him. And that’s why I have Steven Brooks here because Steven has been hand chosen by God to teach you how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. Every believer listening to me can operate in one or more of the gifts and at various times in all of them. So you better understand what these gifts are. Steven Brooks what is God telling you that you’re supposed to be doing?

Steven: Sid the Lord wants to release particularly right now the gifts of healings to those who are listening. God wants this grace, this gift to flow into their lives and as I pray this prayer the Holy Spirit is going to come upon many people. There’s going to be a manifestation of heat, of fire that will come upon their hands as an indication that this gift has been given unto them.

Sid: Tell me just before you pray for people to kind of whet the appetite about the time that you were operating in the gifts of healing and your arm burst into flames.

Steven: I was ministering in Israel having a wonderful time…

Sid: Do you minister anywhere else besides Israel, you always (Laughing). I’m teaching.

Steven: (Laughing) Well it says “To the Jews first.” Right?

Sid: Okay.

Steven: We try to get around we get to many countries and almost every state.

Sid: I know that.

Steven: It’s just fun that what the Lord does sometimes in Israel these unusual things that have a special touch. Well I had done a busy week in Israel, the meetings were over. My wife and I went to the central Jerusalem bus stop just to find a good coffee house. She wanted a cappuccino, I wanted a latte.

Sid: See that’s the difference, now I’m a Jew when I go around Jerusalem I look for a good falafel, you look for some good latte okay. (Laughing)

Steven: That’s right they’re aromas over there are great coffee houses so any how we found a great spot. I went and sat down because I was just physically tired, mentally drained also. My wife went in line. While she was in line 2 older Jewish ladies I don’t think that they knew where the line originated so they cut in front of my wife. I think actually the angels pushed them in front of her and they were getting ready to place their order. One of the ladies said “Oh, my back is just killing me I’m in so much pain.” And the other one said “I’m still just in continual pain also.” And my wife tapped them on the shoulder and said “My husband is sitting right over there and he has an international healing ministry, why don’t you go see him he’ll pray for you.” So they got their coffees and they came and they sat down. Sid I was so tired they asked me to if I would pray for them and I didn’t feel any anointing, no goose bumps no anything just as flat as a pancake. And so they said “Would you please pray for us.” I said “Okay, I’ll do it but there’s just one condition I have to pray in the name of Jesus, they said “Sh… don’t say that word out loud it’ll cause a riot in here.” I said “Okay, I’ll be quiet.” But I said, I have to use His name because it’s in the authority of His name that there’s power.” They said “Okay but we just want you to know that we don’t want anything to do with that person.” They wouldn’t even call His name Sid. They said “We want nothing to do with Him.” I said “Fair deal, let me pray for you.” I prayed for the first lady, reached my hand over and touched her, laid hands on her and prayed for her in the name of Jesus and there were no fireworks nothing special and she just took it by faith. Then I was reaching my hand over to pray for the second lady. When I reached my hand over towards her my whole arm from the elbow down to my fingers caught completely on fire, a spiritual fire. You couldn’t see it with your natural eyes but a spiritual fire engulfed my arm and that lady jumped back and she said “Dear God, what is that?” I said “Don’t be afraid it’s the healing power of God.” And I reached out and I gently touched her and when I said “It’s the healing power of God” the other lady spoke up and said “Well I’m over here burning on fire, I thought that they spiked my coffee and put something in it.” So the fire of God just came on both of those ladies and they were touched dramatically by the power of the Holy Spirit. And then they had to jump up quickly and head to their bus and they looked like 2 drunks walking out, they could hardly walk under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: You know what? I believe that some people are going to write to us that the same thing is going on with them as you begin to pray. And I just heard a word of knowledge just before Steven prays there’s someone that has a pain in their neck and their back. And If you’ll just test it you’ll see that you’re totally healed arthritis in your finger. I’ll tell you what when I sit around people that operate in the gifts is kind of contagious it jumps on me. Okay pray.

Steven: Brain cancer is being healed right now in the name of Jesus, Lord we give you praise. There is something in the spine, the lower part of the back somebody has a growth, there are cysts, there are tumors I rebuke it in the name of Jesus you must leave and come out. Somebody you feel like you’re on fire, you think “Pastor Steven, I’m not sick” you’re receiving the gifts of healing right now the fire of God is coming all over you your hands they feel like they’re on fire. The Holy Spirit is touching you, the Lord Jesus right now He is giving unto you the gifts of healing. “Pastor Steven, what do I do with it?” Now you need to go out and pray for the sick as quick as you can. Hallelujah, the gift of faith is being release right now, a new boldness that you’ve never had before is coming into your life, step into this gift put it on like a new garment and wear it and rejoice this day for God is releasing this day these gifts into your life. Now the Lord is continuing to heal bodies at this moment. Somebody is suffering with migraine headaches and depression, I break it in the name of Jesus receive your healing. You’re beginning to laugh right now, go ahead and let it out and praise the Lord that thing will trouble you and hold you down no longer. Hallelujah, praise be unto the Lord. Sid, I’m receiving something unusal from the Lord, the Lord is telling me that there are those that are listening that always had a desire to go to Israel. The Lord says “He would like to grant that desire.” So if there’s those listening that you’ve always dreamed of taking a trip to Israel, of taking a tour ask the Lord right now and He’ll supply grace and provision to fulfill that dream and to see Him and stand in the land of Israel.

Sid: I’ll tell you something there’s such a thick presence of God right now. What is God telling you for people that are listening? I’m going to want you to push your prophetic gift right now.

Steven: What’s taking place that now I saw the prophetic pointing finger being extended of the Lord. The Lord is now releasing the gift of prophesy. This is the easiest gift to move into, this gift is for edification, for exhortation and for comfort. And it can also have different levels and depths of moving further in that gift. Right now the gift of prophesy is being release if you want that gift as your listening lift up your hands as the Holy Spirit is coming on you now He has anointing your tongue to speak and to declare the glory and the utterance of God. Now receive this gift, you’re feeling a glory, a kavod come down on your shoulders, you feel a weight coming upon you. This is a new gift, a new dimension of this gift, now go forth. You might have to call somebody, you might have to visit somebody and deliver that up lifting and edifying word of the Lord. It will bring blessing and comfort into the life of the person that you’re supposed to share it with.   Do not delay, go and exercise and release that gift.

Sid: Wow! It’s such a sweet presence of God here. Tell me what’s going to happen to someone that’s listening to us that’s born again, filled with the spirit but doesn’t operate in gifts…. What will happen to them when they digest this and start doing it?

Steven: Sid, they’re going to read a few pages and say “This is easy, I can do this, okay now I understand.” See I demystify the gifts, sometimes they’re lifted up to a place that they’re like a spiritual air castle, you can’t quite touch it, you can’t make concrete understanding out of it. But I put it in a simple easy to grasp understandable say and then you’ll know it and begin to move into it. It’ll be able to pop up out of you all you have to do is release it.

Sid: Steven, last minute, last thought.

Steven: The gifts of the Spirit are for all believers. Any believer can operate in all 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Now here’s what’s fascinating, the Lord Jesus said “It’s more blessed to give than it is to receive.” When thee gifts begin to come into your life and manifest in a way that you’re blessed personally it’s wonderful. But when the Holy Spirit begins to manifest these gifts through you to bless others it brings a level of joy and satisfaction in your life that when you lay your head on your pillow at night you feel so close to God. You feel so happy that you’ll always be thanking God for the Holy Spirit.

Sid: The more knowledge you have on these gifts the more they’ll be activated in your life.



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