SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest says that she has learned how to so be saturated with the presence of God that it radiates, His presence radiates wherever she goes. When she goes to the shopping center, His presence just falls on people. When she goes into her home with her children, His presence is all over the home. When she gets sick, His presence is there. And she says, anything that she can do, you can do better, and she’s going to teach you. Do you want that? Now my guest, Patricia King says that she can cooperate with God and host the presence of God wherever she goes. For instance, you just had a camp meeting in Phoenix. Tell me two amazing things that happened there.

PATRICIA: Well one amazing thing, Sid, that happened was on the last night, you know, we were just rejoicing and everything that God had been doing and us prophesying over some people. And as I began to prophesy the Glory of God flooded into the room in a way that released lightenings, like the people who were being prophesied over actually felt the lightenings of God, the jolt of the Lord’s power on them, and they went down under the power. They were on the ground, you know, rolling and jolting. All of a sudden in the natural, lightenings came, in the natural atmosphere and thunders, and a rainstorm. Now we’re in a desert and this is not a typical time of year for us to get rain. And some of the people in the tent, they were going on the Internet to say, you know, what’s going on here, and they saw on the weather report a cloud that was right over the tent and only over the tent at that particular time. So we thought, well this is an awesome sign from the Lord. But I mean, we were seeing miracles that we had been contending for.

SID: What did the newspaper say about that amazing storm that was just over your tent?

PATRICIA: The newspaper had said it was a freak storm. They didn’t understand why because it was—

SID: Yeah, what do they know? All right. Tell me one notable miracle that happened.

PATRICIA: Well one notable miracle that I enjoyed was actually on the second day. People were being prayed for the first night. There were a number of people in wheelchairs and in cots that had come in that really needed a touch from God. We had a lot of miracles of people’s headaches leaving, backs being healed, knees being healed, and things like that. But I didn’t see one person get out of their wheelchair. I didn’t see one person get out of their cot. I went home that night and I just wept. I said, “Lord, we’ve been fasting and praying, and those people came a long way to be receiving a touch for you.” And I said, “What do we need to do? What do we need to learn to create an environment for miracles for them?” And so I went back to the meeting the next morning. And there was a woman who had been in a cot the night before and she was walking. And she shared her testimony saying, “You know, I haven’t been able to walk without a walker for 10 years, and for the most part, I have to lie down,” because it was such a painful condition that she had. But that night, our guest speaker had laid his hand, prayed for her, and throughout the night this miracle took place. It was a gradual miracle over the night, and there she was walking, going up and down stairs, doing things she had never been able to do because Jesus loved her so much that he brought healing to her. And so over the 10 days of meetings we just saw the power of God move. And you know, that should be natural for us, shouldn’t it?

SID: Absolutely.

PATRICIA: The supernatural should be natural

SID: Something happened to Patricia. She was invited to visit with Dr. Oral Roberts just before he was promoted to Heaven. And Dr. Roberts said, “Does anyone have a question?” What was your question? What was his answer?

PATRICIA: My question was, “Dr. Oral Roberts, how could you be so immersed in all that you do as a televangelist, as an author of books, as a builder of medical clinics, and universities, and missions, and keep your time with the Lord what it should be, your relational time?” And he said, “Oh that’s easy.” I thought, easy, okay, let’s have the secret. He said, “It’s simply putting God as a priority every day.” And he said, “I call it my sacred time and my sacred place.” And he said, “I go into my prayer closet, wherever that is, and when I shut the door to my own little isolated place with God, everyone knows that they don’t dare bother me during that time, because that is my time with God, and no one is more important than God. He’s the greatest person in all the universe and for my life He has number one priority.” He said, “My wife doesn’t interrupt me, my children, even if the President of the United States were to come, he could not interrupt me in that place.”

SID: When you worship God or you have your sacred time, is it labor for you? Do you have to force yourself to do this?

PATRICIA: You know, my desire for God is to go into that place non-stop and continuous. Like I’ve been trying to be very intentional about recognizing the presence of God throughout the all the day in every opportunity. I want to make my every moment of every day I want to make my sacred time and sacred place. But when I have my set apart devotional times I’m going to be honest with you, Sid, is that sometimes my mind initially is very distracted. It’s like wanting to answer emails or wanting to work on a project or finish up details. So I actually have to, with intentionality say, God, you are more important to me than anything. And so I just engage with Him because my desire leads me there. And so whatever it takes, reading scriptures at first or worshiping, or making decrees of the Word in order to bring my focus. But once I break a point, you know, if you stay in deliberate focus within intentionality for a while, you’ll eventually break into a realm, and sometimes when you get into that place you never want to leave. It’s just like hours can go by.

SID: I watched you in that place and I want to find out why this woman is known and marked by supernatural love. We’ll be right back.


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