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Sid: This one new man I mean the world has been waiting for this; God has been passionately waiting for the emergence of the One New Man. And now Jewish people once again are coming in in large numbers and the droves to know the Messiah of Israel. But in the United States they have not been coming in droves. In the former Soviet Union they have over a decade ago I went there and I was involved in one of the first evangelist meetings. And we saw literally 100’s of Jewish people get out of their seat and now walk but run to the altar to get saved. And I believe those days are coming to the United States of America because God’s going to have mercy on America. Mercy on what is called the 21st Century American Church. Because if there is anything that needs mercy it’s not America; it’s the Church. The church needs mercy. And I believe that this injection of Jewish believers when the middle wall of separation comes down and the Jew and the Gentile become the true body of Messiah there needs to be life injected in the 21st century American Church. And God has opened an unbelievable door for me; I have started a secular talk radio network; I’m on for 1 hour a week and on these secular stations. I mean in the midst of all of the filth and all of the junk that’s going on. I interview people like Fred Stone who I’ve been interviewing all of this week, people that walk in extraordinary miracles. And we have people actually healed on the air; we have Jewish people calling in. Just recently a Jewish man called in and he said “I’m an atheist.” And I said “What’s your background?” And he said “Jewish.” And I said “Jewish Atheist.” And I mean the two shouldn’t go together, but anyway it seemed impossible but the anointing of God came on this man and by the time that we finished speaking he prayed to know the truth about Jesus. And he said “This is what I want to know; I want to know if this is true.” And I want you to send my voice in every city in the United States but I need your help. I need your help; and if there has ever been a valid place to put your money. And I’m not talking about you will get rich if you put money in this ministry because there is a truth called the law of sowing and reaping. But I’m wondering if there are people out there that are just interested in souls. I’m wondering if there are people out there that say “I don’t care what I have as long as I take souls to heaven because I know that that’s the only thing I can take to heaven.” I’m wondering if there are people out there who’d give 10,000, even 100,000, even a million and I could be on secular. I mean I didn’t think that it was possible but I am on secular radio stations and I want to get to every city in the United States. This is God’s time for mercy; there is a major move of God’s Spirit coming on God’s people and I want to be able to talk to Jewish people in the major cities throughout the United States. Will you help me; will you pray for me; will you lift up my arms. I cannot do this by my self; we’re not designed to do this by ourselves. We need one another and I’m saying to you I am not ashamed to say that I need your help. I need your prayers and I need your financial giving. We have got tools, we’ve got books, God’s got everything in line and this money will be poured into Jewish evangelism. There are even doors opening in Israel for me to be on secular radio it’s unbelievable and the only thing limiting us is funds. There’s something you can do will you seek God and do it. I have on the telephone Fred Stone. You’re probably familiar with his son; you’ve seen him on television or perhaps read on of his books. His name is Perry Stone, Jr. And Perry’s book we’re making available this week it’s call “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls. He has found such evidence from the scriptures and historical writing and even ancient prophecies from Adam and Noah that people have never even seen before. For instance he’s one that I’m reading from his book; it says the generations of Adam. Genesis 5 contains the register of the first 10 generations from Adam to Noah. This register tells us how long each man lived. Translated into English the Hebrew meaning of the names of these men and the first 10 generations in the book of Genesis point to a prophetic picture of a future redeemer. For instance Adam means man; Seth means appointed; Enoch means mortal; Canon sorrow; and on so these 10 names when put together form a sentence. This is the sentence of the first 10 people in the Bible. Man is appointed mortal sorrow. The blessed God should come down teaching; his death brings the despairing rest. Give me a break he’s found, this Perry has found so many ancient mysteries indicating where we are in history. And that’s why the book is called “Unlocking the Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls….Fred Stone picked up such a powerful anointing from his uncle Rufus whom moved in extraordinary miracles. Fred you were telling me about a woman that was dying of cancer; tell me that story.

Fred: This was in Shelbianna, Kentucky Sid we were in revival and we were knocking on every door on this coalfield territory another young minister and I. We came up on a black tar paper shack that’s all it was; it was about a 12 by 16 one big room and just colored with tar the very height of poverty. When we knocked on the door there was a terrible odor that came out the door that you couldn’t help but you know breath. And we knew that something was seriously wrong. And the lady said “We gave the invitation to church.” The lady said “I’ve been called to come up and stay with my sister; they say that she’s going to be dead within the next 2 or 3 weeks she’s dying with cancer.” So I asked “Could we come in and have prayer we believe in praying for the sick” and she invited us in. I walked in and walked to my right and there lying on the cot was her sister. The right side of her face had a hideous black cancer in a circle up around her eye even part of her nose off all the way down to the ear and down to the lower jaw. You could see the roots of her teeth and the odor; the terrible odor was there. And we witnessed to her and told her about healing what God could do and anointed her with oil and prayed and cursed the cancer. I’ll never forget that I cursed the germ of cancer. William Branham a great Baptist Spirit Filled Holy Ghost man had said that cancer was caused by germs. So I just believed it I just believed what the man said and I cursed the germ line for the cancer and commanded it to leave her body. And we left and two days later a woman comes to the church and asked to testify. And I had her to stand and she said you know Aunt soand so that lives up this hollow; she said that I heard that she had been healed. I quite going to see her I couldn’t stand the odor I go in and it’d make me sick. And she said “I went into see for myself and I just come from there. The right side of her face that was eaten off of cancer has brand new skin, it looks like a new born baby skin. The rest of her just looks like her but said that that place was healed and it’s like a new born baby’s skin. And they don’t know who did it or what happened. Of course we didn’t do anything Brother other than prayer. But they didn’t know that it was two preachers; they said that there was 2 doctors that come by that one tall black headed skinny and the other one fat and prayed. Or did something, they said they anointed her with something and whatever it was she’s got healing.

Sid: You know as I understand it her face was raw right down to the bone that’s what you were smelling.

Fred: Well desperate; she was desperate Brother she was ready to believe God and she only needed somebody to pray a prayer of faith and the healing came.

Sid: Have you prayed for blind people that have gotten their sight back?

Fred: Now Brother in 18 years of age I was in revival by myself in a little mission church in Martin, Kentucky and a man came one night and Brother he told me when he came up for prayer. I called for the sick; and he showed me his left eye; it was white as a man’s white shirt. He said “I was born with this eye like this.” There was no sign of lens, or iris or pupil; you couldn’t see anything but just a white big massive cataract. So we begin to pray for this Bother; we prayed one time and I had him to cover his good eye to look up at the light at the ceiling. He couldn’t see anything, then I prayed again. And I said “Folks let’s don’t quit on this Jesus prayed twice one time and He was the son of God.” We prayed the second time, had him to close his good eye and look up and he couldn’t see again. He said “I don’t see a thing.” The third time we prayed and I rebuked the blind spirit and Sid I saw with my own eyes; God let me see it I saw this white thick cataract. And I mean a massive cataract and something like a surgical knife cut it next to his nose and just like fingers was rolling a cigarette paper up. And that cataract started rolling across his eyeball and when it got to the pupil of his eye he looked up and started yelling “I see that light, I see that light.” He reached out and touched my nose, told me the color of my eyes. And Brother when he did and verified that healing people looked at him; I looked at him and instead of white the eye was the same identical color as his good eye. And I want you to know that there was a move of God. People started laughing, shouting and jumping and screaming and praising God. Some of them hit the alley and running up the street; it was an amazing thing to me what God had done. But I just had that faith, again that transfer the anointing of God from Rufus Dumford my Uncle the Holy Ghost filled man. See, that’s what he would have done had he been there. And I just feel that boldness I want to pray for this man for this blind eye. And God did this outstanding miracle for him.

Sid: Now Uncle Rufus of course had this gift of diverse tongues; he could speak in different languages. He only had a 3rd grade education but you have this gift too. Tell me about what happened to Tony. Tony Sid his parents had a Greek Restaurant about 1950; it was 1950 when this happened and they had sent for him to come from Greece. He was going to Welch High School to learn to get some better education; learn to speak the English language. I was introduced to him by a preacher…

Fred: Oh, we’re out of time; we’ll pick up on this story on tomorrow’s broadcast…

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