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This week I’ve been talking about Shavuot or Pentecost. Because Tuesday evening it began and the book of the Bible that is read every Shavuot in a traditional Jewish Synagogue and it is not an accident is the book of Ruth. Why? Because without Ruth, without a Gentile believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob there would be no Messiah. And without Boaz the Jewish man who redeemed Ruth without the Jew there’d be no Messiah. So you see the Gentile needs the Jew, the Jew needs the Gentile and both of us need Almighty God. When you look at the names of the various personalities in the book of Ruth each name has such meaning. For instance, there was Naomi. Naomi and her husband Elimelech left Bethlehem which means house of bread to go into a heathen land; Moab. Elimelech his name means “My God is King.” It’s kind of a contradiction, his name means “My God is King” yet he had to leave the land that God said is “House of Bread” that God said “I will bless you if you stay in the land and you don’t sin.” He had to leave because of sin. What a contradiction he went to the land of Moab. And then Naomi her name his wife means “Pleasant.” However she said “Call me Mara because I have become a bitter woman.” That’s what Mara means bitter. Now Elimelech and Naomi had two sons; one’s name was Mahlon. And you know what that means? Weak and sickly. And the other son his name was Chilion, and that means failing pining away. And both of them died. Isn’t that amazing their names sounded like sick people. And there’s Ruth and you know what Ruth means? Friend, it’s like Abraham was called “A friend of God.” Ruth was a friend of God; and I pray that you become a modern day Ruth, that you become a friend of God. And then there is Orpah she married one of the sons of Naomi and Elimelech that died. And you know what her name means? Neck, stiff necked. Why? She wasn’t a Ruth. She wasn’t a friend of God. And then Boaz means strength. Boaz was almost a type of the Messiah. And then from the union of Boaz and Ruth came Obed who actually was the great-grandfather of King David. Guess what Obed means? Servant who worships. Do you know it says “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people because of them” it says in Roman’s it is the service. And then in the Greek it says “The service means the worship.”

I tell you when the Jewish people come into the church and they’re about ready to come into the church in droves. Because the scriptures talk about a great revival that is going to come to the Jewish people in the last days. And I believe that we are starting to see the rambling of the thunder and the rain and the whirlwind of God for the great revival that’s about ready to hit planet earth. But are you ready? Have you’ve been seeking God with all of your heart? Listen, start in a little way tonight just get alone with God. Put some worship music on. Take a Bible and take one hour, carve out 1 hour spend time for 1 hour with God tonight and every night. And you’re going to end up being like the wise virgins you’re going to end up being a Ruth. This is what Ruth said in Ruth 1 verse 6 “Entreat or urge me not to leave you.” This what she’s saying to Naomi who represents the Jewish people. Urge me not to leave you or to turn back after following after you for wherever you go I’ll will go and where ever you lodge I will lodge; your people.” That’s the Jewish people shall be my people; you’re God my God.” And the blessings that came upon Ruth; I don’t have to go over them all again, you know the blessings that came upon Ruth. But let me read this to you in Ruth Chapter 2 verse 12. This is what Boaz has to say, well even the verse before verse 11. Boaz said who represents the Messiah “It has been fully reported all that you have done (Done for her Mother-in-law which she didn’t have to do representing the Jewish people who had become bitter.) Remember Naomi means pleasant but she said “I’m changing my name to Maria. Bitter. It has been, the things that you have done God is witnessed to good or bad. Praise God for the blood of Messiah you can repent and get rid of the bad and just keep the good. You don’t have a lot of good? Well, this is what the Book of Ruth the 2nd chapter 12th verse says; Boaz is set talking to Ruth and he says “The Lord will repay your work with a full reward that will be given to you by the Lord God of Israel under whose wings you have come for refuse.” Why will Ruth get a full reward? Because she became one with the Jewish people. You know when Ruth, the Gentile, joined Boaz the Jew the union of fruit was nothing short of Jesus. And when a Jew joins a Gentile and the two become one in the Messiah, or One New Man in the Messiah of Israel it is greater than the two individuals.

There is coming as I said yesterday a time of God’s judgment in America. Prayer will only delay it; it will not ovoid it; we’ve past the point of no return. And I can tell you exactly when that judgment is going to hit full stream, when the land of Israel is divided. You see God said in the 105 Psalm “I give the land of Israel unconditionally forever, for a thousand generations to the physical seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” And in the last days Joel says “I will judge nations for dividing up the land that I gave to the Jewish people unconditionally forever for a thousand generations.” And in Ruth Chapter 1 verse 21 this is what Naomi said when her two sons died and she was about ready to lose her daughter-in-laws she said “I went out full and the Lord has brought me home again empty.” And I believe that is a prophetic word for the Jewish people in the United States of America. This is the most blessed country in the world. We have everything that we could possibly want. This is truly the land of milk and honey and opportunity but judgment is coming. And you have your choice; I’m speaking to Jewish people right now. You can leave this country as a mensch, as a human, or just with the clothes on your back. But judgment is coming to America and you think that you’ll be safe in Israel. No, no, no Israel is going to have their share of problems too. But the blessings of God for Jewish people are contingent on being in the land of Israel. There is not safety in land; there is only safety in arms, in the arms of Messiah. Whether you’re a Jew or a non-Jew the only safety is in the arms of Messiah.

The Book of Esther which we don’t read during Shavuot has the same message. Guess what happened when Esther, a Jew, married a Gentile king it resulted in Esther being put into a position of royalty so that the Jewish people could be spared in the land. And what did Esther do, she and the king, when the two came together? They equipped the Jew with the sword to defend themselves. What does the sword represent? The word of God; when the Jewish people were equipped with the word of God what happened; revival broke out. I believe Esther is a type of the end-time church Esther was told by Mordecai the one that raised her; the one that her roots were responsible for. “Esther, if you don’t stand up for the Jewish people God will raised deliverance from another source; but Esther, who knows if you’ve not been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

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