SID: Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. You know, some 40 years ago, as a brand new Jewish believer in the Messiah, I was exposed to a woman by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman. And I have to tell you, the miracles I saw there I haven’t seen to that degree since. But all the way in Australia God raised up another Kathryn that is moving in those same miracles. But here’s the difference. She’s not only moving in these miracles, she’s teaching everyone she can to move in the same miracles. Do you want to? Me, too. So Kathrine walks by people and they get healed. I mean, this is outrageous what’s going with her. I have found out some of the things she does that causes God to smile on her, and that’s what’s happening. Tell me about the woman that you were praying for that walks up there, you’re going to pray for hearing and you notice she has no ear. Tell me about her.

KATHERINE: Well I had a word of knowledge in a meeting here in the U.S. of a lady that I said, “There’s someone here that needs their hearing restored.” And we’ve seen many deaf ears open and I expected someone with a deaf ear to come forward. But the lady who came forward had no ear. It had been cut off, the eardrum had been removed because of a cancerous tumor. And she came forward all with her face lit up and faith just knowing God was touching her.

SID: I want you to get this straight. This is no ear, no eardrum and she’s coming forward to restore her hearing. I just want to make sure you got that. Go ahead.

KATHERINE: Well I didn’t quite know what to think. I thought well perhaps God might restore her hearing, grow an eardrum overnight. That was about the level I thought my faith was at. And sometimes when I’m with the power of God my right hand will start tremble. And I went to go lay my hand on her, and the Lord said, “Put your left hand on her.” And I thought, oh Lord, I need all the help I can get. But I did and then as I prayed for her, the Lord just whispered to me, He said, “Ask her if she can hear.” And she swung her head around and said, “Yes!” And I said, “Really?” It was so extraordinary. And you know, the Glory just fell. So many miracles happened that night. We saw cataracts disappear in front of our eyes. People with crippled fingers had their fingers straightened out. You know, God, He is more willing to do miracles than we have faith to see it happen.

SID: And you know what’s so wonderful? Here he goes to Australia, he puts his finger on a woman abused as a child, all sorts of fears in their life, and traumas. So she watches TV, she sees movies and she knows that Hollywood says you get married to the right man and everything works out perfect. That’s what Hollywood says. However, we know better than Hollywood does, because Katherine had the same fears even after she married her Prince Charming. Her fears now were even compounded. She was afraid he was going to die. So one day, she asked God to do three things. Tell me the three things.

KATHERINE: I was driving in the car on the way to a meeting and I thought, I’ll talk to the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit, the Bible tells me, he’s my teacher and my helper. So I thought, well I’m going to try this. And I said, “Well Holy Spirit, could you teach me about the falling down thing.” I had seen people fall down under the power of God in the meetings and I thought, I didn’t know whether they just fell down out of courtesy or whether they were pushed. But if it was the power of God I genuinely wanted to know. So I believe in asking for help. God is so good at helping us. So I asked Him, could you teach me about that. And I said, “And I have this little ganglion cyst on my wrist. Would you heal me of that?” I said. “And would you take away the fear that I have that my husband would die?” I was just a new bride and I just got this man to sign a piece of paper to say he was going to love me until he died. And then you know, coming from a background of insecurity and abandonment issues, I was so worried that now the next thing this one that finally has [committed] to love me might die. And so I said, “Set me free from this fear.” I didn’t realize it was the tip of a huge iceberg. But it was an invitation, an invitation for the Holy Spirit to come and do incredible work.

SID: What happened?

KATHERINE: Well I went to the meeting that night and they invited forward people for prayer, and I just sort of slipped in on the end. And I lifted my hands, and the preacher was right at the other end, and bang, the power of the Holy Spirit touched me. I was knocked to the floor, no catchers, and I trembled under the power of God.

SID: He didn’t even push you down.

KATHERINE: He didn’t even come and pray for me. Eventually, he came to me and he said, “Pick her up.” And then he said, “Oppression go.” I was on the floor again. And right during that time, I saw the face of Jesus right in front of me. He said, “Katherine, I’m setting you free from everything.” And you know, God so delivered me and set me free.

SID: So what happened to the cyst?

KATHERINE: Well I didn’t, I wasn’t even thinking about the cyst because that was such an incredible encounter with God. But when I got home, it was gone. And the scripture says, “I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” And that’s what He did that night. So sovereignly, He let love come in and replaced my fears.

SID: So then a few days later, you got some more deliverance.

KATHERINE: Well you know, I really believe that it’s so important that we continually present our need to God. And I just went forward on another altar call. It was a message about shame. I thought, oh that applies to me. So I went forward. And as I was just waiting for people to come and pray, a few people came past and prayed, the Holy Spirit said, “Just stay here.” So I kept staying there and he began to show me a vision. And the first part of the vision, I saw myself as a child with my head on the Father’s lap, and he’s stroking my hair like this. And I never had someone do that for me. And then the next vision, I saw myself as a little girl with this really ugly face. And then I saw that face just peel off like a mask and float away. And then I saw this picture of this beautiful woman walking in the heavens and she was dressed in the most beautiful robes. Really the only way I could describe her was she clothed in dignity. And as I was looking at this vision, the Lord said, from behind me I heard Him say, “That’s you.” And I fell on the floor again. And you know, when I got up, God had done in me what no psychiatrist could ever have done. He restored my dignity. He restored my identity and He showed me that I was His beloved daughter, that He would be there to meet all my needs for love, affection. And yeah, He truly is my best friend.

SID: When we come back, I believe that miracles are going to erupt of a magnitude you have never seen before. Don’t you dare go away.

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