Sid: My guest Kynan Bridges who has been a guest previously on Messianic Vision probably has a handle on equipping believers on healing better than anyone I know. And Kynan there were several times throughout your life that key things happened to you to catapult you to where you are today; which a man anointed to equip others to move in the miraculous. A little over 10 years ago you had a breakthrough for you to operate in miracles. Tell me about that.

Kynan: Well yeah I was a young believer kind of coming up in searching. You know a lot of times you don’t have mentors in the supernatural. A lot of the mentors that you’re seeing now they’re pretty new but the scale that you’re seeing now is very fresh. So at that time that there won’t in at least in my circle of influence where people would really coach me. And Holy Spirit began to really dig into my heart and I just became thirsty for more. I wanted to know “Lord how do you experience the miraculous like the Bible depicts it?” I know what people are saying but I want what the Bible say is available. And I literally heard an audible voice of God and God said “Your hands are for the healing of the nations.” He said “I want you to take My healing power to the nations.” And at this time I didn’t even have a passport. (Laughing)

Sid: Just out curiosity was it common for you to hear the audible voice of God, had this happened much before?

Kynan: It’s happened on several occasions but usually you’ll get impressions or things like that, but this was a distinct moment. It was a supernatural thing, it was almost like the whole room becomes silent everything else becomes mute and you hear His voice; it’s almost as if time stands still it was one of those experiences.

Sid: Okay, then you go to a teaching on healing in which the teacher was teaching from John G. Lakes materials, and something highly unusual happened to you. What happened?

Kynan: So I’m in this teaching with a minister from John G. Lake Ministries. For those who know about John G. Lake he’s about one of the foremost healing evangelists in the last 120 years.

Sid: Remember the story about him where he had some live disease germs that should have killed him. He wanted to prove his point to a doctor and he put some of those live germs on his hand and he put his hand under a microscope and the doctor he was proving his point to looks at the germs under the microscope and their all dead.

Kynan: Yes, John G. Lake was notorious for doing that kind of radical thing. He did a lot of ministry in South Africa and he would be in the center of plagues and not get sick at all. And he believed according to Roman’s chapter 8 verse 2 that “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.” Therefore sickness can’t operate in our mortal bodies, he believe that with all of his heart. And so I’m in this meeting and their teaching on healing and stuff, they’re trying to demonstrate healing. And my wife and I were just there we were much younger in ministry at the time and the moderator of… the minister who was leading he stops in the middle of the conference just stops, stops and he points at me and says “You.” “I’m thinking, what did I do wrong this time?” (Laughing) And he says “You’re going to take God’s power to the nations.” He says “You feet are going to the nations.”   And he kneels before me and he prays over my feet in front of everybody. There’s 100’s of people in the room and they’re just staring at me trying to figure out who I am. And he goes on and I’m thinking, “Okay, that’s past.” And he does it again, and this time he says “I can’t leave you alone.” You’re going to the nations, your hands your feet.” And I just kind of just resonated with me. And so later in the meeting they started praying for the sick and started praying for people. I was walking around the sanctuary and people would just grab me, they would just pull on my shirt, they would pull on my sleeve, grab my arm and they would call out different diseases “Fibromyalgia, cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s disease and they would say “Please pray for us.” And it was very very different for me, very weird at the time that’s the word I need to use to describe it. And I began to pray for people and people began to get healed supernaturally. Now I saw healing before but this was different, this was a different… it was almost like it was an impartation of some sort.

Sid: There were a couple more defining moments in your walk with the Lord in understanding the miraculous. I think that it’s great that God has anointed you for miracles and for healings. But what is much better is He’s also anointed you to transfer it. Anything you have others can do better, tell me about the time you heard the voice of God and He said “Go to your prayer closet and I will speak with you.”

Kynan: Yes, so it was one evening preparing and meditating. And what I try to do is I walk around and Sid I really challenge myself. Because I’m not satisfied with a healing or a breakthrough, I want more, I’m always thirty for more. And the cry of my heart was “God I know that there’s more, I’ve seen miracles, I’ve seen tremendous displays and I know that there’s more.” And the Lord spoke to me and said “Go to your prayer closet and there I’m going to commune with you, I’m going to speak to you there.” And I said “Okay.” And I went to my prayer closet and before I knew it I was almost in a fetal position and I begin to pray and just pray in the Spirit. And I don’t know if I was in my body or I was outside of my body I really can’t tell the difference at this time. But I begin to travel through the stratosphere literally it’s like the speed of light. And all of a sudden I come to this halt. And when I come to this halt I know I’m way above the atmosphere, I’m in another dimension somewhere. I look across and I see what I know by the Spirit is a heavenly Jerusalem. The clouds are golden underneath it; it’s a beautiful city it’s golden and the pearls you saw these colors and I looked at it and I longed for so much more. And I said “God I want to see more of it but it’s like my eyes are almost cloudy I couldn’t see it. The more I tried to focus in the more I couldn’t. The Lord spoke to me and I said “Why can’t I see it, why can’t I see more?” And He said “It’s the condition of your heart.”

Sid: That was the last thing that you expected I bet?

Kynan: (Laughing) No, it was the very last thing that I expected. But I knew Sid that God wasn’t just talking to me, I had this deep impression in my spirit that that was a message for the Body of Messiah, that was a message that He wanted all of us to know. And when I awoke from this experience I was laying in the fetal position crying and praying in tongues. Because the Bible says “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” I believe that scripture if not just referring to the hereafter but I believe that it’s referring to the here and now because the Bible says “After this manner we pray “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” And so God wants to manifest His power and His glory in and through us here and now. Yes in the life to come but also in the here and now. And our ability to experience that is based upon the condition of our heart. How we see Him, how we perceive Him. That’s why there’s a great need in the Body of Christ for repentance. Now I know that…

Sid: Now isn’t it interesting that the message of the day is when you repented and received Jesus you are finished with repentance for the rest of your life. The exact opposite of what Jesus told you.

Kynan: It is the opposite but you know what this repentance is not just about sack cloth ashes and mourning. This repentance in its truest form that we see in Acts chapter 2 when Peter preached he gospel. He told the people, they said “They were pricked in their heart, what must we do to be saved?” And Peter said “Repent.” Now that is the Greek word “metanoeo.” Now metanoeo is not just a behavioral modification, it doesn’t mean to perform religiously, but metanoeo means a change in mind. A change in mind which will produce a change in action. When we understand true repentance not just this religious stuff but when we understand true Biblical repentance to turn from our understanding, for our ways and turn to Him. I believe Sid that we will see a greater display of the miraculous. I believe we’ll see the power of God in a way that we’ve never seen before.

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