SID: You know, as we were discussing, everything is being fulfilled to the day, to the hour of the first coming of Messiah through God’s biblical feast or as Mark explained, his appointments. Then the last feast will be his return to the day and the hour. But is there anywhere in the Bible that gives us a clue that the devil is going to tamper with the calendar so that we’ll miss the signs?

MARK: You bet there is. It’s in the Book of Daniel. And think about this. If you are in business and your competitor, you had an appointment, if he could get a hold of your day timer and change it, he would love to have you miss the appointment.

SID: Of course.

MARK: Well God doesn’t want us to miss the appointments and he always warns before He brings judgment. And guess what? In Daniel, it says, one of the things the Antichrist will do is change the timings and the seasons.

SID: I remember that. Do you remember that? I do.

MARK: That’s referring to the feast days. That’s referring to God’s appointed times when He’s going to intersect human history. So significant.

SID: So speaking of intersecting human history, we have this tetrad, the four blood moons and the last one, which will happen next year, will be the most unusual that it ever has occurred in history. In fact, we won’t even, we don’t even have any more of these tetrads scheduled that occur on feast days for over 400 years after that. Why is it so unusual, Mark?

MARK: Well have you ever heard of a super moon?

SID: I actually heard of it because I interviewed you on radio. Before that, I didn’t know diddly.

MARK: Here’s what a super moon is. Here’s the earth and here’s the moon, and the moon’s orbit around the earth is elliptical. It’s far away and it gets close, and it’s far away. Every month does a complete orbit. When the moon is at its closest point to Earth, it’s called its perigee. All right. Well if the moon is a new moon at perigee at its closest point, you don’t even see it. But if the moon is a full moon at its closest point to Earth, according to NASA it looks 14 percent larger. It’s this big super moon because it’s so close. Well guess what? Next year, on September 28th, we not only have a full moon, we have a super moon that it’s at its closest point to Earth, not just for the month, for the entire year. And it’s a super blood moon that is going to be seen in Jerusalem on the Feast of Tabernacles and in a Shmitah year.

SID: Now what’s a Shmitah year?

MARK: Now the Shmitah year is every seventh year.

SID: Jubilee.

MARK: Every seventh year the land had to rest and it couldn’t be killed. The amazing thing is this. Every man, see God commanded all the men to be in Jerusalem three times a year.

SID: Right.

MARK: He didn’t command the women because they didn’t have to be told what to do. The women don’t. Okay. But every three times a year, all the men had to be in Jerusalem. But in the Shmitah, in the seventh year, specifically on the Feast of Tabernacles, it says in Deuteronomy, “Every man, woman, child and even the stranger has to be there to hear the King of Israel read from the scriptures.”

SID: Okay. Now this begs the question. Why is God giving us so many, sign after sign, after sign for next year? What, use your sanctified intellect having studied astronomy, having studied the Bible, having studied the biblical feasts. You’re an expert in these three arenas. What is going to happen?

MARK: Well here’s one thing that I think. In the Book of Joel you mentioned where it talks about the sun turning to sackcloth and the moon to blood, it’s in the same context that God says He’s going to judge all the nations who are trying to divide the Land of Israel. And that’s what’s going on right now. America is leading the push to divide the Land of Israel and I think these are the heavenly billboard of warning signs by God to Israel, not to divide their land. It’s also that America should not partake. But here’s the other thing. We see a war in 1948, a biblically prophetic war. We see a biblically prophetic war in ’67. I’m not saying it’s going to happen. But I think there’s a good chance we could see a biblically prophetic war in Israel because there are several that haven’t taken place yet. But guess what else? That seventh year is an economic reset year. That is when all the debts were to be forgiven and the people released. But in Nebuchadnezzar’s day they had set the people free and they changed their mind and put them all back into bondage. And God said because of that, the seventh year is going to be a year of judgment. And the seventh year has been the year of judgment. And do you know in 1994, do you remember the Shumaker-Levy comet when it got tumbled 21 times? Okay. That was a Shmitah year. And guess what weekend it happened on? The 9th of Av, which is the time when the Temple was destroyed twice. And so I thought back in 1994, that that meant with 21 fragments that 7 x 3 is 21, the next three Shmitah years would be times of judgment. And 2001 was a Shmitah year, or the seventh year, and that’s when the Dow fell, it’s biggest drop ever to that time, and it fell on Rosh Hoshanah, the seventh month, it fell 7 percent.

SID: Tell me the next one.

MARK: The next one is 2008, when the big stock market crash happened. Guess what? That was a Shmitah year. It happened on the first day of the seventh month. The Dow fell 777 points.

SID: No. You’re making that up.

MARK: No. It was.
SID: I saw it.

MARK: Yeah.

SID: Now listen. How many more signs do you need? This is your moment to make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. Believe that Jesus died, just like Mark explained, and rose from the dead on the Jewish feast, and believe that his blood washed away your sins. You are clean. Make Jesus your Lord and live inside of you now.

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