Sid: Getting ready Mishpochah for the greatest revival the world has ever seen. And I have a man called by God.  He was in South Africa minding his own business, but even as a child he had a burden for the United States of America. So he’s here now; his job is to get you hungry for God so that the fire of God will come upon you so that you can operate in all 9 gifts of the Spirit; so that you can be the mouth piece, the arms, the legs, the hands, the touch, the eyes of Jesus.  Because they’re people that you’re going to touch that no one else in the world; it’s as easy for them to touch.  There’s a destiny on your life; there’s a purpose; everyone knows there’s an urgency.  And I was talking to Rodney before we went on the air and I said “Rodney, when you say get hungry for God I understand what you say but that just kind of abstract for me.”  But on yesterday’s broadcast when you said turn off the TV, get a Bible, start underlining every miracle.  Now that’s something I can bite my teeth into, that’s something that I can grab hold of. Help me, help everyone that’s listening right now to get hungry for God. What are some practical things we can do?

Rodney:  Well first of all I think when it comes to the subject of the anointing and you listen to different people talk and people think that you got to go lock yourself up in away in a mountain somewhere.  Which I’m not saying you can’t do that but sometimes it’s not practical if you’re married and you got children and you got to go to work. I try to take what the word of God says and apply it to everyday normal peoples life not to so hermit or somebody that’s going to go live in some mountain somewhere and pray by themselves. Because you know God wants to use everybody within the normalcy of their life. They’re working a job, their married, they got children, you’ve got to take the kids to school, you got to take out the trash, take the dogs for a walk, go to work so.  What happens is many times it’s intimated that to walk in the anointing you got to be some recluse, some hermit and all these kind of stuff which is not true.  Or then because you are now paying the price for the anointing you lose your wife, your children, all that kind of stuff, that’s not true either. It’s totally different in the case of Jesus; He came down and He had 3½ years of birthing ministry, and then He went to the cross and then He went up and sits at the right hand of the Father.  But here we are living our lives some 70, 80, some 90 years and then we go home. But we are getting married and having children… so how do we take this practically and apply this in our life?  Well, what I’ve always told people to do is get your Bible because it’s not just about going to fast and pray for 40 days.  People do that and it gets some weird revelation that’s outside of the scripture.  Take your Bible, everything that God is going to do is going to have its foundation within the scripture.  If you can’t find it in the scripture then you don’t want it.  And if you don’t follow the word of God you’re going to open yourself up to manifestations and there will be signs and wonders and it will be New Age and it will be crazy stuff and it will have devastating effects on an individual’s life.  So it’s the word of God that will cause the fruit to be made manifest in our life.  Everything we do we want to base off of the word.  And the Bible is very plain in the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. At the end of the gospel of John he said all of these miracles did Jesus do and all of the others that if they had written down I don’t suppose the books of the world would contain it. But we do have an account of the miracle ministry and the life of Jesus.  So we go in; let’s say we start in the Book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John underline every miracle that He did.  Underline all of His sayings, and follow very closely the ministry of Jesus. Then go over to the Book of Acts and see what God did which many people call the Acts of the Apostles, but really it’s not, actually it’s the acts of the Holy Ghost through the life of the Apostles.  And the Bible’s very plain too where it says “The promises unto you and your children and all of them that are far off.” And I promise you that anyone listening to me right now if you will take your Bible.  If necessarily go down to a bookstore buy a brand new Bible, get some markers and start in the Gospel of Matthew and begin to underline and begin to mark and take notes. And go Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the Book of Acts.  That by the time you finish the last chapter the book of Acts something is going to happen.  And as you do that you pray, and you say “Lord, I’m hungry to see what You saw and happened in Bible days.” We know the Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. And we know that the Bible declares that He is watching over His word to perform it.  That the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and His ears are open to their prayers.  And all over the world the Spirit of God is moving; when we hear of many miracles that are taking place in the Middle East, things that are happening in China, things that are happening in different parts of the world where men and woman are out there believing God.  We know that the Book of Acts are still on the earth; that the Book of Acts does not have a closeout like some of the other letters written to the churches where the greetings and salutations.  The Book of Acts we are still in the final chapters of it and the age of the church that was born 2000 years ago.  And when Jesus met the disciples and breathed on them and said “Receive ye the Holy Ghost.” But then He told them to go and get empowered with the Holy Spirit and said “You shall receive” power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and you will be witnesses unto me.”  The purpose of the power is not just for us to sit on our blessed assurance and to show up in church on Sunday morning for a 1 hour dry cleaning service, in by 10:00 out by 11:00.

Sid: (Laughing)

Rodney:  It’s been rehearsed, take up the offertory and they preach from the Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Readers Digest, and then pronounce the last rites and everybody goes home just as dead as what they came.  The purpose of the power is to mobilize the church.  We are ordinary men; ordinary women full of the Holy Ghost while they’re married, have children, while they work a job and go out and are being a witness. And the word witness there is to be a demonstrator of the resurrection.  So that when you meet people wherever they are even if they did not believe that there was a God when they met you they’d have to say “I didn’t believe that there was a God but somebody showed up at my work today and they talked like nothing I’ve ever heard before.”  I looked in their eyes and I see Jesus in their eyes. I hear Jesus in their voice, I feel Jesus in their touch. And that’s called the touch of God.  Anyone listening right now and you’re desperate and your hungry and you do these things and you cry out to the Lord, and you will read the word and you will pray, and you will read the word some more, and you’ll pray.  And you’ll forget about all of what other people say out there. Forget about all the attack and people saying “This is not for today and God doesn’t want to do this and that.”  You say “Lord, if You’re real and You’re word is real and this is for today, then You come and You show me and You manifest Yourself to me, and in me and through me.  Because God will first come and manifest Himself to you and manifest Himself in you and so Ultimately He can manifest Himself through you.  And so He want to touch a lost and dying world. But He can’t touch it if all you have is something that’s just intellectual.  He’s got to touch the world when what you’ve received from Him.  As the Apostle Paul said “I received of the Lord that which I also I delivered unto you.”  You can’t give what you don’t have, but once you get that touch from heaven, once you get the touch of God.  And in just a few moments I’m going to pray for everybody to receive that. And really what I am going to pray is that you will get a hunger for the things of God. Because it’s not something “Oh, just pray for me now and I’m going to get the touch of God.” You want to get hungry for Him, you want to get thirsty for Him.  And this means everything about your life is going to change.  The first thing we do of course is repent, you can’t have the touch of God and have the things of the world.  You can’t have the touch of God and be living in the world and not living a pure and a holy life. And people say “Well, you can’t do that.”  I’ve got news for you, you can.  And Jesus tells us that we can and we follow Him.  And we… a good tree brings forth good fruit.

Sid: Rodney, our time is slipping, will you pray.

Rodney:  Yes Sir, let’s pray right now.  Father I pray for every single person listening today, I pray for a spiritual hunger to descend upon them in the Name of Jesus.  I pray Lord that they get so desperate for You that they want You and that they want that intimate personal relationship with You. And that You will come and reveal Yourself to them and in them and through them.  And that You will make Your love known to them and they will have an encounter with You and they will receive Your touch. And then through their life that you will touch the lost and dying world.  Lord there are people listening right now without no hope, there’s people listening that have lost their way, but that you would bring them back. Lord, put a hook in their jaw and bring them back. Let them fall in love with Jesus all over again. Touch them with the joy of Your salvation; heal sick bodies today.  Lord, let people surrender their life to total Lordship. Let the things of the world grow dim, let the things of the world fall by the wayside.  Let Your fire fall upon them even now. And a greater level of hunger and desperation and thirst for You come upon them. And Lord in the days and weeks to come that they will see and we will hear of the fruit that coming forth from the life of many of the believers that are crying out to You. And Lord, I just thank You that as You could touch me all those years ago in Africa that You will touch people listening right now on the radio.  Let the fire of God fall upon each and every person and let a hunger for the things of God descend upon them. Let them love Your word, let the hunger for Your word and the things of Your Spirit come upon them.  An insatiable appetite for the Word of God to descend upon them even now.  I pray this in the wonderful Name of Jesus and I thank You Lord, I thank You for it and I give You praise.

Sid: I believe that so many people are having that switch pulled inside them right now.    

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