Sid: There is a catalyst coming to the church; we’re told about in the book of Romans.  And “Paul said that if it was a blessing the Jewish people rejected their Messiah how much greater blessing when the Jewish people receive their Messiah; it will be literally life from the dead.”  And God’s about ready to release this life; this amazing glory into the church as He’s removing the spiritual scales from the Jewish people.  But unfortunately most Christians are not sharing the gospel with Jewish people; they think Jewish people aren’t interested.  Well, you are wrong, wrong, wrong God is moving by His Spirit because He wants that One New Man formed.  Because the Bible says Paul says in Ephesians the 2nd Chapter “The reason Jesus came is to break down that middle wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles to form the One New Man.” The complete Body of Jesus. That’s exactly what Jesus was praying about in John 17:20-22. And He said, He was talking to Jewish people He said “I have other sheep that will come to believe through you report.”  And that’s why Paul says in Romans that “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people,” because we spread that report.  It says “Salvation is of the Jew.”  But then Jesus said “I pray that these two folds of sheep; the Jews and the Gentiles would become one.”  And what will happen when these 2 become 1?  You can see why the devil has tried to keep that middle wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles to stop us from becoming 1. Because Jesus said “When those 2 become 1 it will be a sign that will cause the world to believe.”  And then in the next verse He says “And I will pour the same glory that is on Me on them.”  Are you ready for the same glory that is on the Messiah to be poured in your congregation? I have my sister Shirley and brother-in-law Marc on the telephone who have immigrated, made Aliyah, to Israel.  And they’re both Messianic Jews and we have found out how my sister Shirley became a believer in the Messiah.  We found out that my brother-in-law Marc accepted the Lord; thought he was hypnotized; renounced his faith even though my sister became a Messianic Jew.  That was okay with him but he didn’t need Jesus; and then one day a tragedy hit their home.  His little daughter 21 month old Cheryl Ann was fished out of swimming pool in their back yard. What happened to next Marc.

Marc:  Okay, we tried to revive her we called ambulance service they came out; and they took her to the hospital and we went to the hospital.  And we didn’t know what to do.  I remember Sid you came to the hospital also. We were crying and they did everything they could.

Sid: I was praying for Cheryl Ann to come back to life, I remember that.

Marc: Yes and you were led by the Lord you said to go in to see her. When you returned I know I was with Shirley and we were crying our hearts out in another room.  And you went in and you were praying for her and the Lord gave you a vision and you came back and shared that with us. And you said the “The Lord told you that He has Cheryl Ann with Him now and He is taking care of her.  And of course we didn’t understand totally what that meant.  But later that evening I remember praying and asking the Lord to show me what this is all about.

Sid: Now Shirley who was the weaker of the two of you she was bearing up pretty good with this horrible tragedy but you were really coming apart.  I remember Marc.

Marc: Oh yes I could not stop crying, it was just… words cannot describe it.  I felt like the world was coming to an end in my life.

Sid: I remember going into the bedroom of your house.

Marc: Right.

Sid: And saying “This is your time to know the Messiah, you need Him Marc you can’t handle it by yourself.  Shirley has the Messiah, you need the Messiah can I pray with you?” and you said yes.

Marc:  I remember that yes; and it was powerful and that’s what led me into opening up the scripture and finding God’s word for me at that time.  And from that point my life changed completely from one of just eating, sleeping, going to work. To one in knowing that there is something more to life than eating, sleeping and working.

Sid: Marc I wonder if you would put your wife my sister Shirley on right now.

Marc:  Okay.

Shirley: Hi.

Sid: Hi Shirley, I remember something this is all causing a lot of my memories to be churned as you’re sharing this with me. At the time you now have 3 sons, but at the time you had one son when Cheryl Ann died.  And his name is Brian and I remember Brian saying something that was very profound; do you remember that?

Shirley: Yes, I know what you’re talking about. We were driving along in the car and Brian was saying…this was after it happened and Brian was saying to us “We’re a bigger family now.”  And I turned to him and said “No honey we’re a smaller family now.” And he said “No, we’re a big family, we have God in our family.”  And that just spoke so…

Sid: How old was he at the time?

Shirley: He was 5 years old.

Sid: Hm.

Shirley:  When that happened; how God speaks through children.

Sid: Well, I’m going to tell you something Mishpochah it’s been many years you retired as a school teacher in Montgomery County, and you’re husband retired for many years as a CPA accountant.  He was with United States customs.  Your credible people; you have 3 sons, two are married now and you have grandchildren.  You’re financially independent; you can look forward to some of the most wonderful years of your life.  And all of a sudden Shirley you had a dream; tell me about it.

Shirley: Well, first of all I have to tell you that I never remembered my dreams; I might remember a little piece of it here and there but this was the first dream I ever had that I remembered the entire dream.  And it was so real to me it was like I was living it.  The dream started off with Marc turning to me saying “Shirley, we have to go to Israel.”  And I said “Fine, we can go maybe in a year from now we’ll sell our house; we’ll cash in all our stock and bonds our annuities we’ve been saving all our lives for retirement for.  And then we’ll go to Israel.  And he said “No Shirley we have to go now!”  And I said, “Can’t we wait six months at least we can sell our house and go with a little money?”  He turns to me and says “No, Shirley we have to go now!”  And I started getting really anxious in the dream and we went through this 3 times in the dream and each time I got more and more anxious.  And then Marc turns to me and says “Shirley, we put our trust in God and not in our money.”  And something in my spirit clicked in the dream and I said “You’re right I was trusting our money more than God.”  And then we each took one suitcase and we held hands and we went running to the airplane and I looked behind me and I saw fires behind me; I saw rioting going on behind me and I knew our lives were in danger like I was running and I knew someone was chasing me and they wanted to kill me.  I was running with all my might and just got on the last plane out of the United States to Israel.  I woke up from that dream huffing and puffing like I had really just run that race and I realized…   

Sid: I realized we’re out of time.

Shirley:  Oh dear.

Sid: We’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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