Sid: Guess what Mishpochah there is an outpouring of God’s Spirit just coming through your radio or through the tape or through the CD and in His presence all things are possible. There are people being healed of pains throughout their entire body; there’s for instance when I just started I saw someone is being healed and I say I saw I didn’t I heard.  I heard someone has a pain in their neck if you will just move your head you’ll see that pain is gone.  And there’s another person and it could be the same person also that has a pain in their back, and if you will bend over, oh it’s so wonderful the anointing is moving into the hip area.  All pain must go the two cannot coexist. I’m speaking to Peter Horrobin; I have him on the telephone.  He’s from Lancaster, England he has been in the healing ministry for 20 years and he has uncovered keys. You know there’s such a… Peter there’s such a presence of God on our discussion that I couldn’t help but move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. On yesterday’s broadcast, which pray… I’m not apologizing what I’m saying is it’s the atmosphere to move in these gifts. And on yesterday’s broadcast you started a story of one of the first revelations that God gave you about physical healing; I wonder if you would repeat what you started and then finish it.

Peter:  Yes as a young man I was restoring an old car which had been vandalized and set on fire. I wanted to rebuild this old British sports car and when I started down to the bashed steel chassis I saw that the chassis was bent.  And actually I began to cry because I put a lot of work into this and I thought I’d never be able to restore this old car because the chassis is bent and it will never drive straight it will break and it will never work. And God sometimes gets to me when my defenses are down. It was at that moment that God spoke right into my spirit with these words and He said “You could restore this broken car but I can restore broken lives.”  Then He asked me the question, “Which is more important?  The fact that the car’s never yet been fully restored is the answer, broken lives are far more important than broken lives are far more important than broken cars.” God is able to restore them.  He’s able to actually deal with the underlying issues that keep people in brokenness and those underlying issues can be totally devastating.  Tell you about Linda she’s from Australia; she was a nurse who went out on a hike with her young people from her church and it was a night hike in the Blue Mountains. And as she was walking along this path at night in the dark she step one side and she didn’t realize that there was a ravine right by the edge of the park. She stepped into open space and she fell 35 feet onto jagged rocks, she broke her back in four places.  A helicopter had to lift her out 10 hours later and she was number one headline on the news that night.  Doctors did everything they could for her; you know 3 years later when we first met her she was in continuous pain; she couldn’t walk more than 25 yards without the pain getting so great she had to stop.  She was registered disabled with the Australian government; she was on a lifetime pension; she’d lost all hope of ever getting married, ever having children.  Her world was left at the bottom of that ravine.  As she began to talk to her about healing you know we said to her “Linda would you like us to pray for you?”  And she said “No thank you very much.”  I said “Why not?” She said “Because so many people have prayed for me and I’ve not been healed, I don’t want to find out again that God doesn’t love me.”  And that’s a very powerful statement, and she come unto self-condemnation that God can’t possibly love her because she hasn’t been healed.  You know many people the key to their healing is an understanding of what needs to be done in order to receive the healing.  You know scripture says “Without knowledge, without understanding people are perishing” and there are many people today that are perishing, they’re remaining sick because of they have actually not understood the keys.  When we came to pray for Linda this accident and trauma is something we teach a lot into which were not what precisely what we’re talking about right now.  But as we explained to her what happens in trauma she began to get understanding, her hope began to rise; and when we began to pray we came to the key issue.  Have you forgiven the man who led you along that path, there was a youth leader at the church who never warned you that there was a ravine and she had never done so.  And it was a hard thing to do because the whole of her life before her was ruined because of this.  But she came to that place and she spoke out in that forgiveness and as she spoke out in that forgiveness the power of God came upon her and she began to be released for the healing.  Two hours later we anointing her with oil for the physical healing as we dealt with a lot of deliverance of her infirmity and fear that had come in as she fell off the rocks.  Then we watched as God did a miracle it was an absolute miracle; it was as if angels were manipulating her body.

Sid: Hmm.

Peter:  Stretching out the muscles and the bones and putting them back into place, and then she stood up and she said “I am healed.”  And she was able then to walk normally, she was able to do everything that she possibly could; and she then had a problem because being healed she also had a lifetime disability pension.  And she thought “Well…

Sid: Well, some people would say “Well, that’s no problem but a lifetime disability pension there’s a little issue involved.”

Peter:   There is she faced the temptation because Satan came to her said “Look you can now serve God for free.”  And she realized that this was a real temptation but if she actually kept her pension she’d be actually living in deception; she was healed and she didn’t need the pension. And she went back to the Australian government and they had never before ever taken anybody off a lifetime disability pension.  It takes three different consultants to actually independently assess whether or not that person could ever walk again or be healed of something like that.  And they all said that she could never be healed. So they had to have three different medical consultants then to say “She is healed.”  All three said she was and she came off that pension and went back to work as a District Nurse in the Australian and Outback.  And while she was nursing she met the son of one of the patients she was calling on day by day and fell in love with him; married him and last September she gave birth to her first daughter.  And her daughter was born on the exact date of her healing 8 years previously, it began with forgiveness.

Sid:  Peter as you’re talking I think you might be able to help me with something I’m struggling with. What I’m struggling with is I really want to walk; my heart’s desire is to walk in what we call in Judaism the Shemah, “Love God with all my heart, spirit, soul, body, strength and love my neighbor as myself.”

Peter:  Yeah.

Sid: And yet I see things that are wrong and I feel like with a public exposure such as I have I should state these things that are wrong. I guess it’s got to do with the subject of judging.  Where does someone draw the line, do you understand what I’m saying?

Peter:   Well, in the scriptures there are two different meanings of the word judge; there’s one which is the judgment, say you’re putting somebody under condemnation and there’s the other when you’re actually called to discern to judge things, to test things. We need to separate out between those two things and unless we actually test we are going to be deceived ourselves.  From the scripture command we test all things and we must do that, so that we don’t just take everything said at face value we have to test it against the word of God. If what they’re saying is ungodly and in harmony with scripture then we have to reject it.  But that doesn’t mean to say that we reject the person; we don’t condemn the person we may disagree with them and we can separate out between the sin and the sinner.  And we don’t have to come…

Sid: Yes, but if I were to judge the sin that person is not going to be very happy with me.

Peter:   No, God is the judge and we got to leave him; “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord,” so the consequence of a person’s sin is actually ultimately God’s responsibility.  We do have to discern and to ask the Holy Spirit to show us the difference between right and wrong; between truth and error so we don’t walk into it ourselves.  Now we can exercise judgments against other people with our attitudes and our words and our thoughts.  But there’s a scripture in James 2:12 which says “Speak and act as those that are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom because judgment without mercy will be show to anyone that has not been merciful.”  So we need to be merciful to other people and to recognize that people they may come to their own conclusions they’ve not had the experience and the training the understanding that perhaps you’ve had. Therefore they haven’t got the ability to be able to make the decisions and the choices that you have.  So we cannot be merciful on the Sunday, that doesn’t necessarily say that we have to agree with them.

Sid: Change subject just for a second, what about someone that is living in a continuously abusive situation such as a spouse or parents that are verbally assaulting them and hurting them with their words how does someone forgive if it’s on going?

Peter:   Well, there’s two different aspects of this which Jesus referred to when Simon Peter said “How often do I need to forgive my brother?”  Simon probably thought of a big number 7 times Lord.  And Jesus smiled and He said “Actually Simon 70 times 7” which I’m sure you appreciate as a Jewish phrase in its own count.

Sid: Yes.

Peter:   It means, millions forget counting and so Jesus really saying to Simon look “Don’t even start to think about how often you need to forgive, now there’s two sides to this and both of them are very different and they’re very important.  Some people are continuously having to forgive somebody because they keep on doing something wrong. Others there may have been only one terribly devastating experience in the person’s life, there might have been a terrible abuse or rape or something like that, and the circumstance in life keep on reminding you of it and you have to keep on forgiving. You may have to forgive a person many many times for the same thing, and there are those two different aspects.  So somebody has had a devastating experience that seems to have destroyed most of their life; they need to keep on forgiving.  Somebody else is in a continuous experience and they have to keep on forgiving what is actually happening. But you know there’s a difference between having to forgive, which we do; but also being able to put up Godly shutters and say “No more.”  And some time there’s some very false teaching around in terms of forgiveness that says that “I have to forgive and continue to be abused.”  There is no scripture which actually tells us…

Sid: Peter we’re out of time I want to pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.



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