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Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah he is Messianic Jewish Recording Artist Marty Goetz and we’ve been playing selections from his CD all this week.  As a matter of fact let’s start out with a selection called “Blessed is the Man.”  And Marty I really relate to this because it’s from scripture “Blessed is a Man with a Vision.”  And I pray that God would give you a vision as you hear “Blessed if a Man.”

Marty except of Sanctuary “Blessed is a Man.”

Sid: Marty you told me before we went on the air that you and your wife had recently been exposed to the teaching of a Bible teacher by the name of Leif Hetland and he talks about the Father’s love it had such an impact on you.  Tell me about that.

Marty:  Well, coming from my background and I don’t know if it had to do with coming from a Jewish background. Much of my believing life has been oriented to “How am I doing?”  Is God pleased with me yet? And am I doing anything for the Kingdom of God that’s worthwhile.”  And it’s almost been a bit of a bondage.  And brother Leif came in and gave a message where he talked about the Poppa’s love and sitting on the lap of the Poppa.  And no matter what he did it was an A+ because God was pleased with him because he was in the Lord.  It was just a vibrant childlike message of Father’s love and the need to not do, but to just be.  And ever since he gave that message and he declared a phrase “Deception is deceptive.”  We can be deceived that we have to work and work and work and strive. And he gave us a message that the Father just loves us. He gave a testimony of his own life where he did a lot of works for God.  But now he’s experiencing the love of His Father.  Ever since I heard that message and the Spirit has been moving upon me ever since.  And I now have a deeper sense of Abba, my heart cries Abba Father and I’m not stuck on performing for Him but rather resting in Him and just receiving His love.  Working for His Kingdom out of that pleasure of His presence.

Sid: You know I like to use a word that most of religion has become a works mentality versus a freedom mentality.  I believe that as I’ve been talking about the One New Man Congregation the wall of separation coming down between Jew and Gentile it’s not just a restoration of the Biblical festivals, it’s a restoration of the freedom that God wants us to have.  I mean we’re not going to provoke anyone to jealousy through a bunch of rules and regulations and do’s and don’ts and bondage.

Marty:  I agree and especially in Jewish ministry; I believe our people are waiting for the freedom and the liberty that comes from Yeshua; His Kingdom and not simply to be provoked to be more religious absolutely I don’t. 

Sid: You know I did a Passover Seder with a mutual friend of ours Paul Wilbur.  And he was singing and I was supposed to explain all the elements on the Passover plate and show how they tied in with Jesus.  And I’ve done this 100’s if not 1000’s of times and the Spirit of God poured out in such a degree that we never even got to the plate. Such a shame God showed up and the purpose of these festivals are not the festivals.  The purpose of these festivals are to have appointments with God.

Marty:  Absolutely.  And I would like to add one thing to that there are some who look down on these festivals and falsely say that they are a retreat into the law or putting people back into bondage.  I believe what you are saying that the Spirit of the festivals is to celebrate the person of Yeshua and the presence of the Spirit among us.  I believe that that’s one of the messages that’s going to be coming fourth in the earth In these days.  That the entire council of scriptures from Genesis to Revelation is a celebration of the person of God and His presence among us, and those festivals point to that.

Sid: And you know and a lot of people say that well, we have the freedom but they literally spiritualize everything in the scriptures.

Marty: It’s part of my concern and I know it’s yours that people would misunderstand that.  I do see a little bit of that; I do see people zealous to set us free and by being zealous to do that they’re in some sense demo-grating the thing that are made up in what we call the Tenach.  The Torah, the prophets and the writings. They look down on it as if it’s something old to be done away with.  And I believe that that’s incorrect teaching and I believe that one of the reasons that the Messianic Vision is so important is to infuse into this fresh revival and this fresh renew that’s in the land a deeper understanding of how scripture all ties together.

Sid: You know Marty you’re really describing the One New Man the church is getting revelation on the freedom and the grace.  The Messianic Jews are revelation on the Biblical Festivals and one without the other is out of balance but you put those two together isn’t that the One New Man we’ve been talking about.

Marty:  I believe so and I believe the world is still waiting to see the full demonstration and glory of that.  Because that was what the Apostle Paul, Saul of Tarsus the Rabbi from Tarsus known as Paul had a passion for.  Is that the world would see that the Jew and Gentile would see that together in Messiah full of the Spirit experiencing the blessings of His Kingdom and provoking Israel and the Nations to want to know Him.

Sid:  You know I’m reminded when I first became a believer and we started something called Messianic Judaism that had actually existed before we started it but I had never heard of it and we knew nothing.  We knew nothing, all we knew was Jesus was real and every week Jewish people were coming to the Lord, but since that time and it’s been almost 30 years now. Since that time, in the United States at least, there hasn’t been a move of God’s Spirit on Jewish people.  And I happen to believe that we’re about ready for one of the greatest outpourings of God’s Spirit on Jewish people.  And as these Jewish people get saved and come into the church this One New Man is about ready to explode on the scene.

Marty:    I agree and I believe a renewal in the land through the Spirit from some of these wonderful teachers like Leif is going to help bring that about.  Because that is what our people need; they need freedom from bondage; they need deliverance and they need salvation.  Hallelujah.

Sid: And speaking of Hallelujah that’s hard for me to say it that way is that the Ashkenazic way or is it the Sephardic?

Marty:  I just (Laughing) I guess it’s just kind of Biblical. 


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