Sid: We want everyone everywhere to understand who America’s next great enemy is, and understand because let’s face we are not being told the truth by any of the media, it appears there may be some exceptions. We do have the truth in the Bible, but how are going to judge where we are in end times, and how we should pray unless we get understanding. Understanding that’s why I interviewing Erick Stakelbeck you’ve probably seen him on CNN, or FOX, or Glenn Beck, or Bill O’Reilly, or Sean Hannity, or perhaps his own show, he’s an expert on the Middle East Islamic terrorism. You’ve probably seen him he’s the host on CBN of “Stakelbeck On Terrorism.” Erick on yesterday’s broadcast there is a group in the news this whole Arab Spring. You see it at the forefront almost as if they were organized to jump in and control the political scene, the Muslim Brotherhood. Most people don’t know who they are. If I go by what I read in the newspapers I mean is it true that this Muslim Brotherhood over the last calendar year or so has been at the White House over a 100 times, is that true?

Erick: Sid this is absolutely true and I lay it out in my new book that Muslim Brotherhood linked individuals, and in the book I name names. Groups and individuals that are linked to this totalitarian violent movement called the Muslim Brotherhood had been guests at our White House Sid, and they…

Sid: Wait till our people find out who they really are. On yesterday’s broadcast you started telling the history of them. Would you continue?

Erick: Sure Sid. This group was founded in 1928 in Egypt it is a global movement. The Muslim Brotherhood is present in some 80 countries around including right here in America. This is the most influential, the oldest Islamic radical movement Sid. So founded in 1928 in Egypt there founding motto, the creed they live by, today still, reads in part Sid “Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” This whole notion of martyrdom, of suicide bombings, it started with the Brotherhood. They spawned Al Qaeda Sid every major Al Qaeda leader from Osama Ben Laden on down before they formed Al Qaeda they belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas, which has killed American citizens, which is slaughtering Jewish women and children every day, they are the self-identified Palestinian branch of, yes, the Muslim Brotherhood. Now Sid in the 1930’s and 1940’s as the Brotherhood was getting off the ground in Egypt they collaborated closely with the Nazi’s. The Brotherhood worked with Hitler’s war machine to exterminate the Jews, to extend the final solution to the Jews of the Middle East. They also participated in the invasion of Israel in 1948 Sid joining the Arab armies trying to snuff out the miraculous rebirth of Israel. Anti-Semitism is one of the bedrocks of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are the vanguard of global anti-Semitism today Sid. In the book I call them Hitler’s heirs today.

Sid: Tell me just a little bit, whet our appetite you go into detail in your book, but tell me about the secret Brotherhood documents that were found by the Swiss.

Erick: Yeah Sid it has become known, these documents, as “The Project.” Now after 9/11 everyone’s sensors were up about Islamic radicalism, Islamic terrorism, and the Muslim Brotherhood has been the main driving force through the years of Islamic terrorism. So Swiss authorities raided the luxurious villa of a leading global Muslim Brotherhood operative, and they found a treasure trove of documents Sid and one of them caught their interest in particular. It has become known in intelligence and law enforcement circles as “The Project.” What The Project is basically is the Muslim Brotherhood’s blueprint to conquer the west, to conquer Europe, conquer America from within. One of their strategies Sid, and we’re seeing them do it to perfection here in America, is to get positions of influence. Whether it’s in the government, at the universities, in the media, get positions of influence, control the conversation, control the narrative. I’ll give you a great example Sid. With Palestinian suicide bombers I’ve interviewed Muslim Brotherhood spokesmen face to face this is how they frame it. They say “This is not terrorism what the Palestinians are doing to Israel it’s occupation, it’s resistance against illegal occupation.” That’s how they’ve been able to frame it, it’s just resistance. The poor Palestinian’s have no other choice but to blow themselves up and take Israeli women and children with them. It’s resistance to occupation. This is the kind of strategy that’s laid out in “The Project” Sid, and it enables the Muslim Brotherhood and their minions to control the conversation here in the west, and also to charm the pants off of western leaders who take what they say at face value.

Sid: Just out of curiosity how did they get so sharp, how did they start dressing like Madison Avenue coming up with PR techniques that are so outrageous I guess Barnum would call it “The Big Lie?” I mean how? (Laughing)

Erick: (Laughing)You know Sid they started… the Brotherhood from their inception I have to say early on in Egypt their founder a guy named Hassan al-Bana he did not wear the long robes he wore a suit. He would wear the old Egyptian fez, the old hat many in Egypt would wear, but he wore a suit. From the beginning they were able to kind a stand apart from the other movements that’s why they’re so diabolical Sid, so effective and so dangerous. The standard Muslim Brotherhood outfit a suit, a tie, all of them, most of them fluent in English many of them western educated eloquent. To the western English speaking media they say all the right things Sid “Yes we support democracy, yes we support the peace treaty with Israel.” When the cameras aren’t rolling and you get them in front of Arabic media the story is much different “Death to Israel, no democracy, Islamic Sharia law must rule over one and all.”

Sid: Okay the average American doesn’t know the flip side which you explain very articulately in your book “The Brotherhood America’s Next Great Enemy.” Certainly our administration knows what came out of your mouth, how can they in good faith call these people moderates? How can they entertain them in the White House a 100 times? How can the press be in awe of them?

Erick: Yeah I think when people read how I document this in the book Sid I think they’re going to pull out their hair in frustration. Look there’s 2 tracks here…

Sid: By the way, do we as a country financially support the Muslim Brotherhood?

Erick: Of course Sid, look when Mohamed Morsi, thankfully for only a brief period of time was the president of Egypt for about a year we were sending him billions of dollars in U.S., tax payer I might add, financial aid. So yes we have supported the Muslim Brotherhood around the world. Why do we do it Sid? There’s 2 tracks here:

  1. You have the state department bureaucrats the geniuses inside the Washington Beltway where I’m sitting right now. They see the Brotherhood as a counterweight to Al-Qaeda. They say “Hey the Muslim Brotherhood has changed ats spots they’re not bad anymore, they’re not blowing anyone up, yet. So let’s use them as a counterweight against the really bad guys in Al-Qaeda.
  2. I believe this includes President Obama himself is the revolutionary leftist kind of ideology that many in our administration unfortunately have. Which sees radical Islamist as an ally of sorts…

Sid: But wait a second how could a leftist pair up with some of the theology of Islam?

Erick: Sid this is such a strange phenomenon, I have an entire chapter about it in the book. Remember this hard-core leftist and hard-core radical Islamist many many differences of course…

Sid: Now just for our audience define leftist.

Erick: A leftist would be someone who basically in my view Sid a hard leftist wants a socialist state. Wants America to be a socialist country living by the precepts of Carl Marx; someone who is not fond of Judeo-Christian western civilization and wants to turn it on its head, turn the U.S. constitution at the end of the day upside down, and chip away at the traditions of America, the traditional family values and family structure of America. To me that is a hard-core leftist. The hard-core Islamist have a different strategy, a different goal but they share a common foe. Islamist leftist the common foe is again traditional Judeo-Christian western civilization. Both sides want to turn it on its head. Now the Islamist want Sharia law, the leftist I guess they think they’ll have some socialist utopia but they both despise traditional America.  So they will work together strange as it sounds you’ll see them marching arm and arm at anti-war rallies. You’ll see the leftist, and not just hard-core leftist Sid I have to say common liberals especially here on Capitol Hill, just your average everyday liberal have carried the water of radical Islamist. I’ve seen it with my own 2 eyes at hearings on Capitol Hill. Just your average everyday liberal even…

Sid: But a liberal wants to have rights for homosexuals, rights for… I still can’t see them pairing together.

Erick: I know it is madness, but this is how slick and savvy the Brotherhood is. In these documents, and we talked about “The Project.” It literally Sid talks about working with leftist and those we don’t agree with…

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