SID: So John, you have five children. That’s enough, you know. But you have this desire in your heart to adopt. And so John and his wife prayed and fasted for seven days, and then some very supernatural things happened. He goes to a concert and he hears the name of the girl he’s supposed to adopt. What happened?

JOHN: I did a concert in Michigan, and I was signing autographs at the table. And this little girl who had been adopted, this family had like six adopted kids, and this little girl came up to me and she asked me to sign her CD and I did. And she said her name was Anna. And I wrote the name on the CD, and as soon as I did, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “That’s your daughter’s name.” And I was like, is that you? Lord, is that you speaking to me right now? And I knew that if really was God he would confirm it.

SID: What was it, the next day your wife is doing a Bible study about Anna in the Bible. But then the thing that is so amazing to me is the dream that you had. Wow.

JOHN: Yeah. You know, I never had supernatural prophetic dreams that I knew were actually prophetic dreams. But I went to sleep one night and I had this dream that I’m in an orphanage with all, surrounded by all these older kids, and they’re all coming up to me and meeting me. And I see this little girl out of the corner of my eye and she’s shy, she’s not with the other kids. And I looked over at her and I said, “Hey, what’s your name?” And she said, “My name is Anna.” And I didn’t think, I kind of, I knew I was dreaming. And that was not surprising that she would say “Anna” because the name was in my brain already. But what surprised me is what she said next. Because she looked seven years old, and I thought that was old from what we were considering adopting. I asked her how old she was, and she said, “I’m 10.” And as soon as she said she was 10 I was stunned in the dream. Ten? Where does 10 come from? And then my mom, who had passed away a couple years ago, showed up in a dream. And my mom was the first one that I told about it. I said, “Mom, I think I just met my daughter. Her name is Anna. She’s 10 years old.” And then I embraced my mom, wept, woke up crying. My wife is like, what’s going on. I said, “I think I met our daughter and she’s not Chinese. She’s Eastern European.”

SID: But then even more amazing than that, he gets, he’s going to have a little trial adoption. And so he gets a picture of Anna. How did she measure up to the dream you had?

JOHN: Well you know, two days after the dream, we found out about this hosting program. Our friends volunteer with this hosting program called Project 143, where you can host an orphan for the summer or sometimes during the winter break. And they were telling us about it, and we said we’re interested in adoption. And they said, have you thought about hosting an orphan. And we were like, we didn’t even know you can do that. I started thinking, are there any little girls around the age of 10 years old. And then I ended up getting a picture of her. And her name was spelled just like A-N-N-A. They called her Anya, which was her nickname and we found out that she was going to be turning 10 years old in October, you know. By time we had adopted he she was 10 years old. When I saw her picture, Sid, I knew she was the girl in my dream.

SID: Okay. He gets the name of the girl. He gets the age of the girl. He gets the picture of the girl. And then he finds out she has two siblings. Three. And in fact, you just had a son by the name of Israel, one week old. They’re in the audience right now. Take a look. Stand up please. John, you wrote a song about orphans. If you would go to the set right now and sing this song. Because this is, it’s not just on orphans as you might think. Many of us have orphan spirits. Why? Because we’ve never, many of us were raised without fathers. Many of us were raised with fathers that were really absent. And I believe that as John sings this song, that orphan spirit, it’s going to vamoose. It’s going to be gone. “Orphan.”

JOHN [music, singing]: Tearful faith… as best she could, she… I’m forever home. A world away… Jesus gives us eyes to see. Leading us to this that you will make a way for us. Now she’s here from halfway around the world. Because Jesus hears the orphan. He’s moving Heaven and Earth all for one little girl. I heard Jesus coming. Will you go and rescue her all for one little girl. Little did she know we were coming because Jesus hears the orphan. Father of adoption you’ve adopted me. Father of compassion here I am. Father of adoption you’ve adopted me. Father of compassion here I am. Jesus hears the orphan. He is moving Heaven and Earth for little boys, little girls. We hear Jesus calling. Will you go and rescue them, little boys, little girls. Little do they know we are coming. Little do they know mom and dad are coming.

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