Sid: I’ve been so looking forward to my guest I’ve known him for many years his name is Lance Lambert.  He has lived in Israel since 1973. When I think of my good friend Doctor Derek Prince, I normally think of Lance Lambert because Derek lived in Israel and Lance lived in Israel, they’re both prophetic into what the scriptures have to say about the last days. Recently as you know, Doctor Derek Prince went home to heaven. Lance, what were… I know you spent time with him just before he was promoted, what were Derek’s thoughts about the nation Israel, the future, and the United States that he articulated to you?

Lance: Well Derek felt very strongly that Israel would face very much more suffering and trouble. I think the withdrawal from Gaza is just one aspect of that since he went. He also felt very very strongly about the United States that although there were so many good things about President Bush’s administration, he felt the United States was on a collision course with God.

Sid: It’s interesting you’re saying that, I have a close friend Lance I don’t know if you’ve ever met him, his name is John McTernan and he’s given me several articles; he’s the one that God originally spoke to and showed a direct correlation between the United States doing something against Israel, and almost within 24 hours there were judgments that had occurred from hurricanes to stock market problems, to even 911. The greatest skeptic who looks over how many times and how it’s so close to an ant-Israel stance would have to say “There’s something very supernatural when United States goes against Israel.” Have you looked at those reports that he has?

Lance: Yeah I don’t know John McTernan personally, but I do know his writings, and I’ve had I believe a might say even a letter from him. At one time when I was thinking what I said in one of my updates was fanciful. He said “Don’t say it’s fanciful” and he sent me all these correlations of events. I must say myself that I believe the United States is in a very very dangerous position. She is in the same position that the United Kingdom, Great Britain, was in 1946.

Sid: For those that aren’t familiar would you paint us a picture of what happened to Great Britain?

Lance: Britain began as a great friend of the Jewish people with the Belfour Declaration they supported the Aliyah in the last part of the 19th century, and the beginning of the 20th. When they got the mandate from the old league of nations, they opened the doors to Jewish immigration. The land was basically depopulated all the nonsense about it being packed with Palestinians was absolute nonsense, it was a pretty well depopulated country.  Added eroded swamp land much else, but then they began to become afraid. I think that in the British Foreign Office and Colonial Office there were those who felt that the Belfour Declaration was a terrible mistake. They couldn’t say it officially because it was official policy, but they worked to undo it. I think it’s anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism in my estimation is not something to do with the head, it’s not academic it’s a heart thing, it’s a spirit. I think that gradually they worked with one white paper after another closing the doors to the Jewish people in the 30’and 40’s when they most needed a place of refuge. Of course lost 57 members, 58 members of my family including my father and grandmother in Auschwitz.

Sid: Because of course Lance you come from a Jewish background. Tell us what repercussion occurred, and by the way, it’s so obvious now looking backwards that literally Great Britain was playing right into the devil’s hand to destroy Jewish people, almost as if they were in league with Germany.

Lance: They weren’t of course. They were fighting a war with this huge force in Europe Nazism fascism, and they felt they were alone because America didn’t come in until the latter part of the Second World War.

Sid: I know you’re a real historian, why did America drag their feet?

Lance: Basically because of isolationism, the Americans didn’t see why they needed to get involved with a European problem. So they held off till toward the end. Now Roosevelt felt all along they should have come in, but he was unable to do it. It was Pearl Harbor that brought them in when the Japanese sort of bombed Pearl Harbor.

Sid: But as Great Britain literally put a vice on the Jewish people to stop them from getting to Israel. What repercussion did it have on Great Britain.

Lance: Well the fact was, in the end Air Force, the Navy of Britain became, as it were, the enemy of these poor people who were trying, the remnants of the holocaust, trying to get back somehow to someplace where they felt they would be safe. I think… I remember very well when I was first saved I sat in the church meeting in Richmond Surrey, England and I heard Allen Redpath on a Sunday morning and he got very very steamed up about this. He said “As surely as I stand here God is going to judge the British Empire and Great Britain for what she is doing to the Jewish people.” At that point RAF was literally bombing some of the refugee ships. He said “Britain will be an offshore island as a result of this.” I saw people get up and go out and I thought it was because he was going on a bit longer than normal and they lunch appointments.

Sid: [Laughing]

Lance: I found out afterward from other friends that these who were people great patriots and couldn’t believe that Britain who had fought this war and was doing it, they thought, for the Jewish people that some pastor would stand up in a pulpit and say that “God would judge Britain.” But of course I lived to see I actually witnessed it myself, at least from Britain I saw the moment on the 14th of May 1948 Israel became a nation amongst the nations again a recreated Jewish state. At the very same time the British Empire fell apart the cessation of India, then the African countries, then the Southeast Asian countries and so it went on and on.

Sid: Okay, now let’s bring this to today. The US where as I believe our president happens to admire Israel, I believe our president happens to want to help Israel but he’s very misdirected in reference to Israel. He’s got this two-state solution he’s pushing it, he’s ramrodding it through. What effect is going, I’m a citizen of the United States, what effect is going to have on my country.

Lance: Colossal!  It sounds in one word colossal! Because in my estimation Sid, God made a pack with our forefathers and He was explicit, it’s in Genesis 17. He said that He would make an internal covenant with them and would be their God. Then He went on and said “I will give you the land of Canaan as an everlasting possession.” Now when people tell that was only till the coming of the Messiah what in the world does the word “everlasting” or “eternal” mean unless it means something that will last forever. I mean why did the Lord use a temporal, or another word why call it everlasting and eternal if it isn’t eternal and everlasting?

Sid: You can’t pick and choose. It’s either God’s word or it isn’t, and if it’s God word follow it.

Lance: Absolutely. Another thing Sid is this, we forget, or it sounds a bit sort of up in the air, but we forget God is I AM, not I was, nor I will be, but I AM. That means that as far as… God lives in the present. Whereas, we live with the past, the present, and the future, but God is always in the present. Now that means when He made that pact with them it was as if He made it this morning. Now suddenly you get countries, presidents, other big prime ministers saying “We must change all this…

Sid: I’ll tell you what Lance we have to hold that thought. We’ll pick up on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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