Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Joan Hunter; you’re probably familiar with her parent’s Charles and Francis Hunter, known as the Happy Hunters. Joan was privileged to minister for over 30 years with their ministry. She’s seen every miracle imaginable, and miracles are normal, healing is normal. She has written a book, and we have offered and read many books on healing, but Joan I have to tell you your approach is different really than any I have ever seen. How did you come up with this approach where you come up with each disease, you explain exactly what’s going on, how to minister, how exactly to pray; even more important than that, why is it so important to be so specific, why can’t you just say, and you said this earlier in the week you put your hand on someone you say “Jesus” and they’re healed and it happens many times. Why did you get better results when you’re more specific?

Joan: The greatest example I have of that is when… I have 4 children they’re now grown, 4 daughters they’re now grown, and if I went into the game and I said to all 4 girls “I need the living room vacuumed,” they probably would not respond, but if I went in there and I said “Charity I need the living room vacuumed.” Charity would get up she would go in the other room and she would vacuum. Me being specific to my children I got a greater response. The same thing goes the more direct we can be to the name of the disease, the location of the disease, it’s like a Holy Ghost laser going in and the name of phlebitis is lower than the name of Jesus. When we can direct it toward the power of God… the power of God directed right into the person specifically for that disease then at that point… you have greater results I mean you have a greater result when the laser hits it right on the nose as in comparison to the surrounding areas.

Sid: Okay, on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about an amazing chapter you have in your book called “The Immune System and Electrical and Magnetic Frequencies.” We know many people are selling these mattresses and these things that go on the body to get things… the patterns right. Talk a little bit about that, and what are some of the diseases that are a result. By the way we are not selling mattresses praise God! We’re telling people how to pray in the name of Jesus and see the same results. So explain it briefly, and tell me what types of diseases people might have as a result of this.

Joan: Many times there are unexplainable diseases, or untreatable diseases. That right there is a good start. There are 2 main things that bring on diseases, number 1 is stress. Eighty-five percent of the people that go to the doctors go as a result of stress. Stress itself can affect the electrical and magnetic frequencies in your body, thus it will show in pains here, pains there, diabetes, heart problems; if your body is in harmony and balance in the area of electrical and magnetic no disease can stay in your body.

Sid: What about things like insomnia, could it affect that?

Joan: Oh bi-polar, insomnia, I mean there’s probably 50 diseases in here that are a direct result of the imbalance of our body either electrically, magnetically, or chemically. Cause the food just doesn’t have the quality of the vitamins it used to. So we can even be obese and yet starving ourselves to death.

Sid: Okay, let’s just take that specific situation. If that is the root cause of the particular sickness that someone has what do we do about it?

Joan: It’s a very simple prayer, it’s very easy and we emphasize that throughout all of our teachings in the miracle services and everything. Once again if I can do it you can do it. This book has just outlined it so easily that anybody can do it. When you pray for the electrical and magnetic frequencies in a body to come into perfect harmony and balance then no disease can stay in your body, and it’s very very simple.

Sid: Now I want you to do this for real and I’m gonna pray along with you, and I want everyone listening to pray along with us.

Joan: It talks about there are many many locations in the body where that the immune system and the lymph system goes, and this is all explained through diagram and everything. It is important that we pray for the immune system to be restored.

Sid: Give me one very brief example, a specific person you prayed for this way and they got healed.

Joan: Fibromyalgia, I could oh probably a hundred people that were healed of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, and…

Sid: Sleep apnea?  I always thought that was a physical thing.

Joan: Well all the diseases are physical brought on by emotional, and when a lot of times when there is stress in the body it will shut down the proper electrical and magnetic frequencies in our body.

Sid: Okay, let’s pray.

Joan: Okay. Father in the name of Jesus I command all the electrical and magnetic frequencies in everybody’s body who is listening to this program to be in harmony and balance in Jesus name. Amen, that’s how simple it is.

Sid: My goodness you sure you don’t want to get a little more complex?  [Laughing]

Joan: No because then I wouldn’t be able to do it. [Laughing]

Sid: I mean you have prayers here even… marriage. Tell me about one person that prayed a prayer in this book, or you prayed for a person in this book. Tell me what happened to their marriage.

Joan: We just prayed over them, and we prayed in addition to what’s in the book is that they would be sensitive in a greater way to each other’s needs, and that their ears be open, and God has healed their marriage. I can’t even begin to tell you…

Sid: Alright but what about if one spouse reads the book and is willing, but the other spouse is not. Would it help their marriage?

Joan: Yes! That’s on the one of putting your, I don’t remember exactly what chapter is at this point, but laying your family in different situations on the altar of God. What happens is so often we try to become… we want to be God’s agents, but we become more than that. In the process of laying our children on the altar, laying our spouse on the altar giving them, for example, I lay my husband on the altar “Father he is Yours I’ve tried to fix him it didn’t work and in Jesus name I thank you that You’re gonna fix him. Father I thank you for fixing me, and I’m gonna take care of me and You’re gonna take care of him. I’m gonna be the best Godly wife there is, and Father it’s up to you to change him because I can’t and I’ve tried.”

Sid: Okay you have a chapter that intrigues me immensely because I know that is what I want God to do for me. That is walk in compassion. None of these other motives that might be in there when I pray for the sick, I want to pray for the sick because my heart is breaking for them. I know this can only come from God. Do you pray for people to be able to walk in God’s compassion?

Joan: Yes I do. When I go around the country I do anointing services and I pray over people, and I pray for them to walk in the anointing the transference of the anointing…

Sid: Can you do this over the radio right now and over the tape?

Joan: I can sure pray, you know, it’s God that does the anointing.

Sid: Yes, but it will be just as effective.

Joan: I have no doubt on that one.

Sid: Okay let’s go for it.

Joan: See the anointing depends on your receptivity. For those that want to walk in the blessings of God, want to walking in the anointing, the anointing is there.

Sid: Alright our time is slipping away.

Joan: Okay, Father right now in the name of Jesus, and everybody put their hands on their eyes. Father I pray right now in the name of Jesus that their eyes be enlightened to the people that are around them that are sick. Put your hand on your heart, Father right now in the name of Jesus I pray that they have a heart of compassion towards those who they see and that you will love through them in Jesus name. Father I thank You that their mind is anointed, their ears are open, and Father that their hands are anointed as they lay hands on the sick, they shall be healed. Father in Jesus name let Your anointing fall on all ears that are listening in Jesus name. Amen.

Sid: Amen. Well I’m expecting that there’s a whole army that has just been raised up that are going to be doing exactly what you’re doing.


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