SID: I don’t know anything like worship to transport you supernaturally to the Throne of Heaven. Now Freddie, you had a vision about Michael the Archangel. Who is Michael?

FREDDY: Michael in the scriptures is referred to, his name means, “who is like God”.  He’s very powerful. He’s the archangel, he’s the general of Heaven, the general of the armies, chief five-star general, we’d call him in America. And he is the one who was sent in Daniel, Chapter 10, when Daniel fasted and prayed for 21 days. And there was a very powerful warring angel helping him fight the Prince of Persia. The demonic powers that were coming at Israel then.

SID: Isn’t that interesting. Persia, you know, is Iran. So back then, he was fighting the Prince of Iran. Go ahead.

FREDDY: Same deal. Hezbollah, all this, it’s really, it’s not geopolitical problem. It’s a spiritual problem always. And so Daniel wasn’t going let Israel go down the tubes. He was going to pray and fast, and no one else did. If no one else did he was going to stand. And you know, God honored that. God honors the prayer, one, I don’t care if it’s one, if you’re 85 years old and widow. You can be the most powerful person in your city if you’ll engage in hidden intercession with the Lord and pray for Israel and pray for revival. So that’s what Daniel was doing. And he, there was a sign to him, a powerful angel. But this angel could not overcome the Prince of Persia. Couldn’t. So after 21 days, God said, “Okay Michael, go.” Michael came and said, “Daniel, you have good hands, clean hands, you’re a man of God. I’ve come and I’m going to take care of you now.” So you know, Michael did come in. And so Michael is this celestial prince and he’s also given the specific duty, a lot of Bible scholars believe, Jewish scholars as well, that he is the Celestial Prince of Israel.

SID: Daniel makes that pretty clear. Go ahead.

FREDDY: Yes. And I think that he is on notice to stand guard for Israel. So the other day when I was thinking about the program and praying, I was sitting in my chair and I was just sitting at home, and all of a sudden I had this vision. And I saw in one of the songs I sing, [singing] He had golden curly hair with eyes like liquid lightening [talking] with these beautiful glory-like beads, glory beads, powerful, powerful creature, 10 foot tall. And I saw him in the vision. And then he said, “Behold,” and around Israel was encamped fiery chariots, and all these angelic hosts. And I said, “What is going on?” And this was before I heard about the possibility of, you know, chemical weapons attacks, whatever. But there’s a spiritual dynamic going on right now where Michael has specifically been in these End Times, because it talks about in the End Times, we know we’re in the End Times there is a time of Michael. And I heard it clearly, the Lord speak, “This is the time of Michael. Get up and pray. There isn’t a lot of time left. Prepare my people. Prepare my people. I’m coming. The Messiah is coming to rule and reign from Jerusalem, the holy city.” We need to redeem the time, we need to hasten his return by praying and praying for Israel, and empower the intercessors. It’s a call to intercessors and people everywhere to uphold, like Daniel, these angels. Because like Aaron and Hur upheld the hands of Moses, I mean, Moses was a pretty spiritual guy. He was at the burning bush. He was worshiper. But he got tired at times. And he needed help. The angels are the same way. They’re not omnipotent.

SID: Let’s—

FREDDY: They need our prayers.

SID: Let’s make “The Song of Michael”, if you would go the music set. Let’s make “The Song of Michael” your prayer. Because right now God is calling you to intercede for the Nation Israel, because the Nation Israel, Jesus said, “I will not return until the Jewish people, [Hebrew], blessed is he who comes who comes in the name of the Lord.” Make this your prayer for protection and safety of the Land of Israel. “The Song of Michael.”

FREDDY [music, singing]: [Latin] Gloria. There in the night sky beyond the skylight in a vision I see glory, the archangels and Michael’s hands are raising. Angels… and God let me hear celestial beauty… He will break my spirit free to sing the angel song… Your glorious realm. I want to see your holy face… of blazing beauty. God help me, you make my spirit free to sing the angel song all around your glorious realm.

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