Sid: My guest Dr. Francis Myles, well on yesterday’s broadcast we found out he had a lot of discrimination.  He’s going to an all-white Bible college; they ask him to speak at a ministers meeting and he says “I’m going to let these people know how unhappy I am and how insensitive they are to me and I’m going to really give these pastors the business.” But that night he’s praying and he sees a couple and the couple he has a prophetic word, a couple to pray for them.  And that they don’t even want his prayers but he then has liquid oil flow throughout his whole body and all of a sudden there’s no room for hate.  It’s this liquid oil Francis was God’s love.  Tell, me what happened.

Francis:  Yeah, so I have this vial of liquid love being poured from my head Sid and as it comes down my head I become aware even in my head.  People don’t know that the love of God is the most powerful force in creation and when it begins to function even my mind became alive.  I became alive, I knew as it went through my mind I knew how much God loved me I was no longer in doubt about how he loved me but instantaneously I knew also in my mind how he loved the white people that had hurt me that I was bitter against that I wanted to exact vengeance against.  I was aware of how deeply He loved them in my mind.  But by the time the liquid love got to my heart I was done because now my emotions get deluged by the love of God.  And I look at this white couple that I don’t want to love at this point because I feel like loving them right now is going to rob me of ammunition and I’m going to… I need to be a little bit angry when I speak to this white pastors the following day.  But you see it’s caught up in the liquid love, as the liquid love covered my heart all of a sudden Sid I loved this white couple like I’ve never loved human beings ever, it was total love.  I didn’t care what they did to me, I just knew I loved them with everything.

Sid: I have to ask you this, that is wonderful in that situation but has it continued?  Do you walk in this kind of compassion and love right now today?

Francis: And you know what and glory to God, that’s what happened when the baptism.  But afterwards the Holy Spirit said what you have given today is the baptism of love.  And I tell you since that day you know I’m human like everybody else but it’s very difficult to get me offended where it goes into the next day.  I just slides off of me, I love God’s people, I love God’s people it’s the gift that remains, it’s the gift that remained.  Yes it’s beautiful to me to be in a place like that only to the glory of God.

Sid: Now let me ask you because this is so so imperative it’s so important.  God gave you a revelation on generational curses I have never ever heard anyone teach it the way you teach it.  Did this just kind of evolve or how did you get this revelation?

Francis:  I got this revelation after I wrote my book “The Order of Melchizedek” I had a couple of businessmen came to visit me in Texas and I just remembered that I forgot something.  We were at the resort and I forgot something in the parking lot so I rushed to go and get it and it was at 10 pm.  When I got the stuff out of my car as I was walking out the glory of God the form of the Messiah just stood next to me.  I could see it with my spiritual eyes He was standing next to me and in white garments.  And He said to me “Son, let’s walk, let’s go walk.”  So the Lord is walking me back to the resort and then He said “It is time.” I said “What is time?”  He said “It is time for My people to experience genetic salvation.”  I said “What is genetic salvation?”

Sid: I know about salvation but what is; what is genetic salvation?

Francis:  He said “Genetic salvation Son is when the finish work of the cross is applied to be healing of your genetics so that the enemy no longer has a door in your genes to impeach or delay the fulfillment of your destiny here on earth.

Sid: What are the types of curses that because of this genetic deficiency that goes… now see I’ve heard about people going back 4 generations as it actually says you know that in the Bible.  But what the Lord showed you was that you go back all the generations to Adam.

Francis:  Yes, you know the Lord said to me the whole teaching He gave to me is this. He said “Son there is two Adams, and there is two Adams and each of those two Adams have their own genetic template.  He said “My people are born again but they’re still holding on to the genetics of the first Adam meanwhile in Me is the last Adam.”

Sid: So we’re kind of schizophrenic (Laughing)

Francis: Yeah.

Sid: Sort of like Paul said in Romans “I’m doing what I don’t want to do.”

Francis: Yes, that’s exactly but you know Sid that the apostle that said t that Sid ended up saying that, “Thank God for the Messiah, thank God that the Messiah has a solution for me.  And Romans 7 ends up in a triumph entire victory for the Christian; for the born again believers; because the Messiah, the last Adam, has a whole new genetic bloodline for  us we don’t have to live in the genetic bloodline of the first Adam.

Sid:  What are some of the curses that people can have from their genetic bloodline?

Francis:  Well, bankruptcy; we prayed for a guy in Austin, Texas who every business he would start it would default.  It troubled this man every business that he would start failed been in business four in a row almost wiped him out financially.  The fifth business he told his sister “If this one fails I’m done, I’m done with business.”  So the man jumped the line, because when the man jumped the line it’s a prophetic act that they’re jumping out of the genetics of the last Adam and their jumping into the genetics of the inheritance of Yeshua purchased on the cross.  And that’s why the miracles happen because the genetics of Jesus have no curse attached to them.  So what happened to the man in Austin as soon as he did that he got within a couple of weeks he got an offer for another businessman to buy off his company, a young company for 5 million dollars.  You know and I believe from my understanding he took it.  So there are financial, there are curses that cause people to blood disorders, a woman with rheumatoid arthritis.

Sid: Rheumatoid arthritis what happened?

Francis:  She had it so bad on a scale of 1 to 20 how bad is your rheumatoid arthritis?  She said “Twenty plus that day I cried to Jesus to cut off my legs.”  Well, God told me “Son it’s genetic, she gives up the genetics of the first Adam and comes into My genetics what will happen right in front of you.”  And she got… she jumped the line in front of a past in Austin, Texas.  The woman could hardly walk, she began to run, totally healed of very outrageous rheumatoid arthritis that even killed family members in the past. So we know that this is different it can come from different angels and people.  If they’ve got generational curses where they have not allowed woman in the family to get married you know and no matter how beautiful they are you know, there are all kinds of curses that can be attached to the genetics of the first Adam.  That’s why Yeshua…

Sid: Even a propensity of addictions of all kinds. How about something like homosexuality?

Francis:  Oh yes, even something like that because as you know that’s an unnatural behavior.  God said to me, He said “Much of what you people you guys are in gay lifestyle is because of the malfunction of the genetics within the first Adam.

Sid: You know I believe that so many homosexuals will be set free from this but people addicted to anything are going to be set free.  People are in their finances, in their families.  And the way that you tie it in with the order of Melchizedek and you actually pray, and you take them step by step how to break these generational curses.  And as you call it I like that terminology everyone needs genetic salvation.  How did these things keep passing on, isn’t it good enough that we just believe in Jesus. Why isn’t it just broken on that?

Francis:  Well because Jesus told me this, He said “Son the way generation is made up of two words, gene and generation.”  So it’s a generational curse by definition then the Lord said to me is “Genes.”  It’s a curse, it’s a curse that’s attached to your ration genes.  So it’s nothing to do with your salvation. So it’s just what He told me, that’s why when you born again you must understand you must give up those ration of genes.  That just like when you came to the Lord.  He said “Son everything in the New Covenant is about confession, by confession the way is made unto salvation.”  See everybody… Jesus has paid the price Sid for people to be born again and to go to go to heaven but they must be able to appropriate that He is the Messiah.  And so all of the sudden they get saved in their soul.  God said “It’s the same way you have to appropriate but for someone who keeps saying “Well, I am from the Rockefeller family, I am from this family and that family.”  God said “You are taking ownership of the rational genes and legally the devil has the right to come through those genetics to be able to hinder or at least to delay your destiny from being fulfilled.

Sid: Your teaching is so marvelous from the book of Romans or even Galatians “I’ve been crucified with Messiah it’s no longer I who live.”  You make it so clear, what feedback do you get from people that hear… oop forget that question we’re out of time.

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