SID: When Barbara teaches about the breaker anointing, literally the breaker, he shows up. I mean, it’s just the most amazing thing with the increase with the tangible presence of the Living God. Barbara, if you will go over to the teaching set. And I’m going to tell you something, the whole room is going to rock when she teaches and so will the room that you’re in right now.

BARBARA: We have bred big institutions and made them holding pens for believers when really the pattern of the New Testament church was they didn’t get everybody to go back in the upper room, put a steeple on it. And then because there were 2000 people crowding into what fit 120, they built a bigger upper room. We have been trying to get everybody in the church when we need to get everybody out of the church to where the people are. You are filled with waters. But until you let those rivers out, you are a dammed up place. And one of the words for breakthrough is “baal perazim”. But baal perazim is like the Hoover Dam. And the Hoover Dam being loosed out, that’s what God wants to loose. Can you imagine when the church gets loosed? I don’t know about you, but you need to just shout to God. You need to shout.

Audience: [shouting]

BARBARA: The word says that the shout shatters. The power of the enemy, if you look up the word “shout” in the Hebrew it literally means shatters what’s in the second heaven that’s standing against you. Some of you need to stand up and begin to shout because it shatters what’s in the second heaven that’s standing against you.

Audience: [shouting]

BARBARA: Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. There’s things coming out many of you right now. Now keep standing. But what did He say? He said, “Clap your hands all you people. Shout unto God with a voice of triumph.” When you clap your hands you’re destroying the enemy. Don’t just clap your hands. Clap your hands with intention. Clap your hands with purpose. Clap your hands with determination because you are coming into a victory that you have never had. You are on the verge of breaking in to a ground you’ve never broken into before. Hallelujah! I want you to just lift both your hands. Just lift them up. When you lift up both your hands, what is that? That’s the sign of surrender and you’re surrendering to the God of gods, the King of kings, the Lord of lords. And I want you to say, “You reside inside of me.”

Audience: You reside of me.

BARBARA: You are the power inside of me.

Audience: You are the power inside of me.


Audience: Today

BARBARA: I declare

Audience: I declare

BARBARA: I will no longer

Audience: I will no longer

BARBARA: Think as a natural man

Audience: Think as a natural man

BARBARA: Because a natural mind

Audience: Because a natural mind

BARBARA: Is at enmity with God.

Audience: Is at enmity with God.

BARBARA: But I will

Audience: But I will

BARBARA: Begin to think spiritually.

Audience: Begin to think spiritually.

BARBARA: The lion of the Tribe of Judah

Audience: The lion of the Tribe of Judah

BARBARA: Is roaring inside of me.

Audience: Is roaring inside of me.

BARBARA: In the power of the name of Jesus

Audience: In the power of the name of Jesus

BARBARA: And I am becoming

Audience: I am becoming

BARBARA: As a lion.

Audience: As a lion.

BARBARA: Now shout one more time.

Audience: [shouting]

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