SID: Frances, explain what a generational curse is.

DR. MYLES: Well the Lord told me that a generational curse, if you break up the word, the word “generation” is made up of two words: “gene” and the word “aration”. He said a generational curse is a curse attached to generational genes you receive from you ancestors.

SID: Oh, so that’s interesting. The genes of your ancestors are the gene-arational, generational curse. Okay. And tell me how these patterns affect families.

DR. MYLES: They affect families, you know, because when Adam and Eve fell in the garden, see Adam and Eve were created with the DNA of God. And when they fell they lost that DNA. And so when they lost that DNA, now from Adam onwards, since the fall of Adam, every bloodline on the planet, no matter how famous it is, is compromised genetics. And because the enemy has demonic pathways in the genetics, he can still afflict God’s people even when they are believers because of whatever, what the Lord called liens, demonic liens against the DNA. And for some people demonic liens is spinsterhood. So no matter how beautiful the women are they never get married. Some people, it’s financial calamity. Whatever lien is in the bloodline, connected generational genes they receive from their ancestors, can affect their life tremendously.

SID: You have been shown things that I’ve never heard of before. For instance, where did you learn, what is and where did you learn to jump the line?

DR. MYLES: Well when the Lord came to me and visited me four years ago, He said to me, “It is time.” I said, “What do you mean, it is time?” He said, “It is time for my people to experience genetic salvation.” I said, “God, what is genetic salvation?” He said, “Genetic salvation is when the finished work of the cross is applied to the healing of my people’s genetics and giving them a new genetic inheritance.” So the enemy has no voice in the genetics to come against their prophetic destinies. And so He then took me into the spirit and He showed me a group of believers standing in front of a bloodline. But in the bloodline, standing in front of them was a lot of sound, like almost like a broken radio. And He said, “That sound you are hearing in the blood is a sound of iniquities from the forefathers that are fighting against my people coming into their destiny.” He said, “I want to silence that voice by my people receiving my genetic inheritance.” He said, “When I came to the planet my blood was shed not only to forgive your sins, but to create your own bloodline because Abraham missed the cursed bloodline.”

SID: So what does someone do when you tell them to jump the bloodline?

DR. MYLES: It’s a prophetic act. When they jump the prophetic bloodline, they’re simply saying prophetically that they are leaving the heritage of the compromised genetics of their ancestors and jumping to the Messiah’s flawless bloodline

SID: That sounds pretty good to me. Tell me about a businessman that did that.

DR. MYLES: We had a businessman who had four failed businesses and got a hold of this revelation in his garage. He did a prophetic act of renouncing his attachment and allegiance to natural lineage, corrupted lineage, and he embraced the Messiah’s lineage and jumped over the line. Within about three weeks, he was offered $5 million for one of his businesses. He never had that happen before.

SID: Okay. How about illness? Tell me about the woman with rheumatoid arthritis.

DR. MYLES: Yeah. There was a woman who had rheumatoid arthritis. And we asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad it is, she said, “Twenty, plus there are days I ask Jesus to cut off my legs, it’s that bad.” She could hardly walk and getting in a [unintelligible] was hassle for church and getting out was another hassle. Well when she jumped the line, she could hardly jump actually, the pain was very difficult, but she did her best. When she jumped, within less than 15 seconds she began to run up and down the church. It was the most amazing thing.

SID: If God can heal someone of that type of lineage, He can change the DNA of any problem that you have, not just sickness, finances, family, all of these. When you come back, I want to find out some more about what God is showing you prophetically about what’s shortly going to happen to President Obama.

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