SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Norvel Hayes. He is going to answer a question that I believe every single one of you have asked at one time or another. You see, Norvel was just a young boy, 10 years of age, and his mother who was a faithful Baptist, went around witnessing to people, she gets cancer and at age 37, she dies. And Norvel, that crushed you. You were, what, about 10 years of age. Your mother dies.

NORVEL: I cried for four years.

SID: Four years you cried.

NORVEL: Yeah. I cried for four years. My mother died. Every time I thought about my mother I’d have to leave the room and I went out the house and cried my eyes out.

SID: And you got to the point where you said, okay God, I need an answer.

NORVEL: Yes I did.

SID: Tell me the question you asked God.

NORVEL: I asked God why didn’t He heal her? I said, “Because I know you’re a healer, Jesus, but I don’t understand why you didn’t heal her. She has a soul in her and you say that one soul is worth more than the whole world. Well you let my mother die rather than live, and she could save a number of souls for you, worth more than the world. And you are a healer. Now why didn’t you heal her?” He said, “I didn’t kill your mother with cancer.” God said, “I had nothing to do with it. Nothing.” He said, “I couldn’t heal her.” I said, “That makes no sense to me for you to say that because I read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and you healed everybody in town on this earth. You’re the same as you were then.”

SID: So why couldn’t He heal her?

NORVEL: He said, “The church she went to, they failed to teach her about my divine healing power. So therefore, she didn’t know a thing about it. If they had taught her correctly she could have got healed.”

SID: You know what comes to me Norvel, the scripture that says, “My people die for the lack of knowledge.”

NORVEL: That’s exactly right. He said, “My people,” that’s Christians, “my people for the lack of knowledge. You have a church out here. But just because you have a church with a bunch of people, that’s no sign you’re doing anything much.

SID: You know Norvel, even today most churches fail to teach about the divine healing power. But Norvel has a passion for people to understand Bible faith, for people to be healed. And cancer and heart conditions, forget it. You stand no chance when Dr. Norvel stands up. Now Norvel was a successful businessman. He had 14 businesses at one time.

NORVEL: And 14 secretaries.

SID: And 14 secretaries.

NORVEL: One for each business.

SID: Many of them were million-dollar businesses. And all of a sudden, as he likes to say, he was minding his own business and God speaks to him. What did God tell you?

NORVEL: I was saying a little prayer in my heart one night. And I couldn’t understand and I began to weep. And He said, “You’re killing yourself. You’re working so hard. You’re killing yourself and you’re not doing anything for me.”

SID: Okay. I want to jump forward now. You go to a dump and you see a little girl there that had a major, profound impact on your life. Tell me about that.

NORVEL: Yeah I did. This little girl walked up to me, just holding a glass bottle, she said, “This is all the milk I’ve got.” Well when she said that, the Holy Ghost jumped in me and rose up like this, and I couldn’t even talk. I turned my face toward Heaven and I said, “God, is this the kind of ministry you’ve given me for leaving the church?” And the Lord said to me just as plain, “My son, be faithful to me here and I will promote you. I am going to set you on a high hill and the light of God will shine from you to many men. Now you go in peace in Jesus’ name. Go in peace. Go in peace and trust me. Go in peace. Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

SID: I want to find out what Norvel Hayes saw in Heaven. He’s been there several times. I’ve never been there. I’ve read about it in the Bible. But I want to find out why it was so wonderful he didn’t even want to come back. But you come back.

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