SID: Sid Roth here with Doug Weiss. Dr. Weiss, there are so many people that are addicted to things like pornography and they seem as though they’re stuck.

DOUG: Yes, yes.

SID: Why are they so stuck?

DOUG: Well, Westerners like to talk to Jesus, talk to God, but they don’t want to talk another person because of pride. Okay. James says, if we confess our faults, Jesus will forgive us and cleanse us. But in James 5:16 it says, “If I confess my faults to my brother, to another, then I may be healed and my prayers will be effective.” So I can be forgiven, but not healed. That’s why they’re stuck. They’re forgiven, but not healed. They’re using that verse backwards. If Doug keeps his secrets to himself, he’s guaranteed to stay sick and his prayers will be ineffective. That’s why they’re not working. So they’re stuck.

SID: You know, someone heard Doug’s teaching and he’s an usher in a church. And he said, “I’m going to do something about it.” Tell me about that.

DOUG: Well he got tired of men being stuck, because he was hearing about it. So when I came, I did a men’s conference. And he said, “I’m going to start talking to guys.” So he knew all the guys at church. He would grab them by the hand and hold their hands, Sid, and he would say, “When was the last time you were inappropriate with yourself or inappropriate with images?” He’d look them right in the eye. And the guy did that looked down, he said, “We’re going to talk about and then if it’s real serious you can go huddle up. I am not going to stay watching you stay sick anymore.” He was just tired of it in his church. And just one guy changed so many men’s lives because he changed the rules of engagement. I’m going to ask and they’re going to tell me. And he was old enough that he could get away with it. It was great.

SID: We handle a little bit of this. But tell me some practical steps that you can do.

DOUG: Sure. Real practical like getting rid of thoughts of lust. Get a rubber band, put it on your wrist. Any time you lust or scan a woman, snap it.

SID: That hurts.

DOUG: It hurts. Ring the bell, spank the dog. Right.

SID: Pavlov. Okay.

DOUG: Yeah. Eighty percent of your lust life will shut down in one month. Okay. Get the porn blocker on your cell phone, on your computer. Stop that stuff from going on. If you’re engaged in any kind of Internet inappropriate texting or Facebooking, shut those things off. Most of us don’t need social media. We just don’t need it. Shut those things off if they’re dangerous for you. And women need to get engaged by asking intelligent questions and making sure the porn blocker is on, and making sure that your husband is actually taking some responsibility for his son’s sexual development. And there’s a lots of teaching on that. Any guy can become an expert even though his dad failed him like my dad failed me.

SID: Tell me about a real life person. Tell me about Dwayne.

DOUG: Dwayne is a sad case because Dwayne kind of was like me. He had a pornography problem, but he had a secret, right. He met a good Christian girl, married her, but never told her.

SID: Okay. I’ve heard the phrase, “Our secrets make us crazy.” Is that true?

DOUG: Yeah. Our secrets make us sick. They show up. First lust, then sin, then death. They show up. So what happens is he kept the secret. Then he meets somebody. He has an affair. Okay. Now he’s a successful business guy at this point. He’s 15 years into the marriage. Right. Has an affair, gets the girl pregnant. Now he not only has to tell his wife he had an affair, now he has another child. See, he didn’t have to have that happen. No man needs to have that happen. No woman married to a man needs to have this happen to her. If they clean up first, they don’t have to go through this process. But if we don’t clean up, what happens is then our sin will eventually expose us, because God loves us and He wants us to have a supernatural clean life in which these things are not a part of life, these consequences are not happening, and that will prevent some of that [trouble].

SID: You talk about, in the last days, these Jezebel spirits will be raised up. Explain.

DOUG: Well that’s already all over the world. And it basically says, no matter what your spiritual belief, you can be sexually immoral, that sex and spirituality are separate. That’s not true. That’s a lie. And what happens is when you believe that lie, you start getting seduced and once you get seduced, your destiny gets reduced. Does that make sense? So if the enemy can seduce you, he can reduce you.

SID: Do you realize that one indiscretion will, could possibly ruin your entire life? So some of you already know this the hard way. But if you are battling right now, right at this moment, there’s so many wonderful steps that you can take. But they’re not just psychological steps. They are supernatural steps. For instance, you at this point, how many years have you been free?

DOUG: Over 25 years, Sid.

SID: Okay. I want every one of you say a prayer. I would like, would you like to know that prayer that Doug himself says every single morning? I’d like to hear it.

DOUG: Yeah. When I wake up, I’ll say, Lord, I hate the lust of all women. I commend my mind, my will, my emotions to instantly reflectively cast them down. Lord, I am a thousand percent satisfied with my wife, my family, my life and business. And I just declare those things because, I mean, gosh, you can’t travel anywhere or be anywhere where things can’t hit you. But I make a commitment before I hit the floor that I’m going to cast that thing down. Because it’s not going to take away my destiny. My destiny is to set the nations free, and that’s mine. And God gave it and God wants to see it happen. Amen. So every man has a destiny. Every woman has a destiny. But like the people in Israel, we have to fight for our promised land. Do you know what I’m saying?

SID: I understand that. Where is God in this? I don’t understand how a man, I understand how a man could be addicted. But I don’t understand how a man would not do everything possible to be free if they know God. But people just don’t do it. Why?

DOUG: Well sometimes they don’t know how to do it, like I didn’t. I did not know. I was quoting scripture, memorizing, fasting and praying. That’s what I knew, but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t know to confess my faults. Now when God told me to I started to do that.

SID: Okay

DOUG: Principles.

SID: Someone watching right now, they have their secret sin. What they can do about it as far accountability? What would you recommend? Who should they go to?

DOUG: Go to your spiritual leader. That’s what they’re there for. And you say, what? They’ve heard it before. I mean, since the Internet we hear it almost every day. I mean, Sid, so many pastors call me and say, you know, “A friend of mine or someone in my congregation, or one of my people on staff they’re struggling, Doug. Can we send them to you?” And we say, sure, that’s great. And they get well and they get free. And what’s happening, what’s really exciting, Sid, is that when this man or woman gets clean and free, their incomes can often double, their ministries return back to their life, their destinies are taken up. And here’s what’s also exciting. I had a couple who flew in from Canada to do intensives in my office, and their children’s destiny have been relit. You know what I’m saying?

SID: The Bible talks about generational sin.

DOUG: Yes.

SID: In other words, you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re not just protecting your marriage, you’re protecting your children, your grandchildren, you’re great-grandchildren, you’re great-great-grandchildren, and the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, which means, wherever you’re at, you will not miss your destiny, but stop now, right now.

DOUG: Amen.

SID: Let me tell you one other thing. I don’t understand people that willfully continue sinning after becoming believers. Why? Because when I became a believer, I had an encounter with evil. I know the reality of the dark side, of the demonic, of the devil, and I wouldn’t want to play footsy with the devil for all the money in the world. Where is the healthy fear of the Living God?

DOUG: Amen.

SID: Here’s what the Bible says: “Those that die,” Daniel says, “Some will rise to everlasting life,” that’s with God, “and others to everlasting condemnation. Why would you die, O house of Israel?” Choose life.

DOUG: Yes.

SID: Repent of your sins. Believe the blood of Jesus washes it away.

DOUG: Yes, yes.

SID: And make Jesus Lord of your life.

DOUG: Yes.

SID: Say it with your mouth right now. Get right with God now.

DOUG: Yes, yes.

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