SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I wouldn’t want it any other way. A few years ago, a top man of God had a revelation from God that there were thousands and thousands of demons, evil spirits that were released on Planet Earth that had never been here before, to cause the institution of marriage to be destroyed, to cause sexual immorality. Well we know what’s happened over the last few years. What you have in your home on the Internet, on television, on the Smart Phones, it seems as though pornography is at epidemic. It seems as though the institution of marriage is under the worst assault. It seems as though divorce is cheap. But my guest has been given a supernatural proactive way to maintain the purity, the sexual purity of your family, of your house. And if any have fallen to the addiction of things like pornography, they can be free because he has a supernatural way of setting you free. You know, I am absolutely blown away by the statistics that Doug Weiss has told me. Dr. Weiss, tell me those statistics again about pornography and people addicted to it.

DOUG: I mean, billions of dollars are being spent regularly on pornography on a monthly basis. America is number one at producing pornography. The average age of looking at pornography has dropped to under 11 to nine. I mean, we are in a battle, the enemy has declared, you talked about a spiritual battle being released on Earth. Pornography is that battle and if we don’t wake up we can eaten by it. And it’s not just the people out there in the culture, the TV and all that, it’s also, like you said, the cell phones in Christian homes. I mean, Sid, I talk to Christian schools. I say, “How many of you kids have a porn blocker at home?” Only about five or 10 percent. That means 80, 90 percent of Christian homes are having porn poured into their cell phones and their computers. That’s crazy.

SID: It’s epidemic. Here’s what I found. God has a plan for your life and the devil wants to abort it. Doug, God had a wonderful plan for your life. You were supposed to be knocked down dead for a 10-count. Tell me briefly your story.

DOUG: My story, I was conceived in adultery. My mom got divorced, married an alcoholic. They got divorced. I was put in foster homes. I was sexually abused. I was abandoned. And accepted Christ when I was probably about 12 years old at the Salvation Army. But I grew up in a world of alcoholism, drug addiction, acting out immorally constantly. I came to the end of my rope, Sid, and I said, in a camp, there was no speaking, no choir, nothing. I said, “Jesus, I know you’re God, kind of and I get that. So here’s the deal, I want to die tonight. But I will give you 30 days. I will do a hundred percent of what you tell me to do to make it fair. At the end of 30 days if my life is not different, I will die then.” That was over 30 years ago. My life has been supernatural ever since and the enemy has been losing battles constantly.

SID: Okay. When you say you will die, you’re talking about you were going commit suicide.

DOUG: I was going to kill myself, absolutely. Since I was drinking and drugging, and having sex with all kinds of people all the time, I couldn’t see that for 60 years of my life.

SID: Okay. You’re a real sport. He gives God 30 days. What happened at the end of 30 days?

DOUG: Well amazingly, a pastor came into my life and I was in Bible school about a couple months after that, four years of that. Then he put me in seminary. I mean God just supernaturally came into my life.

SID: Wait. You were addicted to alcohol, drugs, pornography.

DOUG: Alcohol and drugs left instantly, supernaturally gone. Now the pornography thing and the sexual addiction stuff, that stayed in my life for several years in Bible school until I started to use some of the principles they teach in seminary. Then I started to get free from the pornography. That’s supernatural, too. I’m clean 25 years.

SID: But here’s the thing that is so amazing. If God had taken away all three of these addictions instantly, Doug wouldn’t be seated here right now. Doug would not be responsible for thousands of people getting free from addictions of all kinds because God showed him step by step, supernaturally, how he could be free and now he teaches it to others. Give me an example of someone like you that got trapped.

DOUG: Joe.

SID: Tell me about Joe.

DOUG: Thousands of examples of people who have seen me all over. But Joe was in a situation where he had a secret life. He cheated on his wife, got caught. She forgave him. Not the end of the story. He began to go into pornography and he was attracted to a certain type of hair color and then that kind of person shows up at his work where he’s the boss. He engages in another affair. That woman turns around and sues him for malpractice, almost destroying, not only his marriage, but his business. See, you can’t have a secret. That’s one of the rules. You can’t have a secret and be successful with this thing.

SID: But [the devil] seems to sow the secret sins. It’s sort of like a time bomb.

DOUG: It is a time bomb.

SID: And it will go off at some time. And you get away with these secret sins, but you’re really not getting away with it. You’re just being set up. But there is freedom. However, there is a couple of words that I want you to think about that is the problem in many of your lives. You do not have a healthy fear of God. I’ll be right back.

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