SID: Hello. I’m here with Dr. Gary Whetstone. God has shown Gary some false gospels. Tell me one.

GARY: One of the most significant false gospels is in this nation and around the world, is the gospel of money. So that one of the bishops I know very well, he has a money in the mouth ministry list that when their ministry needs money there are ministers they know they can bring to the pulpit that they are worth so much money, by every hour they’re on air, they’re on platform.

SID: Has he actually figured this out?

GARY: And he gives it to all the leaders that he has. So they pass around these ministries to get the finances they need to accomplish the objectives they have.

SID: How could this be God?

GARY: It’s not God. There is no God in it. It is a false spirit that has come to grip the Body of Christ. It works in marketing. It works in television. It works in pulpits around the world. As a matter of fact, many of the gifts and ministries that come into churches and ministry groups is only for the money they can raise. It’s not through the contribution of revelation of Christ they bring. So there’s no value of eternal life that ever is manifest. It’s only about the carrot to get the turn, get the heart, get the motive, get the action, get the money and move on because now we have another person to raise money for.

SID: All right. Question. The supernatural principles that God showed you, do they work for every true Bible believer?

GARY: Sid, the mind of man is designed by God to respond to His voice. The mind of man listens to four sources of wisdom: the logic; listens to the flesh—lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life—listens to the voice of the enemy, demonic, the word “demon”, damonia, the knowing; and it listens to the human spirit from God’s spirit. So the mind of man only has four voices that it listens to. If we shut down the two voices, the flesh, which you’re dead in Christ to that voice, the flesh, the enemy, which you have authority over that kingdom of darkness, we only have two others to deal with: rationale and the voice from our spirit, which is the voice of God. We have, every one of us, access to that living voice of God in us every day. He will direct us financially, educationally, socially, relationally, physically. He’ll give us direction and involvement. We’ll walk in areas of life. We’ll have knowledge about people because God has given us, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit, which is from God that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.

SID: Okay. You talk about many men of God, or women, who hear God’s voice and they initiate what God has called them to do, but then they finish His sentence.

GARY: That’s exactly right.

SID: Explain what you mean.

GARY: What happens is the spirit of God comes. You watch a prayer meeting. The spirit of God moves in the prayer meeting. People begin to hear the voice of God. Then somebody wants to get up and say what they believe to do next. Say what to do next. And my whole thing is once God is moving, don’t stop Him. The worst thing we do in Christendom is we begin with the anointing of the presence of God and then we have a format in which we perceive God is going to move in. God has given me insight of a whole new dynamic of the Body of Christ. It is here on Earth that it must come forward in the experience.

SID: You did something drastic in your church. God gave you so many supernatural tools. But tell me about the supernatural information fast.

GARY: We went on a 40-day, shut down all information that takes you from your personal presence of God. Don’t allow entertainment. Don’t allow music. Don’t allow conversations. Don’t allow involvements with people that take you from the focus on the personal presence of God in your life.

SID: Now when you say don’t allow music, you can Christian music.

GARY: You can have, well—

SID: I’m trying, folks. I’m not trying to make it easier on me.

GARY: I mean, the real truth of it, how much Christian music reveals the living indwelling Christ? One of the keys that has stirred my spirit is the fact of detachment. Anything that says God is there and I’m here is not God. On the Body of Christ, He’s the head. God must be identified in living through my life, any song, any communication, any interaction and involvement. So if I’m going to focus on this indwelling person of Christ, the Living God—

SID: That’s very difficult what you’re asking us to do. But you asked your whole congregation to do this.

GARY: There is no other life. We’re the Body of Christ. Why play church when we can be the church? I mean, why play? Why put a forum out there? Why put a system together that is so broken everyone in church knows it doesn’t work. They go from church to church and they’re looking for some God somewhere and He’s in them. And the key is that life of God in them is designed to manifest through them. The Body of Christ is not designed to have a pew pulpit environment. It’s designed to have a living expression of the Living God that’s in every believer that comes forth and demonstrates the power and the life of Jesus Christ within.

SID: You know what this is saying to me? When you go on this 40-day information fast, you get rid of all clutter except God.

GARY: All clutter.

SID: I like that.

GARY: That’s right.

SID: What happened to these people?

GARY: We had one fellow who had been dating this girl for like 12 years. He could not make a commitment. He had a commitment issue and everybody talked with him. Everybody prayed with him. He couldn’t get over the threshold. He went on that 40-day information fast and he got it. He said, “I see exactly what happened.” Because our spirit knows exactly what we deal with. You know, sometimes we’re waiting for someone else to get inside us what our problems are and you know every one of us knows. Every person knows exactly what’s going on, what’s going wrong and what’s taking them down. And the nature of Christ in them, as we did this fast, we saw people end their jobs, they quit one job, stepped into businesses. We watched this one couple, they got married out of that information fast. We watched other people. One couple left the church, went off into ministry in the mission field.

SID: It’s nice when you hear God’s voice. All right. You did something, you speak in your seminar something very drastic and I want to do this, and I want you to do this right now. I want you to lead us in a prayer that everything that isn’t of God in our life will be burned up and we will accomplish God’s destiny. Would you do that right now?

GARY: Yes. You know, if you’re ready for a bonfire, this is your day. You know, God has designed you to end the craziness.

SID: Mashugana.

GARY: Yes. Number one, God does not answer worry, He does not answer fear and He is not concerned. Anything and everything you’re concerned about, get it off you. It’s not God. Number two, God is not directing by anyone else. He leads you by His spirit. Anyone you’re following, anything you’re following, anywhere you think you’re going because of someone else’s leadership, release it because if God’s spirit is not present and moving, don’t be in it. Number three, everything that seems to withstand and obstruct that nature of God comes down. So we’re going to take you into that prayer. First, cast your care upon the Lord right now. Just do it with me. Get every care, every burden, every weight, release it completely. Sever its hold, silence its voice as you commit it into the hands of the Living God. Father, we do just that. We commit into your ever-loving hands our life we know. Our life is not made of ours. Life is yours. You had a crucified with Christ. It’s your life in us. So we loose ourselves of the weights, the burdens, the cares and we refuse to remind you of any worry in the name of Jesus. Now in that same place after casting your cares, take an survey, a view of your relationships. And if there’s anyone with any harbored injury or insult, or influence in your life, in the name Jesus and in the person of Jesus, forgive them. Release them right now in the name of Jesus. Father, we forgive and we release them in the mighty name of Jesus. Through that blood, they are forgiven. And now just thank God that every stronghold, imagination and high thing comes down, and what’s left is the clear hearing the voice of God. You hear Him. He’s in you. He’s speaking to you in the mighty name of Jesus. And we silence the torment, the confusion and the disarray of thought, and declare it to end in their life in the mighty name of Jesus. We bless you Father for that peace and that wisdom that moves their heart and mind, through Christ Jesus. We bless you, Lord. Amen.


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