SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest had an open vision in Israel seeing all of history and God speaking to people, and people either not hearing his voice or being disobedient, but then doing it, as Frank Sinatra says, my own way. And the sad thing was their works, their good works were burned with fire. Most of their works burned with fire. If you cannot hear God’s voice, you won’t do what God wants you to do. No matter what happens with this world, and we’re at the wrap-up right now, and those that are not on a firm foundation, once this world, once more is going to shake, will not stand. But those that can hear God’s voice, it’s going to be the most exciting time of your life. Now Dr. Gary Whetstone, I’m taking you back to 2005, my favorite of favorite cities on the planet, Jerusalem.

GARY: Absolutely.

SID: You’re doing a little commercial for your next tour to Israel. You’re there with your wife and something happened that you did not bargain for. Tell me about it.

GARY: The cameras are rolling. Faye is standing next to me. I’m looking over at the old city of the Eastern Wall, and all of a sudden, everything vanished. The old city, the earth vanished, and I’m standing, and I’m watching humanity pass before my eyes. As I’m in the presence of God it felt like days, it felt like weeks. It was just like I was in there years. I had no idea of time. And time after time was unfolding, but it was like God was speaking to the masses and then individually to every person, “Hear my voice.” And then I watched people that I knew and I’m shocked because I’m watching them come out of the masses and God speaking to people I knew, ministers that I knew, “Hear my voice.” And I watched them from childhood times, young adulthood growing up, hearing, doing what God said. And then I watched them going off because they heard the voice of someone else, someone else telling them how to market, how to do this, how to do that, how to present something this way, that way. And as they went off they went on in and everything burned that God did not offer. As I watched people that heard God and what they obeyed God, everything they obeyed in God went forward into glory and nothing burned. But everything that God didn’t say, everything He didn’t say burned.

SID: Now you said that you saw people that you knew.

GARY: Yes.

SID: And you saw their great majestic works that looked good. So all of society burned. It might have started with, God, but it finished with them. Did you go to some of these people? Tell me one you went to.

GARY: One I went to specifically, because I saw just what they were building, burned. And I went to the person. I said, “This is what I watched.” And the person hung their head and they said, “Gary, if I could change it I would now.” I said, “Change what?” They said, “Change I have finances coming into the ministry. If I could change our money model I’d change it today.” I said, “Then why don’t you change it? I mean, why would you not do what God is saying?”

SID: I would like to toss the whole thing out if I found out that was me.

GARY: You know, sometimes I watch people build an engine, and the supply line of that engine, they cannot give up because the engine is the success. Where the success really is doing what God says. It’s not what man values. It’s not what man appreciates. It’s not what man says is successful. The greatest shock of this, as I watched people that I knew was when I saw myself, and I watched my life, childhood. You know, I got born again in a mental hospital and it’s a miracle God even got to me, but He did.

SID: It’s one of the most amazing testimonies I’ve ever, ever heard. He was all set to have an electronic lobotomy. He would never been sane the rest of his life and he heard God’s voice. But so, God’s had his hand on you for a long time.

GARY: He’s speaking to me. I watched my voice when God spoke to me. I’m going through a divorce with my wife. And God spoke to me, “Faye is your wife.” I said, “But God, I’m divorced from her.” This was what I was experiencing. I’m watching my life. I saw how God restored our marriage. We got remarried again, as you know. And I’m watching when God spoke to me, “Go into business.” But I made decisions that went off course and I built businesses because in my mind, and I watched this, I thought I could create enough money that I could obey God. And that wasn’t God’s thought.

SID: He didn’t need that. He did not need your stinking money.

GARY: He doesn’t. God is not in deficit. And God spoke to me. And then I saw me in ministry. And I saw when I was listening to the voices of marketers, people knowing how to do things, people knowing how to manipulate people. And I watched how I was listening. And God stopped division cold. It just shut down. And He said, “If you do not hear my voice and obey my voice I will take the candle from the candlestick and I’ll blow out the light.” And the shock of that reality shook me to the core of my being. And I mean, I was—

SID: Gary made major, major changes and you are going to make major changes as a result of hearing the voice of God. We’ll be right back.

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