SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest heard the audible voice of God and this is what God told him: “Teach my people how to operate in the supernatural.” And he has done this all over the world. But the last time I picked up the phone and I spoke with him there was an increase, I mean a tangible increase in the presence of God. And I said, “What is going on with you? Why has the presence of God just so dramatically increased?” And he said, “I’ve been teaching a revelation that very few of God’s people understand that will catapult you into doing the same things and even greater than what Jesus did.” Do you want to hear that? Now most people that have been taught of what the Bible says about Jesus’ death understand the cross and they must understand the cross. Why? Because your sins were atoned for. But my guest has been emphasizing a different aspect and he’s been seeing so many miracles happen. For instance, Apostle Maldonado, your wife heard the teaching, the revelation you received, and prayed for a woman that had her breast removed. Tell me about that.

APOSTLE MALDONADO: This woman came to one of her conferences in Argentina and actually, my wife was coming out of the meeting. She was in a hurry and this woman, one of her breasts had been removed because of cancer. So my wife said, “Be healed in Jesus name” and left. And the woman said, “Well, I need a longer prayer.”

SID: Where’s the religious…?

APOSTLE MALDONADO: As a matter of fact, she got mad. She got mad. She went home. Her husband was praying and saying, “God, I want my wife to have a new breast.” And one time she got up, and she was changing her bra, and suddenly her husband saw it first. And her husband said, “Watch! You got a new breast!” So the Lord grew back her breast.

SID: Listen, when you get this revelation, what Jesus said is going to be true in your life when you capture this revelation, there will be nothing impossible for you. Tell me the revelation that God explained to you.

APOSTLE MALDONADO: This is what it is. The majority of the church has gone into the cross. The cross is where we receive forgiveness of sin. Now that’s what the church is now, the majority of the church. Now they have not made the transition from the cross to the resurrection. And the resurrection, the cross is where you receive forgiveness of sin. The resurrection is where you enter into power. The cross is a historical fact. The cross is a historical fact. The resurrection must be revealed in the now. The cross—

SID: The Gospel is not in word only, but in power. And he’s giving you the revelation for the power.

APOSTLE MALDONADO: The cross is the demonstration of love. The resurrection is the demonstration of his power. So we must go into demonstration of his power. So that explains why the church doesn’t have power, because we got beautiful Christians. They love God. They have received forgiveness of sin. But what is the power if we talk about a risen Christ, we’re taking about risen Christ, it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal that historical fact. It is a fact. Jesus died on the cross. Everybody knows that. Most of the religious understand and they know, oh yeah, Jesus died. They know that. But getting into the power we must have the revelation in the now. And that is the Holy Spirit that wants to speak to those people that are watching right now. If you want to get into demonstration of the power of the resurrection, everything will come alive. Your dreams will come alive. Your vision will come alive. Your marriage will come alive. Everything what you do. In other words, the power of the resurrection is not only words, is not only something well for the physical body. Even though we see miracles, creative miracles where there’s no organs, God will create one, but it’s beyond that. It can be your marriage. It can be your business. Something will come alive when you get into that revelation. And what do I need? You need to be hungry. You need to be thirsty. God’s power is here now and it can be demonstrated for any believer that believes.

SID: Now why is the supernatural so important?

APOSTLE MALDONADO: The supernatural is so important because there is impossible things that will come into our life.

SID: Especially the age we’re living in now.

APOSTLE MALDONADO: Right. You know, one of these days I was praying and the Lord said, “I want you to tell the church to pray for national miracles.” And I said, “God, why?” And He said, “The national crisis that is coming upon this nation will take national miracles.” And supernatural in America we got many options. And when you got many options, you don’t commit to anything to believe anything because you got different options. The supernatural is so important because there are so many things, impossible circumstances of men that will never overcome it. You will never overcome it by natural means. You need supernatural means. Second, the Bible says when you bring the Kingdom, the people of Israel was established in the land by supernatural means, every miracle. It took miracles to stay in the land. If you want to advance the Kingdom, if you want to expand the Kingdom, if you want to do something for God, we need to establish by supernatural means.

SID: What has the church substituted for the supernatural?

APOSTLE MALDONADO: There is substitution. Entertainment substituted worship, charisma substituting the anointing. And I can give you a list. Faith has been supplanted by reason. Today we don’t do anything unless we have understanding. If you go to the scripture, every act of miracle of God, it cannot be explained. That’s what supernatural means, something that cannot be explained. It is beyond your head. It is beyond your reason. If you want to receive your miracle now you need to disconnect your head. And your reason has its place. I’m not saying you’re stupid, that we have to be stupid. That’s not what I’m saying. But you can’t get into the supernatural, you cannot move in the supernatural by the reason.

SID: Okay. I am going to turn Apostle Maldonado loose to teach you the revelation of the resurrection. Do you want that?


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