Sid: My guest Mick Shreve has got a new book; now you may be familiar with Mike he spent 42 years as a prophetic evangelist, teacher.  But the thing that excites me about Mike is his testimony.  As a young man conducting Yoga institutes at 4 different universities; he had something like 400 students and someone decides to run an ad in the newspaper about him, and a prayer group sees this ad and decides “We’re going to make our project; we are going to pray this young man into the kingdom.”  So he’s hitchhiking one day and a guy picks him up that was a former student that is in the prayer group.  He has a supernatural encounter with God, and then the best part of it Mike to me, is you go back to 400 students at the different universities and you tell everyone what God did in your life and then almost all of them receive the Lord.  Do I have that story right?

Mike: Yes sir, almost all of them became Christians; in fact just a couple of years ago I got an email from a young woman that was in the first class where I announced my salvation and 2 years later she got saved and then 38 years after that she email me and said “Thank you for your testimony.”  (Laughing)

Sid: People can’t even comprehend the value of prayer; I might not be talking to you right now except God knew you were going to receive Him if that group hadn’t bonded together and prayed you into the kingdom.  But I’m very excited about your bank new book it’s literally just off the press; “Sixty-Five Promises from God for Your Child.”  How in the world did you come up with this book?

Mike: I began searching the world of God for promises for my children because from the beginning Sid we were told my wife and I were told that we would not have children. But when God told me to marry; he also told me we’d have a son.  And so from the beginning I had to reject the report of man and claim and confess that the God of Sarah, the God of Rachael, the God of Hannah, the God that opens barren wombs is still God and that He would do the same for my wife.  It happened just like God said and so I claimed promises in that particular area; as my children began to grow they were facing different problems in life.  And so I decided to search through the word to find if there were any promises that were applicable to our children.  And much to my surprise I found 65 promises where God definitely pledges to do certain things for our children if we’re in a covenant relationship.  So I was just ecstatic and I began to claim those promises and saw changes.

Sid:  I have to ask you a personal question, I know the amazing things that God did with your children; we’ll talk about them in just a little while. How did you develop such faith, it’s beyond faith it’s like you believe God’s word that all you do is say it and you’re affirming out loud what God is saying?  How did you get this kind of faith?

Mike:   Through all the battles and trials of life; I like what Paul said, he said, “He was fully persuaded that God was able to keep that committed into His hands.”  I often wondered what fully persuaded Paul and it must have been all the many, many hundreds of trials that he went through and God came through for him every time one way or the other.  And so it that built in him a confidence to fight the good fight of faith and the same things happened with me.   

Sid: Well, I believe that the same thing is going to happen to the people listening; now we have people listening now their children don’t love them, their children are into drugs, they’re children are rebellious, they’re children go to church but on the inside they don’t even want to be there they don’t have a heart for God.  How sure are you if someone starts praying these 65 promises that they’ll have a change in their children?

Mike: I am absolutely sure that God keeps His promises.  Sometimes they don’t come to fulfillment overnight, so I can’t promises immediate results, but I believe it’s far more powerful to confess what God has already promised to do and to come into agreement with God’s word in a spoken word confession than to plead with Him in desperation.  Because desperation is partial faith and partial unbelief mixed together and certainly that kind of prayer doesn’t touch the heart of God as much as someone who is declaring, and  decreeing that God said it in His word there for it has to come to past.

Sid: Well, let’s go back you told me God spoke to you to marry your wife in an audible voice?

Mike: It was in a dream and I heard an audible voice in the dream. I had made a covenant when I was 20 years old not to date, not to consider marriage until God told me that it was time to marry.  He had given me a dream and told me to set that on the backburner of my life and not concern myself with it.  I was 39 years old after many years of evangelism in missionary work God told me who to marry and when He spoke to me that I was to marry Elizabeth He also said that we’d have a son.  And that became very important to know when the doctors told us that we’d never have children.   

Sid: Well, even having a son it wasn’t an easy situation.  I can see why God told you you were going to have a son because if you didn’t know how to war on the prophecy God gave you and on the scriptures, you might have just rolled over and played dead when the doctors told you what was going on.

Mike:  It would have been very detrimental to my faith. When my son was born, as you know Sid he laid in the birth canal a very long time to the point where the doctors came in with a very glum look on their faces and they said “Your son suffered oxygen deportation the umbilical cord was wrapped three times around his neck as well.”  And they said “There’s no way that he can go through that without suffering severe brain damage.”  And they said “You just need to prepare yourself that he may be almost a vegetable, he will definitely be severely retarded.”  But just a few years ago he entered Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee; the Church of God University and he was placed in the highest honor society in that school that is available.

Sid: Well, hey hey it’s beyond that I understand your son who was deprived of oxygen the doctors said “He would be a vegetable almost has a near photographic memory.”

Mike:  He is he’s amazing and he doesn’t have to even read a book hardly if her hears it he remembers it forever.  And God’s been exceptionally good to him, but see when we got that report on the basis of the Rhema word the Living Word that I received from God told me that I would have an attractive son.  And I just confessed the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Yeshua his mind would be alert and that he would be very intelligent, that he would not suffer brain damage; God is our healer, He is the Lord our healer and He promised to intervene for us that way.  And God honored His word and miraculously He turned the thing around. I think you brought up something very important though Sid a while ago that there are many parents out there who have very difficult strained relationships with their children.  And they don’t really know how to pray, they don’t know how to seek God because they’re so desperate inside often just plead with God and beg God on behalf of their children.  But I believe it’s so much more powerful to claim like for instance Isaiah 49:25 God said “I will contend with him who contends with you and I will save your children.”  That’s as definite as you can get. In fact…

Sid: But let me ask you this question; what about children that are no longer children they’re adults now and parents are estranged from their adult children; would it help praying these promises?

Mike:   Absolutely, in fact if they’re grandchildren or great grandchildren or adult children as you mentioned we still by virtue of the relationship in the natural in the physical we have with them we have a right to consecrate them to God.  In fact Hannah consecrated Samuel to God before he had any knowledge of it or any willful involvement in it and she was very right in doing so and God accepted that.  And I believe God honors a parent who will consecrate that child; in fact in 1st Corinthians 7:14 it talks about how the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the believing wife and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the believing husband.  And then it goes on to promise that therefore your children are holy; they are not unclean.  The implication is that both parents are in rebellion with God and living in sin there’s an uncleanness that passes to the child but if just one member of that marriage is serving God in a covenant relationship with God then God says “I accept your children as being holy to the Lord.”  Now that simply means that God accepts them in an act of consecration to Him.  That they are separated from the world and consecrated to Him and I believe that releases Him to deal with them more profoundly as a result.

Sid: Mike our time is slipping away.

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