Sid: I have my friend Hank Kunneman on the telephone because Hank I have to tell you this publically that your prophetic words have been the most accurate of anyone that I’ve ever interviewed.  For instance I’m sure you remember this, but the last time I interviewed you prophesied I would have state of the art television equipment, my own studio and in fact those were your exact words that you stated, “You’re going to have your own studio and you talked about a number of other things and they have all come to pass.”  But I am so concerned about this next election; because if God’s man does not get in I see terrific problems in the United States, actually I see problems if either man wins, but if God’s choice does not get in we’re going to have a mess.  However, I have to put a caveat those that know their God whatever occurs are going to be victorious and they will walk in supernatural favor of God. And the scripture that I’ve been speaking about all this week is Haggai chapter 2 verse 9 and I see it, I feel it I taste it.  “The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former in this place I will give peace.”  And the Hebrew word for peace is shalom which means; “In this place I will give completeness.”  What is God showing you about this current election?

Hank:  First of all you have to understand that where we’re at in this nation is we’re in a time of incredible spiritual warfare.  And the reason why this warfare has come at this time in this nation around the time even leading up to the time of our election is because the enemy is trying to bring a confusion, a deception, he’s trying to mesmerize the people of this nation to bring them into confusion. Here’s why, because connected to this particular time with America and even Israel is the enemy wanting to bring forth what the Lord said in some previous prophecies that he gave me.  He’s trying to raise up four horns of demonic power and these four horns are trying to come like in the days of Zachariah and those days they scattered Judah, Jerusalem and Israel but they’re trying to do the same to the United States.  And bring four expressions of demonic power that has to do against the families, the marriages, the health, the economy and even concerning how we treat Israel.  So it’s not just that we’re going into a booth, we’re actually contending with demonic powers that want to bring this nation into chaos.

Sid:  You had a word in reference to the United States and Israel, tell me some of the words that God has shown you.

Hank:  I think one of the key things right now, in fact when I was on your program a while ago I prophesied about how God wants to bring a friend of Israel from the White House.  That is what the Lord’s desire is and we always have to remember that is what we have to contend for.  What does God want, what is his desire, what is His will.  And I remember that I had a vision and I think I shared it on one of your programs where the current administration wind came into the oval office spun the leader around through him back in his chair, he fell off his chair and when that happened the Israeli flag began to go back and forth and he would not grab the Israeli flag on a post to stabilize it.  I believe that is a prophetic warning to this nation that we must have those any administration we must have those that will stand and bless Israel.  If we don’t it’s going to release things upon this nation that the enemy would seek to devour us and bring us into confusion.  Its’ interesting Sid because right now the Spirit of the Lord has awakened me in the middle of the night and He said things to me that the leader of Israel Netanyahu wrestled in his sleep like Jacob.  And the reason this has happened because Israel the nation is wrestling.  And God wants to make them and bless them like he did with Jacob. You see I understand why there’s so much warfare, this is not just a window for America it’s a window also for Israel.  And as it goes with Israel it also goes with this nation and I think that’s where a lot of leaders have failed to understand the divine connection of both of them.

Sid: You know what I find interesting Hank, and you probably observe this, is when you look at the spelling of the word Jerusalem in the middle is USA. Our country has been historically the greatest friend of the Jew, we’ve had so much freedom as Jewish people in this country.  More than any other counter in the world and has been a friend of Israel and Israel has been a friend of the United States.  But what, what is going to happen if we turn?

Hank: I can tell you the key is Sid, is the enemy is recognizing he always recognizes for whatever reason spiritual and natural birthing and movement in the spirit.  Before Israel the nation was birth, obviously there was a war and even Hitler was in power and it’s interesting because the devil and these ancient spirits are recognizing again that there is a birthing, a blessing, a movement you could say a spiritual movement, the glory of God the presence of God, the blessing of God is trying to emerge upon Israel and America.  And the enemy really wants to bring us into war. What we have to also understand is as in the days before Israel the nation was birthed what the enemy tried to use to eliminate them God used to bless them.  And so what I see and this is important because listen I’m under the conviction of this if God can come to a man named Abram, cut a covenant with him he was a pagan he worshipped the sun.  If he could become covenanted with God, covenanted with His purpose guess what it did, it brought blessing to the nation.  We have to look as we look upon America and the season that we’re in we have to look for those that are going to stand with Israel.  Those that are going to cut covenant with God and it’s not an issue of pagan it’s the issue of can they connect to God and have their heart changed to do what Abraham did and that is to bring a blessing to the nation.  See with the four horns of power in Zachariah and what the Lord prophesied what I shared earlier here on this broadcast there’s also four anointing.  And the Lord has been speaking that He wants to bring four anointing upon this land that will affect marriage and family, affect the economy, bring health reform, and bring honor to Israel.  We must contend for those anointing but here’s the problem Sid; we have a choice, we can be like Eutychus in Acts Chapter 20 who was sitting in a third story window, a window speaks of opportunity.  It was the third story because it represents the Third Heaven where the throne is where we’re seated in heavenly places.  We cannot fall asleep like Eutychus we must rise up across the earth and even in this nation; we must bless Israel, we must pray for Israel, we must pray for this demonic veil be removed from this nation so that they can clearly see what God wants.  And I feel like it’s like this we’re in Acts 12; there was James the Apostle, a governing power that was beheaded and now the church get’s smart.  Okay we’re having a situation in this governing power, we must pray because Peter was taken captive, we must not allow this nation of Israel to be taken captive by demonic spirits who want to confuse and really control and bring evil.  The church in Acts 12 prayed and as a result there was a release of the right governing power. That’s what the Lord is trying to say to this nation.  We must pray without ceasing so that the right alignment of leaders of governing power can come into manifestation.

Sid: Now you said something before we went on the air that I want you to repeat that God is going to give us the President we want, explain what you meant.

Hank: Here’s the thing, Saul is always in scripture the evidence that even though God may desire certain things, there is sometimes where the Lord will give the people what they want where it becomes the test of their heart.  It becomes a revealing of the heart just like after the great victory over Pharaohs and his armies God had to take Israel to the waters of Morah it was a reflection to reveal their heart the water of bitterness.  And what we cannot have happen in this nation is for us now have to face ourselves that we aren’t standing for moral, that we’re not standing for the sanctity of marriage, we’re not standing with Israel.  The worst thing that we can have happen is that we go against what God wants and now be faced with ourselves.

Sid: And so we’re going to end up with this next election with either a Saul or a David and the  choice is what do we want?  What’s in our heart?

Hank: I’ve ministered to many leaders of nations, but it comes down to the will of the people especially in an election; God always reveals His prophetic truth through His prophets but the word of the Lord is conditional.  What happens is the Lord prophesies His will, His intent, His desires, but the people have to go in and they have to choose.

Sid:  Let me urge you, let me urge you to vote but vote according to God’s word, not to someone’s charisma; no matter what happens in this country you can walk in divine favor.   And that’s why we created the brand new “Supernatural Mentoring Kit” where monthly we are going to disciple you so you can be all that God’s called you to be.  No longer will you be sitting in the back of a church sitting on your hands.  God is calling you front and center for the end time move of His Spirit.

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