Sid: My guest Kathie Walters is equipped so that you can be normal; Kathy I want you to teach our Mishpochah and demonstrate the Spirit, but before you do that tell me a bit about the honey angel.

Kathie: A few years ago I was home one Saturday which is not very often but if I’m ever home I lock myself in my house.  So I got off I’m into sewing and I made a cup of tea came back and set up in bed so to wait on the Lord. Well, when I do that usually the fire of God comes really strong and this fire was falling on me. Then I heard footsteps across the kitchen which is in the next room and I thought “Well, I know there is no one in the house so it must be an angel.” The next minute this angel sitting on the side of my bed and he leaned over and he gave me a spoonful of honey.  Now I tasted the honey and I smelled the honey and then he disappeared but he didn’t go away.  So in my mind I thought honey, there’s so scriptures about honey you know and His words are like honey but it didn’t gel, that wasn’t it.  And I sensed him still standing there and I said, “What’s this with the honey and He said, “Haven’t you never ever read about Jonathan when Jonathan ate the honey his eyes were enlightened.”  So I looked that up in the scriptures in Samuel and I saw his army that was going through the forest and Jonathan was hungry and so he dipped his stick in the honey and the soldiers said, “Didn’t you know that Saul said “Were not to eat today?”  And he said, “Didn’t you know that when I ate the honey my eyes were enlightened?”  And so I said “Oh, thank you Lord.”  And so for 2 ½ hours I was lifted up in the Spirit realm and I was totally in the spirit realm I saw the call of God come back to Wales and Ireland.  A lot of people in the ministry seem to be in my room, they weren’t really but it seemed like that.  The Lord gave me a lot of prophetic words but then he said, “I’m going to drop the honey on the Body.”  So whenever I go I look for the honey revelation angel that opens the eyes.  And so when I begin to smell the honey in my meetings you can usually smell the honey I know that revelation angel is present because he’s bringing revelation into the Body of who we are and what our inheritance is in the spirit realm.  So… but the honey, everyone has to ask for the honey; everyone has to ask for the Spirit of Revelation because things have to get from your mind really into your spirit so that you’re able to receive everything that God has for you.

Sid: Why don’t we do that right now, I want everyone listening to say “Dear God in Jesus Name, I pray for the honey, I pray for the Spirit of Revelation.  I don’t like it the way it is, I know that there’s more and I’m pushing for the more, I ask for the Spirit of Revelation, the Spirit of Honey in Yeshua’s Name.” Go ahead.

Kathie: The Glory of God has been coming on me stronger and stronger so I can hardly open eyes and you know it’s like this gold is coming on everything in the room, like a cloud coming on everything in the room, but it’s so golden and now I can’t open my eyes.  (laughing)

Sid: Boy, that sounds wonderful to me, you sure provoke this Jew to jealousy.

Kathie: (Laughing) Well, I saw what happened people have to start believing it’s for me and start believing it’s for somebody else.  Oh gosh help, I can’t… (Laughing)

Sid:  What do you mean help?

Kathie: (Laughing) I can’t get up now, whoah (laughing)

Sid: What’s going on Kathie?

Kathie: I can’t get up!

Sid:  What do you mean “You can’t get up?”

Kathie: I feel like someone’s sitting on me, maybe it’s my angel he does it sometimes.  But anyway I just feel like you’re really on the right track. I’m getting such a witness in my spirit and like I said “The Glory of God’s coming into my room I can’t open my eyes actually.”  It’s like bright, bright, lots of bright, bright light.  (Laughing) I can see a man, it must be you I have never met you but I can see a man like and there are some doors that they look like, the look big and they look closed but they’re locked. You just suddenly got this strength and just like bust through these doors. And these doors flew open, there’s one pair of doors particularly that haven’t been opened and suddenly when you struck like your fist out it might be a real religious thing like you might get a break-through in there somewhere.  I have angel sitting on my bed though.

Sid:  There’s an angel, oh what’s the angel look like or do you just see the light of the angel?

Kathie: Oh, I saw he’s got like it looks like a book actually, (laughing)

Sid:  Can you tell what he’s reading?

Kathie: No, I could say I couldn’t see he just smiled.

Sid: Can you see in the Spirit, is there an angel in my studio, I can’t I’ve not seen angels beyond one that I literally saw with my eyes.

Kathie: Yeah, see every God appointed church and ministry there’s angels appointed over that ministry. There’s a main angel appointed over your ministry and I tell you I do know that he is connected to the angel that’s over Gwen Shaw’s ministry.  The angel that’s over her ministry is under the archangel Michael he’s over Jerusalem. So they’re connected those angels are connected.  Your angels in that same kind of you know they have kind of like this spheres of angels that are connected over different countries and different places. So I think that there’s about three angels that operate in your ministry.  I think that one is to do with evangelism and the other is to do like for the church.  In a sense the church has to get evangelized too in the sense that they don’t have truth, as long as the church doesn’t have truth they have religious theology but it’s not the truth.  It’s not setting anyone free. One of the angels has his hand over that area of ministry and the other one is more kind of like a direct evangelism for the unsaved so those angels do operate in that.  I see one angel laughs at you, (laughing) sometimes.

Sid:  I know my engineers laughing at me right now but… (laughing)

Kathie: He laughs at you sometimes he thinks your funny, (laughing)

Sid: (laughing)

Kathie: As that angel you know I’ve been in really religious meetings and everything, I’ve had angels come in and tickle me.

Sid:  I’ve seen this happen to little children where angels tickle them.

Kathie: Yeah, it happens to me in a lot of meetings where there’s a lot of religion. It makes the religious spirit come to the surface really strong or either it goes or the people leave.  Oh, praise God I can get up now.

Sid: Kathie, please pray for our Mishpochah right now to have the spiritual scales removed from our eyes so that we can be normal.

Kathie: Thank you Father God and I thank you that you have given, made available everything that we could ever possibly think of or made or want or desire.  And Father I just pray for a real releasing today of the supernatural realm that Jesus purchased for us on that cross and by the Resurrection.  Father I pray You’ll touch Your body and lift your body into the realms that you created them to live in Jesus mighty name, not just because it’s good and great but so that You’ll glory can come on us on Your kids Father and we’ll be a testimony to You.  Thank you for that Spirit of revelation to come strong now of the people that are listening in Jesus Name.  Amen praise God!

Sid:  Well, I can feel that anointing and I believe this idea of going up in a chariot with the Lord up to Heaven.  Very quickly would you pray that we have these experiences?

Kathie: See the chariots are around you all the time like the angels are around all the time so Father I just pray that you’ll open eyes by faith people start to receive their inheritance.  So Father I pray that by faith people are about to see the angels, to see the chariots and accept those invitations to go in them.  You love to show us what You’re doing Father and I just pray for release, a mighty release of the chariots.  Thank you for the new angels that came into the earth a few months ago thousands and thousands that have never been in the earth before they are lift your Body into the realms they’re supposed to be in.  So thank you Lord for those chariots and all those wonderful glorious things that you have for us.  Amen, thank you.

Sid: So the Holy Spirit showed you that there was a release of new angels to bring us into these realms?  Tell me a little about that.

Kathy: Yes, several months ago I was in New Zealand and a portal opened and I saw 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of 1000s of angels coming into the earth.  And I found out afterwards the same thing happened in Australia, America, the UK, probably all kinds of places I never heard of, but the Lord told me that it was the fullest move of His Spirit was coming and these angels had not been on the earth before.  And actually they started praying with people.

Sid: You know Kathy you are so provoking our Mishpochah to jealousy I want them to take that anointing home…

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