Sid:  I have on the telephone right R.W. Shambach he certainly needs no introduction. At 81 years of age he tells me he just got back from Nigeria he went into a Moslem area of Nigeria and had meetings and how many Nigerians were born again at these meetings

R.W:  One million four hundred thousand actual cards that were turned in.

Sid:  So if I ask you if we’re in the last of the last days I don’t think I have to guess what your answer will be.

R.W: That’s exactly right.

Sid: And you told me that that what you did is you demonstrated the Kingdom of God and then it was easy for many of these Muslims to receive the Lord. What type of miracles did you see break out?

R.W: We saw blind eyes open, deaf ears unstopped, they brought them in on litters, cripples and they were totally healed just praying one prayer over an audience of 1 million people and they brought them down.  They came down to testify on both sides of the platform had two lines and for about 45 minutes to an hour they were testifying as to what God did. Then I stopped and I said “Now this is not done in the Name of Mohammed, but this done in the Name of Jesus there’s no other Name under Heaven whereby man must be saved but the Name of Jesus.”  And these miracles are wrought in Jesus Name and when they saw the miracles they want to come of Christ and that’s what turned them on.

Sid:  You know R.W. one thing when I think about you I think about your mentor A.A. Allen and there is literally we know throughout history Elijah and Elisha a transfer of anointing. There was one miracle that you saw that this man demonstrate where I believe that the Glory of God came in.  And he had like a vision and there was a young boy that had how many diseases? Twenty-six major diseases and I’ll never forget this.

R.W: This little woman came in from Knoxville, Tennessee and we had the meeting in Birmingham, Alabama and this little woman came and she brought that little baby and she said, “Brother Shambach I need a special miracle for this boy; doctors told me when he was born he wouldn’t live to see his 1st Birthday,” And here he is 5 years of age as she brings the child.  Some of the diseases he was born blind, deaf, mute, his tongue hanged out of his mouth, his arms and his legs were like rubber, no bones, no male organs, and no feet.  That’s why the doctors said he’ll never live to see his 1st Birthday. When she told me he was 5 years of age now I said, “God must have been holding this off so that He could perform the miracle.”  And we gave her the card and she stayed for a week. It was back in the days when people used to stay in the hotel and they would eat out and this little woman spent all she had, she spent a week and Brother Allen never called the card and she came to me on the last day that she was going to be there and she said, “Brother Shambach I have $20 left that’s all I have” and she said, “Five dollars of that is for gas and that’s when gas was only about 20 cents a gallon.

Sid: Oh take me back to those good old days. (Laughing)

R.W: Fifteen dollars was for the doctors she had an appointment when she got back. She wanted Brother Allen to pray for the boy before she left and I know that and she said, “Will he call my card tonight?”  I said, “I don’t know, he’s lead by the Spirit of God in everything that he does but I will promise you one thing that if he does not call your card I will take your child personally to Brother Allen’s trailer and I’ll make sure that he prays for your child.”  She said, “You’ll do that?”  I said, “I’ll do it.”  Brother Allen I introduced him and he bounced out on the platform and he said before I preach I’m going to receive the offering and he said, “Tonight I want you to give a faith offering.”  I never heard him say this before, he said “I want you to give something that you cannot afford to give.”  And this little woman who had that little baby I watched her in the back take that little baby and put it in the arms of another woman and she came running down to where the bucket was and she threw something in the bucket and I leaped of the platform and I got down there and I saw in that bucket a $20 bill.    Here she stood on the side of the platform and Brother Allen called the prayer line but he said before he started to pray he said, “I got a vision.”  He said, “I’m being carried away in the Spirit a big old white building.”  He said, “It’s at hospital, I’m inside now and he said, “I hear a lot of babies crying and I see a lot of doctors about six doctors around one little baby that was born with 26 major diseases.”  I finally came alive I said, ”Oh, tonight’s the baby’s night.”  And here when he said that he said to the woman he said, “The doctors said he won’t live to see his 1st Birthday but they’re wrong, your under this tent tonight and I want you to bring me the child and God’s going to give you 26 miracles.”  And she brought the baby and he carried the little baby in his arms and pranced across the platform and I was standing by his side.  The mother was standing over the side of the platform with her hands raised and tears coming out of her eyes down her cheeks and he said, “I want everybody to stand with me” he said, “Now I want you to close your eyes.”  And I said, “I ain’t closing my eyes, I’ve been waiting for this and I want to see this.”  I waited for a week and that little child the first thing I saw was those blind eyes a milky color eyes you didn’t know what color they were, they turned into whirlpools and before long I saw two beautiful brown eyes.  Arms and legs no bones in them like rubber when all of a sudden that little boy began to move the arms.  He was born without male organs and no feet and I saw God perform 26 miracles. I can’t doubt God I’ve seen Him do to too much, after he got done praying he put the baby down on those legs and he could not see, never saw his momma but she’s over on the side of platform and he started to run on those brand new legs, band new feet and I’m right on his tail end I’m running after him.  And he leaped into his momma’s arms and I heard him say his first words, “Momma.”

Sid:  But to see it with your very eyes your faith level must be so high I believe that if you pray for people the same anointing that was on A.A. Allen, the same anointing that rests on you and even greater will rest on those whose hearts are open if you’ll pray for them right now.

R.W: Father let that same anointing rest upon Brother Sid Roth I believe you kept him alive for this he’s doing one of the greatest works preaching to those precious Jewish people getting saved and delivered and set free.  Let that anointing come upon him and use him in a special way for this last day revival of signs, and wonders and miracles in Jesus Name. You’re going to raise up and army of believers I believe this.  One man can’t do it but you said “These signs shall follow them that believe.”  And I pray for everyone that’s listening today that you will give them a special anointing and impartation of Your power so that they can go out and do the works of Christ.  Jesus you said, “The works that I do shall you do also but not only these works but greater works shall you do because I go to My Father.”  Thank you Lord for keeping us alive for the greater works time and I pray for everyone listening to this program today give them a double portion of that anointing in Jesus Name.  Amen.

Sid:  Mishpochah all this week the Glory of God has been so awesome.

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